The Income Cap. The Burnout. The Stress.

This is the day-to-day life of an online service provider who is booked out with 1:1 retainer clients.

You achieved what you thought was your dream, but you didn't expect it to be like this.

You didn't expect to dread the never-ending "dings" of Slack, your email and ClickUp notifying you of yet another emergency from your clients (because why does it seem like they are all always on fire and you're the only one with a hose?).

Your evolution is waiting

You achieved your dream of being booked out.

It's time for bigger dreams

✨It's time to listen to that voice that's been telling you you're ready to grow your business beyond 1:1 clients & do so in an aligned way that celebrates your unique magic, supports your dream life, and is focused on your wizardry

You've helped your clients scale.

Now, it's YOUR turn.

In This Private Podcast We're Going Deep


8 juicy episodes to guide you down an aligned scaling path, & unveil the one FOR YOU that is focused on your unique magic


We're also digging into the lies you're told, how to break free from the cookie-cutter mold, and how to grow your self-trust & intuition to grow the business of your dreams.


PLUS you get special bonus access to my Soulful Scaling Roadmap: A breakdown of OSP scaling pathways + the strategy and inner work exercises to create an aligned scaling path unique to your magic!


Optimal operations, fully supported team, and seamlessly executed projects

Let’s dig deep, find your unique magic, and bring it to life! All of the doors are open to you. I want to help you pick the one that lights you up and turn your idea into a reality so you intentionally scale a business that supports your dream life.

Client Love

highest revenue month

Hi! I'm Andrea

Your Soulful Scaling Alchemist

Andrea Elibero

Have I ever told you about the time that I accidentally created a VA Agency, realized I hated it, burned it to the ground, and started from scratch? ​

Along my journey from general VA to certified OBM, strategist, & coach I have tried all the cookie-cutter, have-to, & 6 steps from every Business-Coach-Betty to scale my business. ​

The greatest lesson I learned was that there are infinite ways to grow & mold my business into something that I love and it all centers around owning my magic. ​

I broke all the rules to create a successful dream business and I am fiercely passionate about helping service pros do the same to intentionally grow & scale mission-driven businesses that both celebrate their unique magic and support their dream life.

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