Soulpreneur Scaling Stories Podcast: 35. From High-Ticket Coach to Community Builder | Rebecca Nesbit

Welcome back to another fun-filled episode of Solepreneur Scaling Stories where your trusty host, Andrea, takes you behind the scenes of scaling a soulful business. This time, I catch up with Rebecca Nesbitt, the CEO of the CEO Crowd, a community aimed at connecting and supporting female entrepreneurs. Rebecca shares her twists and turns from high-ticket one-to-one coaching to creating a thriving membership model without scaling her time. 

If you’ve ever felt like you need a tribe of kind-hearted entrepreneurs to cheer you on, or if you’re just curious about the nitty-gritty details of transitioning a business model, this episode has it all! 

Rebecca and I talk about the challenges, the mindset shifts, and the beauty in doing things messy and scared. Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss Rebecca’s candid take on the dark side of entrepreneurship and how collaboration can be the secret ingredient to sustainable growth. 

So buckle up for an episode filled with real, raw, and soulful insights that just might inspire your next big leap! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

✨ Challenges and Mindset Shifts in Business Transition 
✨ Navigating Financial and Strategic Challenges 
✨ Marketing Strategies for Membership Growth 
✨ Building a Supportive Team 
✨ Investing in Growth During Uncertainty 
✨ The Importance of Planning and Strategy 
✨ The Power of Collaboration 
✨ Networking and Community Building 

Click that play button and let the pivoting adventures begin!

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[00:00:00] Andrea Elibero: Andrea here, your host and passionate business coach and scaling strategist for Soulful Service Providers and Coaches. Welcome to another episode of Solepreneur Scaling Stories. Have you ever wanted to look behind the curtain of your fellow entrepreneur’s business to see what actually went into scaling it?

[00:00:22] Well, you are in for a treat because that’s exactly what we are doing here. In each episode, we will be uncovering the truth behind The lessons and the stories behind what it truly takes for sole preneurs to scale their businesses intentionally. I’m hoping that their stories will help you to unlock the true potential of your business so you can create your own soulful, abundant, and aligned laptop lifestyle through intentional scaling.

[00:00:46] So whether you’re just starting out on your scaling journey or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur seeking inspiration, this episode has something incredible in store for you. Are you ready to rise, grow, and create? Create a business that fully supports your dream life. Well, let’s [00:01:00] dive in before we begin.

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[00:01:11] welcome back to Soulpreneur Scaling Stories. I’m joined by the very lovely Rebecca Nesbitt, who is the CEO of the CEO Crowd. And we will get to know what that is in a moment. Hello, Rebecca.

[00:01:23] How are you?

[00:01:26] Rebecca Nesbit: I’m feeling so good. I’m so excited to catch up with you. Oh,

[00:01:29] Andrea Elibero: Me too. So we have known each other. We’re trying to figure it out for many years, many, I think like 2020 maybe if I’m, if I’m guessing correctly. So, so I’m very excited for this conversation because there has been a lot of twists and turns in your journey. So let us know. So please describe who you are, introduce yourself and tell us what your business looks like today.

[00:01:56] Rebecca Nesbit: I love that. I feel like we first connected because I wrote, [00:02:00] uh, we co wrote a blog. I feel like we posted like a female entrepreneurship blog. So it’s exciting to see how you’ve grown too. So for me, what I do today is like you said, I’m the CEO of the CEO crowd. So I help women who are in this online entrepreneurship space.

[00:02:17] And they’re just feeling. really disconnected from a tribe, from support, and they’ve really been looking for something. They’ve probably invested a lot of money in looking for something, I know that I did, and they’re trying to find their people, and by their people I mean kind hearted, Entrepreneurs who are there to just like really support your dream.

[00:02:41] Just like hype you up, be there to celebrate, be there to commiserate whatever day it might be, or whatever hour of the day it might be. And create those connections between women within our membership community, as well as we host networking events. And we love [00:03:00] to do that for. For all women, I feel like not everything should be behind a paywall.

[00:03:05] And I think that’s something that we strive to do is give the most customized support for women who are looking to network, who are looking for their people, because it just took such a long time for me to find. So it definitely is like the passion came from pain. And I think that there are better ways to do community than I’m seeing in the space.

[00:03:29] So I’m really trying to create something that is innovative and different and is very much focused on cultivating connections instead of, you know, putting a post in a group and saying, hi, I’m Rebecca, I’m a Taurus, and I’d love to be friends. And then getting crickets, then feeling like you’re not good enough and you don’t know what you’re doing.

[00:03:48] If anyone in there really listens to you or sees you, we wanna make sure everyone feels seen and heard in our community. So that’s what we do now.

[00:03:54] Andrea Elibero: Very cool and very different from what you were doing before. So I’m so [00:04:00] curious because I don’t know the story. So I’m really curious to dive in and talk about your journey and the pivots and the whys behind them and all of that. So let’s start. Maybe with the most recent pivot into this community. So I’m really curious, what were you doing before this?

[00:04:20] And what sparked this idea and this passion? Because I can feel your passion. I can see how excited you are for having this community. And it’s really beautiful. So I’m curious how this came about.

[00:04:33] Rebecca Nesbit: Yeah. So I was doing one-to-one high ticket coaching. So I was in life and business coaching, which I believe just means everything. You just talk about everything. And I really loved it. But it’s so interesting that I should be speaking out this here ’cause I know that this is scaling stories and. I feel like this was the next step for us because if I was to have scaled my business in one to [00:05:00] one, I was just scaling my time.

[00:05:02] So I think that the real pivot is when you want to leave your nine to five, it’s usually because you want to leave your nine to five, or because you want some more freedom, some more flexibility. And then I felt like I’d really got to a point in my business where I was like, well, I have all those things, but I’m now lacking time.

[00:05:21] And. If I took on another client, that was just more of my time. And in the personal phase of life that I’m in, I got married since we last spoke, which is really exciting. And thank you for the yay. I feel like that every day. My husband’s, if you think I’m cool, like he’s just the next level. He’s awesome.

[00:05:42] So we would really like to start a family in the next few years. And where my business was, what, what do you do when you’re in one

[00:05:51] Andrea Elibero: Mm hmm. Mm

[00:05:52] Rebecca Nesbit: you want to start a family, you just kind of have to figure it out. And that didn’t really sit well with me. Um, something that I feel really, [00:06:00] really passionate about and called to do is to have time at home with my children.

[00:06:05] Um, my parents just had to work. That’s just, you know, how I grew up and they were out of the house a lot. And I don’t want that for, for my kids. I want to be around. So, Then I had to think about, okay, well, how do I scale my business, but not scale my time? And the way to do that is with group, but I didn’t want to be just launching group program after group program after group program, because I feel like I experienced a high level of fatigue with that.

[00:06:32] So I thought, okay, well, what’s the, what’s, what are the other options? And membership was there. Now around the same time as I’m kind of having these ideas and decisions are coming around then I went to an in person live event and it was excellent. It was in Austin in April of last year. And it was so interesting because everything that was said on stage, I think you get to a point, [00:07:00] In business where you’ve kind of heard most things and you’re just hearing them in different ways.

[00:07:03] And like, if you can take like five or six nuggets from an event, you’re like winning because you always see the positives and you see the reinforcement of knowledge and it’s so powerful and live events are just so good. But what I noticed is that everyone was there. To network, and there was very little time to network.

[00:07:22] It was like, you get an hour for lunch, we’re going to cut it a little bit because we’ve gone over, and now you’ve got 30 minutes to find something, but also you’re speaking to people, so then you don’t really eat. If you even eat at all, then that’s great, and then you go back and you’re sitting in your seat and you’re listening to someone again, unless they do kind of small breakouts.

[00:07:40] So this particular event had these small breakouts, and I just had this inspiration, you can call it the universe god, Yoda. Whatever you would like to. And I had this inspiration that said, this needs to exist because no one’s doing this.

[00:07:56] Andrea Elibero: Mm hmm.

[00:07:59] Rebecca Nesbit: used to, in the [00:08:00] space that I was in, in coaching, we’re so used to hierarchical structure of this person is the coach.

[00:08:06] They have the answers. We’ll just go and do what the coach says. And if it doesn’t work for us, we’ll just go back to the coach and ask for another answer. And they’re probably going to give us the same one because that’s what worked for them. Or they’re going to try and give us some other ideas. If they’re a great coach, they’ll probably try and give you some other ideas, right?

[00:08:21] So I thought to myself, what if, what if it didn’t have to be like that? What if I could create something where it was facilitated? Yes, because we need space holders, but it was more about, I want to hear you on a, see you on a failure energy, and I want to support you to really have those connections. So from that event, then I just thought I’ll just put on a networking event with a bunch of my entrepreneur friends.

[00:08:49] It’s kind of a disservice. They don’t know each other anyway, cause they’re all awesome. And honestly, like Click on my fingers. It was just full in like a hot second. And I [00:09:00] thought nothing in my business has ever really taken off like this before. There’d be like months where I would get like a few clients and I’d be like, Oh, life is amazing.

[00:09:09] Like 10 K months, nine K days. This is great. But at the same time, nothing had ever just had the demand. So I thought, okay, there’s something to this. So we ran those events monthly, um, for a few months, and then we started to get asked the question, what’s next? And this is when the kind of personal side and the professional side came together.

[00:09:31] And I thought, okay, well, what’s next is the membership. So that’s kind of, The whole transition. That’s really what was going on personally, what was going on professionally, what I was seeing in the space. And in amongst that, I also did a lot of market research. I’m a really big advocate for market research and anything else you want to try.

[00:09:48] And it has been the coolest journey. It has challenged me in so many ways and it’s been so exciting and I’m so excited for what we’re building. It’s been so much [00:10:00] fun.

[00:10:00] Andrea Elibero: So, uh, I’m I love the story. I love the inspiration. I love that you were there and you kind of got this intuitive hit and you listen to it and you’re like, Oh, and it really sparked something because a lot of people can sort of feel that and then they’re like, Oh, yeah, I’m not the one to do this. Or, you know, this must exist, you know, like, there’s a lot of doubts are these things that can come into play.

[00:10:18] And you were talking about your challenges. Now, this is a podcast where we like to go deep and vulnerable. So buckle up.

[00:10:26] Rebecca Nesbit: Get I’m so ready.

[00:10:28] Andrea Elibero: I love it. So I would love to hear what were some of these challenges that had come up or some like, especially mindset or like imposter syndrome or doubts or things like this, because you were truly switching, completely switching business models.

[00:10:43] So this is not an easy feat. This is something that takes time. This is something, you know, you have to like unwind one thing, then become, become known for another thing. And it’s a whole situation, you know, it’s a, it’s a big transition. So I’d love to hear about this sort of the darker side of it, shall we say.[00:11:00] 

[00:11:00] Rebecca Nesbit: Oh, so here for it. So first of all,

[00:11:03] Andrea Elibero: Somebody told me, wait, so somebody told me, um, or they posted, I interviewed somebody yesterday and they’re like, I have a vulnerability hangover now from this podcast.

[00:11:15] Hi.

[00:11:16] Rebecca Nesbit: I’m, I’m excited for my

[00:11:18] Andrea Elibero: Beautiful. I’m excited. You’re excited. Let’s go. Dive in.

[00:11:23] Rebecca Nesbit: So the first, the first part of the dark side, I think that first of all, as an entrepreneur, you always have to consider the financials of your business. So. We are very fortunate and I say this a lot. We have a lot of privilege. We, myself and my husband are able to live out our dreams and we’ve worked hard to do that.

[00:11:40] And we’ve done that in many different ways. So we were able to take what was essentially a really big financial hit so that we could transition or I could transition my business. My husband is an author. So it’s slightly different. So we were prepared for this financial hit [00:12:00] because it was also more.

[00:12:02] Looking at we have to think about longevity and recurring revenue. So that’s something that membership is great for. But to transition the way I wanted to, because I’m like a all in all out kind of person. So I was like, we’re just doing the membership. That’s the only thing it’s the only thing you’ll ever see us promote.

[00:12:19] Unless it is one of our like in person events that we’re kind of having fun with right now. The only thing you’ll ever see us promote is the membership. That’s the one thing. It’s the one product. It goes against all business strategy. And that’s also part of the dark side, I suppose, is that it goes against all business strategy, but it feels aligned and it feels right for

[00:12:39] Andrea Elibero: And it sounds like you did this in your whole business period because I just do one one on one, you know, like I take it like a one on one coaching. I just do the membership like you’re very much like this is my thing Or that’s what it sounds like to me

[00:12:53] Rebecca Nesbit: so when I was doing one to one, I would occasionally run like a group

[00:12:56] Andrea Elibero: Okay

[00:12:57] Rebecca Nesbit: because. Second money is easier than first [00:13:00] money. So it was a way that I would source one to one clients previously. So I wasn’t adverse to one to one. I just learned from that experience that I would get fatigue, launch fatigue really easily.

[00:13:15] So, and also I always felt like I had to create something new. It had to be new. It had to be different. It had to be fresh. I could never stick with a program. And run it multiple times. That just wasn’t, that wasn’t in me. So I like to keep things fresh and different. So when it comes to that mentality of going all in, it was a little bit different to say, I’m just going to do this one thing because I would get some kind of inspiration to do a program on imposter syndrome.

[00:13:45] And then I would do a program on coaching coaches, how to coach. And then I would do sales more often than not. I do love sales. So I was always doing that, but I would do all these random. Well, seemingly random things that would make sense if you were kind of following the journey and if you were in [00:14:00] entrepreneurship, but to me, it just.

[00:14:03] It shined a light on why that wasn’t particularly my path and why that traditional value ladder concept. I was just very averse to because it just felt like I’m just pushing someone through essentially this funnel and. Sometimes people would come in and they would go straight to one to one and then you were like, do you come into the group?

[00:14:25] I don’t know. And there was always questions around it. So I now I’m very much of the mindset that everything that I do is within the membership. So if I want to, this is a little spoiler alert, but by the time this comes out, it won’t be. When I chose to run a group program this time, it’s going to be within the membership.

[00:14:45] It’s part of the membership. People don’t pay extra for it. It’s not an upgrade. It’s not a, it just is. And we’re doing it purely because it’s joyful and it is exciting and our members need it. So why would I then create something that then they had to [00:15:00] pay for? That doesn’t feel good to me because a lot of the people that I work with have been so burned by, I come into a program and I have to pay for the next program and the next program and the next

[00:15:09] Andrea Elibero: And also not get what they promise, not get the deliver, you know, there’s, there’s been a lot of this. Yes. And, and I really appreciate the, that you really seems like that you operate just purely out of alignment and what you want to do and what feels good for you. And that’s how. From all of these interviews that I have done from everyone that I talked to, this is the thing that sticks in my mind as this is the key to success and sustainability is not listening to somebody else say, Well, this is the smart business model, right?

[00:15:41] Or like, this is what you need to do, because it’s not true. It’s what the successful business model is the one that you feel so passionate about, and the one that you are just like all in on, and you can’t stop talking about, you know, and like, this is your thing. And who cares what the other people say is a smart thing, or the thing you have to do, or this and that, because then you’re just a [00:16:00] copycat of everybody else.

[00:16:01] So the fact that you’re like, okay, I have this membership. It’s for collaborating, networking, whatnot. And guess what, I’m going to add this, this coaching experience to it, because I want to. Because I feel like, like this is what people need. And because this is what’s in my heart, like that, this is beautiful.

[00:16:16] You know, you can’t ask for something better than that. So I wish that everybody listening and just like, I want to put it out in the universe for everybody who has a business to do things like this more often and stop worrying so much about the right thing to do, you know, or the thing that the gurus are telling you to do or whoever, and just really follow your heart and trust your intuition because that is the way that you’re going to get things done.

[00:16:39] Like that is the way that it’s going to be sustainable, that you’re going to be happiest, that you’re going to be so excited, and that your people are going to love you, you know, and they’re going to stay because they feel loved and supported and that’s how you grow. So, step off my soapbox.

[00:16:53] Rebecca Nesbit: I love it. No, stay on it. I loved it. I’m here for it. That’s everything I’ve got. So I think that that is also a part [00:17:00] of coming back to it. That’s part of the dark side is also choosing to actively go against the grain because then you’re hearing what you’re doing is wrong, what you’re doing is wrong, what you’re doing is wrong all the time.

[00:17:11] So, There’s the financial aspect because going from, you know, a 9k day to when I first started my membership, we had a monthly offering of 49 a month. We no longer offer that, but it was 49 and it came into my bank. I remember the first time it came into my bank account and I was like, Oh, this is different.

[00:17:28] This is different. I was expecting it, but it was different. So you have that financial aspect, then you have that aspect of everyone is telling you that what you’re doing is in some way, shape or form wrong because you should be doing the other things. So it is accurate that I have A few one to one clients, but they are clients that have been with me since the beginning.

[00:17:47] I love them. They continue to get results. I’m not going to just, I’m not going to just say, sorry, like it’s done. We’re going to see our time together, whatever that looks like. So there is that part of my business, but it’s not something that I [00:18:00] actively offer or promote. So then we come to some other challenges selling to many, it’s different than selling one to

[00:18:08] Andrea Elibero: Ah. Yes. And how did you navigate this? Because it is, it is very different. And did you have a strategy when you first started? Or did you learn as you go? Like, okay, like here are different things that I can do. Or yeah. Talk about that. Because it’s the same, sorry, another thought. It’s the same a lot of times when, let’s say service providers, I’m like, okay, like, you know, I work with one on one retainer clients and then they want to do something else.

[00:18:34] And that marketing is totally different because it’s either project based or short term or they’re going to coaching or, you know, or, or there’s a group component. And so now they have to speak to the masses. You have to speak to more people than when you just have a handful of clients. So it’s a very different marketing strategy.

[00:18:50] So I would love to dive into that a little bit.

[00:18:54] Rebecca Nesbit: I am very much a jump in and figure it out kind of person. [00:19:00] So I definitely learned as I went. I was very fortunate to have some excellent guidance in the form of Becky Pearson Davidson. She is at build with Becky. If anyone wants to. Snoop Pearl, I’ll just slyly plug her because she’s become such a great friend, but I was very fortunate to connect with her at the beginning of the membership.

[00:19:20] She worked with the likes of Boss Babe, so she has a lot of experience exactly with my niche. So I really did seek out mentorship. And I think that that is something that entrepreneurs do very often. I’m sure that’s why people are listening is because they’re seeking out mentorship from the form of a podcast.

[00:19:37] So I did find her early, which was really useful because then when I spoke about the marketing strategy, it was kind of in place, but she just showed me how to tweak it. Essentially, all I was doing is I was having these live events. They were happening every week. So essentially it’s like having a webinar every week, but I’m not the main focus.

[00:19:58] It’s not. These are my three steps to [00:20:00] success. It’s like, come pitch your business. Like let us support you. Like what’s going on? How can we help you? And out of those events, women are getting incredible results. They’re getting clients, they’re getting collaborations, they’re getting podcast opportunities, they’re speaking on summits.

[00:20:14] There’s so much that they’re getting out of them. So that was really the funnel in itself. Like our funnel is essentially our marketing strategy. Strategy now is essentially built on trust

[00:20:26] Andrea Elibero: mm.

[00:20:27] Rebecca Nesbit: as opposed to before it was built on you have a problem, I can help. Now it’s built on complete trust of we are going to do so much for you that when you’re looking for a community, we’re, we’re here.

[00:20:43] That’s really how the marketing changed. And then we obviously had to introduce things I’d never had really before things like funnels, like genuinely your sales page, not, not funnel. Cause actually funnel is like from ad to all the way through, um, Something I learned [00:21:00] recently because I’m still learning, but our sales page,

[00:21:03] Andrea Elibero: learning. Yes, yes.

[00:21:06] Rebecca Nesbit: the sales page and speaking to the right people and a nurture sequence by email, all things that I had to learn because I’m just so used to doing things one to one.

[00:21:17] We’re very fortunate. And I say we, cause I have a small team. Now part of scaling was having some support and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for my business. So we like to Make things as custom as possible. So we also make sure that we’re like in people’s DMS, we’re supporting them. We have a network success manager.

[00:21:38] Who’s also our lead gen specialist who just checks in with people, make sure they got what they needed out of the event, make sure that like, if we’re the right offer for them, that they’re coming to us, because I think that there is fortune in the followup. And I don’t think of fortune just being finances for us.

[00:21:54] There’s fortune in that. We get a lot of. Data to work from and also we can make sure that those people are [00:22:00] supported because there might be something that they didn’t get that they need and we have the resources then to support them whether it’s through our own podcast or it’s through some kind of post that I’ve done on social media that could help them, just some information, a lead magnet that we might have that can just really help them.

[00:22:18] Where they are. So marketing had to change completely. I had to learn so much about marketing. I feel like I used to know like enough to be dangerous. And I feel like that’s probably still the case. I wouldn’t say any more than that, but learning it just in a different, in a different way, because one to one in group is just

[00:22:39] Andrea Elibero: very different. Yeah. And the thing that I appreciate that you did, and I think that a lot of people are fearful of is that you made an investment while you were in this kind of financial in between, let’s say, when you were, you know, pivoting from one thing to the other. You said, no, like, I know that I need help with this and you made this [00:23:00] investment.

[00:23:00] And I think that this in a particularly sensitive time. to invest in help, right? Because you’re like, Oh, I don’t know. This is a new thing. Who knows what will happen, et cetera, et cetera. So I’m curious just in it, what your rationale, were you nervous about that? Or you’re like, you know what, I’m going to do it and let’s go.

[00:23:18] Well,

[00:23:23] Rebecca Nesbit: investments and we all boarded two team members. Um, In similar timeframes, probably the beginning of this year, all of this happens from December was when we connected with Becky, as I mentioned, then we started onboarding. I onboarded a lead gen specialist then too, so that I could not have to do that part of the work so that I could actually have free time.

[00:23:46] And then we got to February. We were very fortunate. We had a really strong January. We had 21 signups in January alone, which was

[00:23:54] Andrea Elibero: that’s amazing.

[00:23:55] Rebecca Nesbit: Not expecting. Yeah, it was amazing. I was like, I’m still shook. And, um, [00:24:00] we were really fortunate. We’d built up a really good audience and I think that that looks like a really great number.

[00:24:04] But if you think we started our events in April and that is the January, then there’s, there’s a significant period of time where we were still figuring things out

[00:24:15] Andrea Elibero: me to come back to this, to this timeframe thing. Cause this is a good point. Go on.

[00:24:20] Rebecca Nesbit: For sure. So then in February, we onboarded a virtual coordinator and then in March, we onboarded a marketing team. So we have been completely organic so far. We’re looking into the next, the next evolution of what we’re doing is into ads. So that’s something that we’re exploring now. Um, we’re very fortunate that we found a Referral to an excellent marketing agency, and I actually just spent the weekend with them and it was amazing.

[00:24:54] So really excited to continue our relationship there with them and then look at what ads can bring us. Is that going to [00:25:00] be the right step for us or do we stay organic and just go for a slower grow because it does take, it does take time to grow organically. So to your point, there are a lot of investments with.

[00:25:13] Little return is for sure. And I mean, a lot of fear. I just did it scared. I don’t think there’s anything else I can say about that, but also I do want to highlight, we had a financial cushion.

[00:25:28] Andrea Elibero: hmm.

[00:25:28] Rebecca Nesbit: So I had a financial cushion for these investments before I chose to pivot. And I think that that’s really important because that informed a lot of our spending last year was informed by Knowing that something was going to change and something was coming.

[00:25:45] So the money is there to support us as a family. Um, and I’m sure that people that, you know, it’s just being my husband. So we can, you know, we could eat canned beans. We don’t, but we could, um, if you have children, I understand that it’s very different. So [00:26:00] I think that. Having foresight, if you’re going to make a pivot, it wasn’t a snap decision.

[00:26:07] It wasn’t in April last year, I had this like insight. And then in may we had our first event and I thought I’m just going to do this. And, you know, said goodbye to all my clients and all of my finances and put all the energy in, it was very much a slow step away. And knowing that I did have one to one clients that were and when those payments would come in.

[00:26:30] That I could to a degree count on because when you’re doing one to one, then that really is your only estimation is like, is this person going to renew? I kind of think so, or I kind of don’t, and it was a gift to shift because now we have recurring revenue, which is really cool. I’d never had that. That was so like, I could really count on it, you know, cause you never know what’s going to happen in someone’s life.

[00:26:57] So that feels really good. But I would [00:27:00] say those were kind of. Those were kind of the main challenges, but I would like to come back to your point of the timeline.

[00:27:05] Andrea Elibero: Yes. Well, before I know you’re like, what’s that? Yeah. Before that, I want to highlight the fact that When I coach my clients when they’re in their pivot, it really is a, okay, what you’re doing now is almost like your part time job. And this is what you’re doing right to make money, to support you through this, to get to the other side.

[00:27:27] And it really does take planning and it is a shift. So this combines both things. So to get to my other point of the timeline is like you were saying, you didn’t, you know, have this idea, start it the next month and then either stop what you were doing or give up because it wasn’t. Working, quote unquote right away.

[00:27:45] And when you pivot, it takes time. Like you have to give it at least six months, you know, and like in order to be known as this other person and really have that be your focus. So it’s a two-pronged thing. One is, okay, how am I set up now to [00:28:00] support myself through this time and with both time and money?

[00:28:04] And then two. To know that, okay, I’m going to dedicate myself for X amount of time and have this conviction and really believe in it in order to carry myself through. So what you were saying was like, no, I, this reminded me of this point. So I’d love to hear from your point of view, did you prepare yourself?

[00:28:21] Did you have a strategy? Were you like, okay, this is what I’m doing no matter what. Like I’m all in and I don’t care how long it takes. Like what did that look like for you?

[00:28:30] Rebecca Nesbit: I don’t think that there’s a back end strategy that I could give you. I don’t think I necessarily had a strategy. I think that the timeline really was, the idea came in April, the first event was May. We’d run monthly events May, June, July, August, I believe in August we did two events. And then in September, we did four.

[00:28:55] September was when we chose to release [00:29:00] the membership. So we knew that we had to offer more than a monthly event because essentially you’re just pulling people to this event for a month. And the thing about that is if we had low numbers, we could have done that. But we didn’t have low numbers. We had, we were booked out two months in advance and we were There’s only so many people you can see.

[00:29:20] We could only take in our capacity for one call is 25 people. So we keep our intimate. We keep our intimacy in our essentially it’s a live lead magnet. We keep the intimacy in the networking events because that’s really important to me. And what will happen or I would like to see happen is when. We get to the point where ads have really taken off or that next level evolution of business has really taken off.

[00:29:50] Whether it’s ads or it’s organic, it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. I’m like, we have to think about what happens when we scale. We can just add more days. Um, we can just add more opportunities for [00:30:00] people to connect with us, or we can be thinking about. Super exclusive and booked out months in advance again, and that’s fine too.

[00:30:05] So that’s the idea going forward. But was there a strategy? Not necessarily. I think I had contingency plans for everything. Like if this doesn’t work, we’ll try this instead of having a very specific strategy. Now, would a strategy have helped? I’m sure it would have, but the way that I did it was messy and scared and with just Trust in my gut that I was doing the right thing.

[00:30:31] And I think that you articulated it so beautifully earlier. You said that a successful business is, or sorry, a successful business is, I believe you said sustainable and aligned was similar terminology to what you used, and I completely agree with that.

[00:30:47] Andrea Elibero: I’m hearing correctly, it sounds like you’re like, this is my thing, like, I am scared and I’m going to do, I’m going to just move through it. I’m going to just do the thing. And you had so much conviction and belief in what you were [00:31:00] doing. That sort of carried you through. And yes, and then doing it messy because the perfectionism, all of this is another form of imposter syndrome, you know, and the excuses and whatnot.

[00:31:10] And it’s really just keep taking the steps, keep taking the steps, keep taking the steps. And, and then eventually it will pay off because you have no other choice, right? Like, because this is what you’re meant to do. And so you’re going to make it work. So I love that. Thank you for sharing all of that. I think that it’s really inspirational and really amazing to hear that and to hear the success.

[00:31:35] You know, it hasn’t been that long. It’s been, I guess, a year or just over a year since you started. And I don’t know, maybe it feels like a longer journey, but it’s, it’s really cool to hear where or how far you’ve come in these past 12 months. Is there anything else you want to add in terms of maybe, you a top tip or something that you would love to share for service providers who are looking to grow, looking to pivot, looking to, to scale their businesses.

[00:31:59] Rebecca Nesbit: [00:32:00] Hmm. That’s a great question. I think that’s something I really learned from running the networking events and meeting just more entrepreneurs and something that you’ve said in a previous podcast is through collaboration. We’re lifting each other. Up and we all win that way and great podcast. You and Sophie just saying, um, I, I do believe that I truly learned that by being more in community, whether that was in person events that I was, like I said, doing scared.

[00:32:33] Like I am, it’s so interesting because people would never think that I am so introverted. I’m the most introverted introvert. Like if I could sit and just read a book all day and not see humans, that would be fine. Um, I just want to see my husband, but.

[00:32:47] Andrea Elibero: that you chose a business like surrounded by people virtually.

[00:32:51] Rebecca Nesbit: around people.

[00:32:53] Yeah, it’s so funny. I was at an event this weekend and there were, I think [00:33:00] there were 15 entrepreneurs in the room and you would have thought I was a mute. Everyone was like spit balling back and forth and I just love to listen. That is, I think the secret skills. I just love to listen. And when I’m facilitating a community, it’s different.

[00:33:17] You’re holding a space and you have to be a version of yourself. Dear Lord, I am just. I’m okay to just be on my own and I think that is I think that is a double edged sword in itself. And I think that a reason why I chose the type of community that I chose was because then it would help me be around people more because I know that I have a tendency to be able to cut that part of myself off and just say like, no, you can just rest.

[00:33:45] Don’t do anything. Don’t speak to anyone. And my business really helps bring out the best in me, which I really honor it for. So, When it comes down to coming back to your question that [00:34:00] piece of advice, then I do think that my biggest piece of advice that I’ve learned through my own business and through your podcast with Sophie, and I know that many other people are saying this too, is that collaboration is where it’s at.

[00:34:16] We were not built to do this alone. Even if we feel comfortable doing it that way, we weren’t built to do this alone because That led me to significant unfulfillment, and I think that being around people who are kind hearted, who are genuine, who really want to see you win. I mean, we have people in our membership that are doing pretty much the exact same thing.

[00:34:42] They have the exact same title, they’re doing the exact same thing. And they’re, they’re supporting each other. And I think that’s the coolest freaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Like I’m consistently inspired by women that collaborate. And I do think it’s the most powerful thing for your business.

[00:34:55] It’s the most powerful thing for your growth. And if it’s the most powerful thing for you [00:35:00] personally, then I do believe that your business also benefits from that. So. If I was to kind of give a concluding tip of how to get through those times. I also had entrepreneur friends that I went to and I was like, this is not working.

[00:35:14] I just got 49 and why am I sad? I should be really happy. So I also had those people that were there to be like, you’re doing something that’s aligned with you, like keep going. And I had people to celebrate the wins with me when we took on, you know, 21 clients in one month that were like, that’s amazing.

[00:35:32] That’s incredible. So I think you need people, like I said earlier, and kind of to the beginning, like you need people to celebrate with and to commiserate with because this, this journey can just turn on a dime. And if it’s just you. It’s very easy to get the messages of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, I can’t, it’s me. When actually, if you listen to other entrepreneurs out there, the ones that [00:36:00] genuinely are winning, they want you to win too. And that’s what they’ll speak over you. And that’s what I believe that people hear from speaking To you and to listening to your podcast as someone that’s listened is it’s someone to just speak greatness over you and greatness over the dream and belief that it can happen because we don’t always have that from our for ourselves and it’s not our fault it’s not because we’re bad or we’re wrong it’s just because we’re experiencing something that’s hard and we’re internalizing it and we’re making it our our fault and it’s not so I think that that’s my concluding tip is be around people.

[00:36:37] That inspire you that are inspiring

[00:36:39] Andrea Elibero: Yes, and you know what’s also a secondary benefit of collaborating and being around people and all of these things and making these connections? Is that you see how, oh yeah, you see how nice people are and you’re like, oh, and you make these real, real, it feels like a real, you know, our world is a little bit virtual, but like, like you make these [00:37:00] connections and it’s so nice to be like, oh, like it’s almost surprising sometimes, you know, because like, I don’t know, I just love it.

[00:37:07] So. Like I’m all down for the collaboration. This is like I agree with you that this is such a powerful thing and that We really do need it in whether it’s It’s, you know, can somebody help me or can I help somebody? Or you might not think like, oh, I can help somebody, but I guarantee you there’s some way that you can help somebody.

[00:37:26] And I love going on these Coffee Chats or connection calls, and it’s like, what can I do for you? You know, when people like, that’s the like, final question is, how can I help you? What do you need right now? You know, and, and to me, that’s like, oh, like, it just warmed my heart. And I think that we need more of that, you know, and so this is why you’re the CEO crowd is the perfect place to, to, uh, step into this.

[00:37:46] So I think that’s beautiful. So let us know. So how, where can we find you? How can we stay in touch with you? Where can we find the CEO crowd? If you have any gifts, all of that, please share.

[00:37:56] Rebecca Nesbit: you can find us at the CEO crowd, essentially [00:38:00] everywhere. Um, you can find us on podcasts on YouTube. You’ll find us on Instagram. Most of the time you can find us on Facebook as well. So if you just search at the CEO crowd, then you’ll find us. And We have networking events every single Monday, so everyone is more than welcome to attend.

[00:38:19] And the great thing about those events is, first of all, something that people get nervous about is networking, and I totally get it. I have my most high performing reel is just my hand shaking before we’re going live. To a networking event and it was so ironic because at the time I was running them and I was going to one for a friend because they had this system in their networking event that if you couldn’t go you could have an ambassador go and read your pitch for you. It’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done in my life because reading someone else’s pitch.

[00:38:52] Andrea Elibero: We should feel very

[00:38:53] Rebecca Nesbit: really hard. Yeah. I was like, I hope that she gets something out of this. So [00:39:00] I think that everyone gets nervous before they go. So something that we tried really hard to do is we provide a free course for if you’re looking to create your pitch and you need help.

[00:39:09] So we gift that as, you know, thank you for, for signing up for our event. We also have a really in depth video on like, this is what you’ll experience because. I think especially, this is something that I don’t hear a lot of people consider, for our more neurodiverse, Population or for people who are just more nervous or have anxiety like we’re not Pulling these people in and a hug and saying like this is what you’re going to experience like you’re going to be You’re going to be okay So that’s something that we do as like a thank you so much for signing up to come along to one of our events And if you just drop your email, then we’ll send you that course and then you can check out our schedule It is every monday at 2 p.

[00:39:55] m central time in the u. s So that is 8 p. m. in the U. [00:40:00] K., so I believe in Spain that is 9 p. m., just for anyone that’s in that kind of

[00:40:04] Andrea Elibero: the time zones. Proud of you.

[00:40:07] Rebecca Nesbit: Oh, we have, well, we have, I mean, we have the U. S., the U. K., Canada, Europe, and Singapore, and Australia, and

[00:40:18] Andrea Elibero: Okay, Australia is impressive because that’s like the middle of the night for them. So that’s crazy. Yeah.

[00:40:24] Rebecca Nesbit: Singapore is like four o’clock in the morning. Shout out, shout out to Atika. She is just a superstar. I just think when you’ve found the right community and you really want it, you are like, I’m there. And she’s amazing. Um, and we have our friend Tiff, who’s in Australia, comes to most calls, um, unless there’s a chronic pain issue.

[00:40:44] If you’re looking for someone who’s talking chronic pain, Tiff is amazing, Tiffany Gilland. And she shows up. I love her. 7 o’clock in the morning, 6 o’clock in the morning, 5 o’clock in the morning, depending on the daylight savings, she’s just there, and it’s the coolest thing to experience, so [00:41:00] we got all the time zones, so if you’re in one of those areas, then I truly believe that you can, you can make it work if you want to come along.

[00:41:07] And then after the event, then we put you in what we call our network, so we send you opportunities emails every single Monday. So the replay of the event that you may have missed, um, will be there as well as all of the things that people are looking for. So like that moment in the coffee chat where you’re like, how can I help you?

[00:41:24] We literally have a list of that go out

[00:41:26] Andrea Elibero: I love, I love all the intentionality, all the little like pieces that you add is really cool. I want to add a story. I was gonna like end this but I have a story that I want to share. So it’s my podcast so I get to it. So you were talking about, about being nervous and about, you know, speaking and these things and it reminded me of So I am not one who like I’m very simple like introverted I’ve always was very quiet and didn’t I think it’s my family’s italian are very loud So I like just shrunk back and just watched all the people right because I could not get a word in So do you know [00:42:00] what?

[00:42:00] Helped to shift it for me And just because I just find this an amusing story is that in 2018, I did yoga teacher training and in my studio their um You It was kind of like Jeeva Mukti influence, which is a lot of like chanting and like using the harmonium. I am NOT a singer. I will dance. I’m a salsa dancer, you know, like I will dance.

[00:42:22] I am NOT a singer. I had to like chant and sing in front of people teaching yoga classes and this was the most terrifying, even if it’s just om, this was like the most terrifying thing. So, if you, so I highly highly Recommend that if you are like, oh, this is nervous, like exposure therapy is the best thing because since doing that I was like, okay Well, this is just what I do now and it really helped to to really prove to my to my self You know the scared version of myself and I’m not going to die that you know that like it’s gonna be okay And that you can just do it and it’ll be okay.

[00:42:57] So Yeah Doing these things, [00:43:00] if it makes you nervous, if it makes you scared, just doing them is such a good way to then get to the other side and move through it. Because if I can chant things and sing in front of people in Sanskrit when this is a thing where I did not want to do, then you can show up to a networking event, I promise you.

[00:43:21] This is my amusing story, but Yeah. So highly recommend the exposure therapy. This is okay. So everything with the CEO crowd sounds amazing. So thoughtful. I love that you are, you know, giving people, this is how you create your pitch, really setting people up for success and holding them. So beautiful. Um, and then great, we’re going to put all of the links and everything in the show notes.

[00:43:40] So I’m really looking forward to hearing about how people are connecting and going to your networking events and kind of digging in there. So thank you so much for joining us. Being here and sharing on the dark side of your scaling journey with everybody.

[00:43:57] Rebecca Nesbit: Thank you, Andrea. It’s been so much fun and it’s just been [00:44:00] so great to be able to catch up with you as well. And for your community, I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts. So thank you for it is truly a gift and yeah, if anyone listened in and they want to tag us both in a little Instagram story, we’re here for it because I’m sure that we would both love to hear your thoughts.

[00:44:18] Andrea Elibero: Beautiful. Thank you. 

[00:44:21] Thank you so much for joining us today. I really hope you found inspiration and insights from today’s episode. You know, scaling your business intentionally and from the inside out is a transformational process, but I’m here to support you every step of the way. Head on over to dancingleafsolutions. com slash resources for free tools to help you do just that.

[00:44:44] And thank you again for being a part of the Soulpreneur Scaling Stories community, your presence and dedication to growth, inspiring me every day.