You can sell your service and still feel like a good person

I used to have this block that seems to infect a LOT of (disproportionately female) new entrepreneurs. I felt GUILTY for charging money, BAD that I was asking others to pay when what I wanted to do was just help people, and NERVOUS to tell potential clients what my rates were. 

More often than not this is a matter of confidence. We KNOW we can do this thing, but can we really do it well enough that people willingly give us their money for it? And following that, can we ask people to pay us money without feeling sleazy about it? 

I am here to tell you that you have a GIFT and you would be doing the world a disservice if you kept that gift to yourself. Seriously, how dare you not share your gift with everyone who could benefit from it?Now, the only way you can actually share your gift is if you have money. I didn’t make the rules; we have a money-based society and this exchange of money for services has been going on almost as long as humans have existed.

Why is money so important? Why can’t we just do good things for free?

I would love to be able to volunteer all of my time, but unless you have Kardashian status, if you didn’t charge money, you would be so worried about taking care of your needs that you wouldn’t have the capacity to even think about doing that thing that is beneficial to others. 

All money is is an exchange of energy and if you charged enough for your service that you have enough energy to take care of yourself comfortably, you will have the capacity to make an impact on even more people. How amazing is that? In my case, it took some time and practice for me to grow into this new mindset. Once it finally clicked that I provide a much-needed service, I do a damn good job of it, and my clients are truly grateful for my gift, I finally let that block go! I realized that it’s okay for people to pay me to help them and that they are even happy to do so! 

Now that we have taken care of that part of the money block, let’s jump into that sales conversation I mentioned earlier. This is the second part of this block. At first, I would feel great talking to a potential client until it came time to talk about my rates and then I’m pretty sure that my voice got quieter and I visibly shied away from saying them out loud. I felt icky talking about money and selling my services. 

Then I learned something. Selling doesn’t have to be sleazy if you have the right mindset!⁠

“I have this thing that might help you, here’s where you can buy it.” That’s it! It’s that simple. If that’s the vibe you’re giving off, you’ll sell more of what you do and feel good about it because you won’t feel like you’re pushing yourself and your services onto another person. You are simply presenting the information. ⁠

The best piece of sales advice I got was to present what I do and then be unattached from the outcome. This combined with having confidence in my services really put me in the right mindset to ensure that my clients had confidence in me. 

Know that it’s ok to make an offer and it’s ok for people to say yes or no. If you are unattached to the outcome you will attract more abundance (aka energy) and the more energy you have, the more you will be able to help more and more people. ⁠

Stop hoarding your talents! Know that you have a gift and you are depriving the world if you keep that gift to yourself. ⁠

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  1. I enjoyed your blog so much! Especially the part where you explain that we don’t have to be sleazy at all when it comes to promoting our services and products. Thank you for sharing this valuable insight!

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