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The Link Between Your Core Values and Your Business Systems

Scaling an online business in an aligned way takes more than just hard work and following the latest marketing trends. One important element underlies everything: an understanding and embodiment of your core values. Core values serve as the North Star of every business decision, including your systems, ultimately helping you achieve your vision. When your business systems are aligned with what matters most to you, your business becomes an authentic extension of your deepest beliefs and that leads to sustainable success. Your values are at the heart of all of this. 

Let’s infuse your core values into your business. 

Step 1: Reflect on Your Core Values

Before anything else, including creating any systems, take time to identify your core values. Simply put, core values are the principles that matter most to you; they are your most meaningful ideals and inspire you to keep going when life gets tough. Even when you are not consciously aware of them, they are always within you. 

If you view every business decision through the lens of whether the outcome is aligned with your core values, you cannot be steered wrong. Your business will flow much better when your decisions honor your values. Your values are what determines your priorities and, in the context of business, when the way you run your business matches your values, you feel aligned, harmonious, and inspired. However, when there is a mismatch between your business and your values, this results in feelings of unhappiness, instability, confusion, and misalignment. 

There are many core values lists and assessments available online. I encourage you to explore your core values (you can also reach out for guidance with this). 

Common values that have been identified for entrepreneurs include:

  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Contribution
  • Financial abundance
  • Work/life balance

Look within and get clear on 3-5 key values that feel non-negotiable to you. Understand why they resonate so strongly.

2. Design Systems That Support Your Values 

Systems are not your tech stack, they are all of the elements that intertwine and form the backbone to move your business forward and accomplish your goals consistently and efficiently. Systems include your tech, tools, people, and actions that are needed to reach your outcome.  

With your core values top of mind, evaluate each of your business systems – from your content strategy to email sequences to hiring practices. Consider how well they currently align with what matters most to you.

For example, if freedom is a core value but your systems require you to work 70-hour weeks, there is misalignment. Or if you value contribution but rarely give back, your systems may not fully support your ideals. 

Take time to evaluate your business operations and systems. Make a list of changes to better integrate your values into systems at all levels of operations. This ensures you build an authentic, value-driven business you love.

3. Share Your Values with Your Team

To create full alignment, your team members should understand and share your core values. Discuss them openly and give real-world examples of how your values guide your business.

Weave conversations about values into your onboarding process. Highlight them when introducing new systems. Adopt policies and language that reflect them. 

This transparency empowers your team to make value-driven decisions, even without your direct input. Shared values become the North Star guiding everything you do.

4. Revisit Regularly for Continued Alignment

Periodically review your systems and how aligned they are with your values. As you grow and evolve, what matters most to you may shift. Make sure your business changes along with you.

Living your values fully, at home and work, creates an energized life of purpose and fulfillment. Consciously shaping your business systems around your deepest beliefs ensures your business remains rooted in what you care about most.

P.S., I’m Andrea Elibero, your scaling alchemist. Teresa Cavalla and I created Aligned Scaling Consultants to help mission-driven entrepreneurs scale intentionally through customized values-based systems. 

If you want to know exactly which values-aligned systems to focus on at your stage of business to scale intentionally, download our free Aligned Systems Audit and get started aligning your business with your core values today!