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6 Website Mistakes That Are Costing You Clients

Think of:

  • your website as your digital home
  • your traffic as your house guests

Does your digital home represent you? Is it warm and friendly? How is it designed? Do your guests feel at home? Is it sipping hot chocolate wrapped up in a weighted blanket level of comfort? Or is it more of a minimalist loft with wall to ceiling windows and a never ending supply of soul hugging natural light?

Whatever your aesthetics, your website–just like your home–is a representation of your unique, refreshing personality. How do your guests feel when they come over–to your website?

These 6 website mistakes could be costing you houseguests (aka clients). No worries. You don’t need a full redesign. With just a few tweaks you can rearrange your digital home to make it feel more you, more warm, more inviting.

The 6 Website Mistakes That Are Costing You Clients

1. Amateur looking website and headshot

On that note, professional doesn’t mean complex. Amateaur doesn’t mean simple. Please don’t confuse the two. Amateaur simply means looking like you put little to no effort into your website. Like your home, in order for it to feel inviting, it just has to look like you cared. Like you put some loving effort. Like you poured your soul into it. THAT’S what makes a space inviting–your soul.

Don’t overthink it. It doesn’t have to be perfect (God no.) It just has to be you.

2. Being too professional and boring

The last thing you are is boring. We know that. We just need them, your website guests, to know that. And contrary to what corporate America has unjustifiably taught us, professional does not = gray, drab, boring. You can be your colorful, soulful, playful self AND be the professional soulpreneur you were born to be. 

Don’t be afraid to add some color, wit and personality into your website.

3. Not including pictures or video

Why?!? Just why would you hide that gorgeous face of yours? It doesn’t have to be a mom approved scrapbook. It doesn’t have to be a Netflix documentary. It doesn’t even have to be at a LinkedIn headshot level. I repeat: 

It just has to be you.

Even if you have just one photo, make sure it’s a true representation of you. You want guests in your “home” to be there because they like you. They’re there to hang out with you. To hire you. Therefore, they need to see you.

4. Me me me vs. You you you

This one’s a big one. I see it so often. Traditional marketing tells us to sell. As in:

Look at me. This is what I can do. I have a degree in this. I have experience in that. I’m good at X, Y, and Z.

Snore. Your website is not a boring resume. And your website guests are only going to stick around with this “me, me, me” story for 1.5 seconds. 

The truth is, people are selfish. They just want to know: “What can you do for me?” So tell them. Your website copy should be brimming with:

  • “What I can help YOU with is…”

Make your digital home about your ideal digital guest and how you can change their lives for the better.

5. Having too much on one page

Speaking of brimming copy, let’s sprinkle that throughout your site and not all one page. You have to ask yourself:

What is the user experience like?

Because your website IS an experience and too much information on one page can ruin such a lovely experience. You want to give them just enough to keep them wanting more.

Not sure what to include and what to remove? It’s kind of like packing. Suitcase packed? Now take out half your stuff!

6. Not giving a clear Call to Action (CTA)

I’m sure your website guests are awesome people, but they’re not mind readers. Tell them how you can help them. THEN tell them what to do.

“I can help you read minds! Click here to find out how.”

You have to guide the user during this experience, ultimately guiding them to buy or book. Literally call them to action. And have fun with it. 

Here are 39 fun CTA’s that don’t say click here.

I hope this post helps you! Always keep your website guests in mind when designing your website. How do you want them to feel? And don’t lose yourself in the process. Your website will always be an ongoing project, evolving as you and your business do. The one constant should be YOU.

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