Why You Should NOT Hire a Mini-Me (And Should Hire This Instead)

A common mistake I often see people make when expanding their team–and one you might be making too– 

Looking for a “mini-me” VA.

I know it’s tempting. You love yourself (as you should). You see this shiny VA reflecting all the things you love about yourself right back at you. You recognize, admire, and hire. 

I mean, of course you do. They have your energy, personality, and strengths. This must be alignment–right?! 

No. It’s not.

As the Queen of Team Building, when it comes to building your high-vibe team, I KNOW this to be true:

More important than hiring someone like you is hiring someone who is uniquely different from you.

*Read that again*

I’ll say this until I’m blue in the face: Hiring is like dating. Opposites attract–and this holds true for hiring.

Today, I want to discuss what I strongly believe you should be looking for when hiring that perfect fit.

Why You Should NOT Hire a Mini-Me (And Should Hire This Instead)

Someone who compliments your energy, personality, and strengths:

Like I said–dating. We’re usually attracted to someone that is different from us in many aspects. 

That’s because they compliment us, or for lack of a better word, “complete” us (we don’t need to be completed, we are whole as we are, but for the purpose of my hiring case…)

That’s what we want when we’re looking for potential team members:

  • Will this person “complete” my business? 
  • Will they be able to fill in the gaps? 
  • Will they bring to the table what I can’t? 
  • Will they meet my HIGH-VIBE energy? 
  • Will they laugh at my jokes?

You know, all the important questions.

It comes down to what you lack they can make up for.

Someone who has skills in the areas you struggle in:

Duh, right? But why is this part so challenging for many of us? It took a looooooooong time for me to:

  1. Accept that even though I’m smart and have a PhD from Google University, there are just some things I can’t Google my way to.
  2. Figure out what those specific things I needed help with were and hire an expert in that specific area.

We struggle with hiring exactly who we need because we aren’t crystal clear with the exact help we need. 

Which is why this is the first thing I always tell my OBM clients struggling with team building to do:.

Identify what you suck at.

If you’re just looking for “general” assistance, you’ll be looking for the rest of your life. 

Remember, unicorn VAs don’t exist in real life–only in our dreams. 

Stop searching for one, get clear on the exact help your business needs, hire someone who can do just that (well), and enjoy an afternoon off doing, I don’t know…nothing?

Someone who can offer a different solution to your problems:

I love me some soulpreneurs with an open mind and heart. I wholeheartedly believe these are the ones that experience bliss in business. 

The ones who know they’re really smart and capable of running an empire, but also know they don’t know everything and entrust people with the expertise in particular areas. 

When you manage to build a team of people NOT like you, opposite of you, who bring differing viewpoints and, most importantly, differing solutions, you set yourself up for success.

When you’re looking to expand your team, doing so in alignment doesn’t mean hiring someone that reminds you of you. 

Alignment often means making space for the areas in which we in and of ourselves lack or struggle with.

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