What Are SOPs and Why You Need Them In Your Life

Hey! It’s me again–your favorite Wellness Virtual Assistant Mentor and Certified Online Business Manager–here to talk about what I love most in the world:

Systems. (Ok, I probably love my pups and new lululemon leggings just a bit more.)

In my last blog post I shared why systems are so darn sexy:

  • They are effective project management tools

  • They are the key to working remotely

  • They promote effective communication

  • They delegate and prioritize

Plus, I shared my favorite FREE project management tools; go check it out!

Today, I want to dive even deeper and share a procedure that I believe every entrepreneur needs to run an effective and efficient business.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures, aka SOPs, are step-by-step instructions created to help team members complete routine tasks. We use SOPs to streamline processes so that they’re clear and concise, which in turn creates consistent and predictable results.

SOPs are essentially mini how-to’s and checklists for all recurring tasks that explain, in detail, the best practice for that specific task. From how to blast a newsletter to how to onboard a new client, you can systemize pretty much any task so that your business runs like the smooth, sweet machine that it is.

Long gone are the days where you have to store processes in your head. It’s 2020 my friend. You have the world to change. You cannot and will not be bothered with tedious, yet necessary tasks. With an SOP in place, you can upload it to your project management tool, tag a team member, and go about changing the world.

Why you need SOPs

You want to work smarter, not harder. As an entrepreneur, every minute counts. Your time is precious–why waste it trying to figure out and explaining a task over and over again.

Clear Communication

You want your business to run smoothly when you’re not there–that’s the ultimate goal. Have you heard of a vacation? You can take one of those and actually relax with the right SOPs in place. Your team members can also go on vacation. Look at that, you guys can all have a life AND do work you love. That’s the magic of SOPs.

An example of an SOP

This is an example outline of an SOP I use for uploading blog posts:

  •  Under “posts” click “add new”
  • Type in title
  • On right side, insert featured image
  • Insert excerpt
  • Click “use Divi builder” in middle of page
  • Select “choose a premade layout”
  • Under “load from library”, and under “your existing pages” choose the most recent blog post
  • Hover over text until grey bar appears, click the gear icon “module settings” and insert new text and images in box that pops up
  • When done, click the green checkmark and green publish box and exit divi builder

Let me help you

If you have the heart and drive but not the right systems, your business will never reach its full potential. I know this isn’t the “fun” part of running a business, but luckily for you, it’s fun for me!

I’m here to help you set up systems and SOPs that will keep you sane, creative and ready for your next stress-free vacation!

 Let’s get you on vacation!

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