Discover the cautionary tale of a business coach who pursued rapid scale by blindly following another's model, leading to misaligned values and a painful year until realigning operations with her unique strengths and core values. Learn the vital lesson for heart-centered entrepreneurs seeking authentic growth.
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When Scaling Strategies Clash with Your Values: A Business Coach’s Painful Lesson

Marie, a multi-six-figure business coach, had a thriving business with a small team, working just 4 days a week. Seeking to become a 7-figure enterprise, she joined a prominent coach’s program – a decision that would lead to the worst year in her business.  

The Painful Misalignment of Values and Systems

Following the coach’s signature method to the letter, Marie expanded her team, hired salespeople, launched programs differently, focused more on social media, and expanded her offers. Despite doing everything by the book, her sales plummeted. Why? 

Because she emulated another’s business model without considering her core values – the essence of what made her business unique and successful.

Marie’s superpower was her ability to deeply connect with potential clients through speaking engagements and one-on-one interactions. These genuine connections fueled her sales and brought immense fulfillment. However, the prominent coach’s process removed this vital element, causing a painful misalignment with Marie’s values.

The Road to Recovery: Realigning Business Systems with Personal Values

Determined to bounce back, Marie took a hard look at her business and made some tough decisions. She downsized her team, simplified her offers, and, most importantly, returned to her strength – connecting with prospects on a deeper level.

By optimizing her business systems to realign with her values, personality, goals, and strengths, Marie regained her stride and is now on track to make a more significant impact while staying true to her authentic self.

The Lesson: Don’t Blindly Follow Someone Else’s Path

The takeaway? Don’t blindly follow someone else’s business systems without considering your personal values and what makes your business truly remarkable. Your systems are not just tools – they form the entire ecosystem of your business.

If you’re a heart-centered online business owner seeking to scale authentically by optimizing your systems to fully support your unique magic, we’d love to connect. As certified online business managers, aligning your operations with your values is our specialty.

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