Soulpreneur Scaling Stories Podcast: 32. From Virtual Assistant to Personal Brand Strategist | Reme Mancera

Ever wondered how your past experiences, even the unrelated ones, could be your biggest asset? 

In today’s episode, personal brand strategist Reme Mancera shares her journey of scaling her business and the importance of connecting personal stories to brand offers. 

Reme emphasizes how strategic storytelling can significantly enhance the resonance and uniqueness of a personal brand, providing examples from her experience and framework, the Story Connectors. 

Brace yourselves as Reme unveils the pivots, the plot twists, and the magic tricks that transformed her into the story connector she is today. She’s dropping some serious truth bombs about the importance of embracing your unique story and using it as a strategic weapon to slay your competition. 

You’ll learn how to turn those seemingly mundane life experiences into irresistible bait that hooks your ideal clients. It’s like having a cheat code for crafting a personal brand that’s as truly captivating! 

In this insightful episode, we cover:

✨ Unveiling the Magic of Personal Brand Strategy
✨ The Power of Storytelling in Branding
✨ Real-Life Success Stories: Connecting Stories to Offers
✨ Applying Storytelling Across Your Brand
✨ Reme’s Entrepreneurial Journey: From VA to Brand Strategist
✨ The Transition: Embracing Change and New Directions
✨ Consulting and Finding a Niche
✨ Embracing a Mindset Shift: From Stress to Experimentation
✨ Discovering Clarity and Purpose in Business
✨ The Power of Personal Stories in Branding
✨ Simplifying Focus: The Key to Growth
✨ Mindset and Confidence: Overcoming Business Hurdles

…and so much more! Get ready for an entertaining ride full of real-talk wisdom and side-splitting humor that will leave you inspired and ready to uplevel your business.

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[00:00:00] Andrea Elibero: [00:01:00] Hello, today we have Remy Mancera, personal brand strategist here to share her scaling story and all of her pivots and all of her fun magic with us today. Thank you so much for joining us.

[00:01:28] Reme Mancera: Thank you so much for inviting me. I am delighted to be here. So 

[00:01:31] have fun.

[00:01:32] Andrea Elibero: So before anything else, please introduce yourself and tell us what your business looks like today. So what do you do now?

[00:01:40] Reme Mancera: Sure. So I am Remy and I am a personal brand strategist, as you said, and I am specialized in connecting your story with the benefits of what you offer. That’s my specialization now. And, uh, yeah, we will go into all the people and all this

[00:01:59] Andrea Elibero: [00:02:00] Yes, we will definitely go into all of that. Um, and yeah, and I think what you do now is really interesting and really unique. So perhaps you can talk a little bit about what that means. So what does it mean to connect your story to your offers and where that came from?

[00:02:25] Reme Mancera: yeah, I will try to be consistent. Uh, so the idea of the connecting your story with the benefits of what you said is coming from impersonal brand. You are, people are telling you that you should tell your story. But peop what I found is clients and people from my audience, they didn’t understand why.

[00:02:53] So what is the reason? Why people will care about my story if what I provide is this [00:03:00] specific service? So if that makes sense that they share my story for this service, because it’s not connected. I, what, who cares about my family, what it looks like, or my previous work looks like and things like that. So So, I, working with clients and having these questions again and again made me think about, yeah, the thing here is that they are missing that this is, it’s a strategic way to share your story.

[00:03:30] It’s not just about a nice, epic, interesting, outstanding story. It’s about being strategic, why you’re sharing that story. Um, Transcripts provided by Transcription Outsourcing, LLC. That’s why I connecting with key factors of your offering, like why you are working with the people that you are working with, why you are focusing on a specific problem or need from your clients.

[00:03:54] And then we, I had my clients exploring all their journey [00:04:00] and deciding which moments to highlight, because These moments will help you to connect with your audience. They will resonate with you and they will see how you are someone unique as everyone of us. We are different and we are a unique combination of expertise, experience, knowledge, our personality.

[00:04:22] So using your story in a way that will highlight that and will highlight the reasons why someone can choose our services or Um, maybe I can, uh, bring some

[00:04:37] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. Yeah, for sure. I think that would be really helpful for people to really wrap their mind around what you’re talking about.

[00:04:43] Reme Mancera: Yeah. So I have a client, she’s a life coach and she helps, um, female entrepreneurs who felt misaligned with their work. So through her journey, she has several [00:05:00] businesses and one of them, uh, she was really successful. Cool. Externally, it looks like her business was killing it. She was like working just 10 hours per week, uh, helping her clients, getting good results for them and getting good money.

[00:05:16] So everything like check, check, check. But then inside she felt. Something was off. She was not aligned with that work anymore. So she’s sharing that moment of her own story, because that will connect with the problem that their actual clients are in a similar situation. They are making decisions based on other people’s expectations.

[00:05:41] So, that could help. Another example of Story Connector, this is actually the name of my framework, Story Connectors. So, I call them like these little

[00:05:53] Andrea Elibero: I love

[00:05:53] Reme Mancera: of your

[00:05:54] Andrea Elibero: That’s so cute. I’m like, aw. I like that.

[00:05:57] Reme Mancera: Uh, this, uh, there [00:06:00] is another one. So, I just give two examples that could help. It’s from a past work experience.

[00:06:08] And I like to bring How different academic background, different, uh, work experiences, even if they are not 100 percent related to what you do now, they are bringing a context of who you are and what is important to you. For her, before having that business and being life coach, she was a literature teacher and she teach poetry to, uh, 13 years.

[00:06:36] Andrea Elibero: Yeah.

[00:06:36] Reme Mancera: Which is totally unrelated. And she gave them an exercise where they need to write a poem about something that they would like to change in the world. And what she realized when they were reading their poems is that several of them We’re talking about how they felt wearing a mask following other [00:07:00] people’s expectation like the family expectations and things like that.

[00:07:03] And that story with totally unrelated past work experience is 100 percent connected to the feeling that the clients that she has now, they feel like that. They feel disconnected, they feel wearing a mask, not being true to themselves. So she can use that story from the poems and bring in something new.

[00:07:24] really unique content because there are no one else with that example, she can bring that as a bridge to talk about the problem that her clients have. And this is the idea. You use your story to create new examples, to illustrate your concepts, to illustrate the benefits of working with you. And in this framework, there are like 10 types.

[00:07:50] of story connectors. So you have your audience, their problems, your values, so on. So there are 10 of them. And the idea is, because for me, [00:08:00] it was overwhelming, the idea of having just one big story. That’s how I came up

[00:08:06] Andrea Elibero: Ah, interesting.

[00:08:07] Reme Mancera: okay, let’s break it down.

[00:08:09] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, yeah. So when people do this, is it, where are they using these stories most often? Is it in their social media, their sales pages, or whatever, like throughout everything that they do? Mm hmm. Mm

[00:08:22] Reme Mancera: Yeah. So this is like useful for their about me page, their social media profiles, their content, if they have newsletter, if they are going to be, uh, speaking in like public speaking gigs. Um, but also I am. actually constantly researching for creative ways

[00:08:43] Andrea Elibero: hmm. Mm hmm.

[00:08:45] Reme Mancera: And for example, one of them is in your photo shoots.

[00:08:49] So how you can incorporate elements from your story in a visual way. So you have a conversation starter. And so that’s, um,

[00:08:59] Andrea Elibero: [00:09:00] Yeah.

[00:09:00] Reme Mancera: in this, in sales calls, if you are doing a podcast pitching, how you can incorporate one story there to connect with the host. So your, your email gets like more interest and more attention from the person.

[00:09:16] So yeah, you can use it in several ways, but the main one. I would say your About Me page and content, that will be the main two uses.

[00:09:26] Andrea Elibero: cool. Okay. So this business what you’ve done is so different so unique I don’t know anybody else who does this. Are there other do you know other people who do I mean? I’m not saying name them, but they’re like it’s not super common. I guess is what I’m saying, right?

[00:09:39] Reme Mancera: Yeah. There are other people doing, uh, personal brand stories specifically. Um, yeah. So it’s just the framework that I’m using is something that I came up with, so it’s a bit different the angle, but yeah, there are more people that can

[00:09:56] Andrea Elibero: your way is, yeah, your way is very unique and I love how you [00:10:00] came up with, with this. So let’s go in our time machine and go back because you weren’t always doing this. And I think that, um, so we actually met in real life because, For a little while we lived in the same, the same town in Spain and it was super random.

[00:10:16] We met in a networking group online and then realized we lived in the same place. So we met up, which was really cool. So, so I’ve heard this before, but I think like, it’s so interesting. So talk about, you know, so we see now you’re doing the super cool thing with your own framework, but when was it? And what were you doing at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey?

[00:10:38] Reme Mancera: So actually something that I would like to share is that I started my business when I was 40. So

[00:10:45] Andrea Elibero: Yes.

[00:10:46] Reme Mancera: you are not too old to

[00:10:48] Andrea Elibero: I was, I was 39 when I started. So yeah. Same. Yeah. Very important reminder. Yeah.

[00:10:55] Reme Mancera: Yeah, you know how it is. It’s I am too old, I am too this, I am [00:11:00] not enough, whatever. So yeah, always a good reminder for all of us to just keep trying. Um, so yeah, I started as a VA for course creators. Um, before that I was working in a nine to five in a windowless office. I was. I was trying to get my boss at that moment convinced to work remotely because that what I needed, I can do it remotely.

[00:11:27] They were not okay with that. This was before pandemic, of course. Um, so at some point I listened to a podcast and they said this quote, If not now, when? If not now, maybe

[00:11:42] Andrea Elibero: hmm. Mm

[00:11:43] Reme Mancera: And that hit home. It was like wow um I decided to quit And I started my own business. I was for a while just figuring out what to do.

[00:11:57] Um

[00:11:58] Andrea Elibero: but here’s the funny thing too, [00:12:00] is that, you Or the interesting thing is that, you know, like the US is known to be more like entrepreneurial and you can make your dreams come true and not everybody has that experience, of course, but the culture encourages it. I feel that in Spain, it’s not encouraged.

[00:12:14] So like going out and just starting a business is not quote unquote normal, even less so than in the US. So. So, uh, how was that when you were like telling your family, like, hey, I’m quitting my job and starting my own business. And so it’s just interesting because there’s not so many people doing, or as many people doing it here.

[00:12:33] Reme Mancera: Yeah, you’re right It was shocking for them because I have never shared my Like I want to run my own business and things like that. So they were like kind of let’s say surprised and it was kind of random how I Got to that point, but then it was like yeah, I want to try this I want to try to work from anywhere [00:13:00] because that was my main point of starting my own business and Having the chance to do things Nah, in another way that I was doing it.

[00:13:11] And yeah, I, I am lucky they were super supportive, even though they don’t really understand maybe what I was doing or what was like, yeah, I was working on my computer, what that means, and like the, the real, uh, things that I was doing. Uh, but yeah, really supportive. Uh, um, and I had that as a. This was helpful for, for making the decisions without the pressure of, uh, not having a supportive systems,

[00:13:45] Andrea Elibero: Right, right. And when did you start your business? What year?

[00:13:50] Reme Mancera: Uh, 2018.

[00:13:51] Andrea Elibero: 2018. Okay, cool. Um, okay, so you started as a virtual assistant for course creators, and then, okay, you were doing that and then [00:14:00] at some point you said, okay, I want to do something different. So can you talk about that point of I want to do something different? What was going on internally? Like, what was happening there and did you know what you wanted to do?

[00:14:13] Or was this, you know, kind of a path?

[00:14:16] Reme Mancera: Yeah, it was a path and it was, um, Yeah, I, when I started as a VA, actually, it was random how I am, I learned about what is a VA because I didn’t know what is a VA. So in a newsletter, they were asking for that. It was, Oh, actually, I can do this. So and then I keep researching and okay, I can do this. I was a I knew that I want to be specialized in a certain area or topic of group of people, something because it was so overwhelming the amount of people offering VA services and the different services that you can offer.

[00:14:54] So I decided to go from one specific and helping course creator because I was [00:15:00] already in that space. Uh, course creation area with the previous company. Um, with the clients working as a VA, I soon realized that the part that they enjoy most was when we have these strategy meetings. Designing what is going to be the next strategy, how we are planning the next launch, how it’s going to be the content marketing calendar, how we can repurpose the different pieces of content, all these strategy thinking and planning.

[00:15:34] Um, Every time that I finish a session, a meeting like that was like so energizing. I want more of this. And then when I need to go to do the implementation and the more repeating task was like, this is not so interesting to

[00:15:49] Andrea Elibero: Relatable. Yeah.

[00:15:51] Reme Mancera: how I can, how I can move the balance and do more of the things that I actually enjoy, which is actually something.[00:16:00] 

[00:16:00] was helpful for my clients because I see how I was providing value, uh, helping them with this. So it was like, okay, how I do this. Um, And what I did was getting trained, training, uh, for things related to digital strategies and things because I studied at the university communication and

[00:16:21] Andrea Elibero: Okay. Mm hmm.

[00:16:22] Reme Mancera: I have this base, uh, and then the knowledge that they experienced that they get working as a VA, um, the new training that

[00:16:33] Andrea Elibero: So do you feel that you had the confidence from doing the training and in order to kind of shift or was there like, I don’t know if I can really do this, like, mm hmm, mm hmm.

[00:16:47] Reme Mancera: wow, that, that was actually a big, uh, step because when I was a VA. Okay. And I was offering support in this strategy sessions. I was [00:17:00] over delivering. So I feel confident, but when I started offering my services as a consultant. That was a different thing because I was not so confident how, like, I was not able to over deliver.

[00:17:15] I was delivering a good service, but it was, uh, yeah, it was more challenging for my confidence and, and I had a big journey around the mindset with money and self worth and all that. And this has been. a long journey. I have help from people. I have done a lot of internal work, analyzing and knowing, knowing myself, learning about my own, uh, and all that.

[00:17:46] So yeah, definitely, uh, learn a journey. It’s not something like

[00:17:51] Andrea Elibero: You’re just like, okay, I’m doing this. It’s amazing. Yeah. No, it’s always a journey. Always a journey. Yeah. And it brings up all of these things that you didn’t maybe know, [00:18:00] you know, like, wait, I didn’t know this was an issue. Like, you know, until I started this business, I wanted to do this thing. Now I have to deal with this.

[00:18:07] So yes, which I love because I think it’s a, it’s, it’s, it’s really cool how, Maybe people disagree, like, no, this is a pain in the ass, but it’s like, I think it’s really cool how when you have a business, it’s also the self development journey, and it’s a reason, right, to do all of these things, and then it improves every aspect of your life.

[00:18:27] So, like, I think that’s really neat, but that’s a side point. So, okay. So now you were consulting, and you stepped into this consultant role, and then what happened after that?

[00:18:38] Reme Mancera: Yeah, so I started offering consulting services, but it was a bit of a

[00:18:43] Andrea Elibero: Okay. Mm

[00:18:43] Reme Mancera: I mean, it was trying to figure it out, my new place in this. I was offering, yeah, like, planning your lunches for course creation or for courses or also helping you in planning how to create [00:19:00] your course in all your busy agenda or how to simplify your, your strategies for promoting your course.

[00:19:08] So I was offering several things or everything around the topic, but it was not super clear. It was not just. something. It was not focusing on one specific topic. It was a bit of trying to figure it out, which is something normal because I was starting something new.

[00:19:28] Andrea Elibero: Right, and you also had to see, like, okay, like, what do I like doing? What do people want? Like, what, you know, what’s going to work? And I think that this is a very common next step, quote unquote, right? You kind of start general, and then you’re like, okay, I’m gonna do this thing. And, uh, And it’s really important actually to have this phase of experimentation and most people have it.

[00:19:48] I’ve only talked to very few people who have like had a very straight road And i’m like, oh, who are you? Like it’s such an anomaly to me. Like, how did you do that? It’s so strange

[00:19:58] Reme Mancera: Yeah.

[00:19:59] Andrea Elibero: [00:20:00] But this like, you know, and I like that you just put yourself out there and you were just like, all right I’m gonna do this and try this and And but at that time it sounds like you’re you’re Did you have that mindset of, okay, I’m just experimenting, or were you just kind of lost all over, like in general?

[00:20:16] Reme Mancera: Yeah. It was, uh, it was challenging to me because it was, before that with the VA for course creator, it was so easy to

[00:20:25] Andrea Elibero: Right, right.

[00:20:26] Reme Mancera: I have a type, it’s a super short line and you understand what I do. With the new thing, I need to explain all the different things that I can help you with and, and, I, I, I felt like I have different services offers.

[00:20:44] I tried different formats. I did a mastermind for course creators. I did accountability, uh, specific, uh, services. I did planning your calendar. So I, I tried, but it didn’t, it didn’t fail. [00:21:00] It didn’t feel like I was, uh, in an experimenting, um, mood because I have been later in that mood. And it’s, how you say it, it’s like more time to yourself

[00:21:15] Andrea Elibero: Hmm.

[00:21:16] Reme Mancera: when you are in

[00:21:17] Andrea Elibero: When you’re saying, right. So when you’re like, have the mindset of this is an experiment, I’m just playing, you know, I’m going to see what happens. You take the pressure off and you’re like, okay, let’s see. But that’s not what you were feeling. You were feeling more stress and pressure and yeah.

[00:21:32] Reme Mancera: Yeah, I need to figure it out this that was the mindset in that moment And I have learned over the process to go to this I am experimenting and now I am at the moment I am figured out the details of a new service. And I am open to experiment. I am looking forward to test things and improve things, but it’s in a different mindset.

[00:21:59] And I [00:22:00] know how that is less

[00:22:02] Andrea Elibero: Yes, that’s so important because right because it doesn’t feel good when you’re just like okay i’m doing this thing I have to sell it i’m doing I don’t know what i’m doing But you know like like this isn’t working what’s going on like and then you’re almost sabotaging yourself because you’re not in A relaxed phase you’re not having fun and people can feel this energy So it comes across much different when you’re in the energy of, okay, I’m experimenting, like, let’s have fun, because you’re still making money, you know, you’re still selling, you’re still doing your thing, and you’re figuring it out.

[00:22:33] And it’s always an experiment, honestly, like, no matter, like, there’s always an experiment going on. So yeah.

[00:22:38] Reme Mancera: Yeah. Especially when you get to points where you realize some things because of that experimentation. And that has happened to me a lot in the last one year and a half or so, has been a lot of that. I have been testing new services, which click and then the framework with [00:23:00] when I get to the point where, yeah, I need a way to explain these and do these in a way that feels right to me, something click.

[00:23:08] And from that point, so much clarity because yeah, I am experimenting and doing my thing, but I know what is the thing that I want to work around and why this is valuable and how it’s helping people. So it’s like, yeah, it’s, it’s a nice place to be when you have the clarity on what you want to focus on.

[00:23:31] Even you have. flexibility for experimenting and all that. But at least I know the path that I want to try to find.

[00:23:40] Andrea Elibero: Oh, listen, I relate with this 127 percent because, because I was similar when I started coaching. I was just general, okay, I’m going to coach virtual assistants, like period, you know, there was nothing around that. And then I experimented with different, I, I just felt like I had such a hard time [00:24:00] one, like trying to Explain or like why am I special?

[00:24:03] What am I doing? How do I talk about this? I’m just I don’t know. I’m coaching your business. Like let’s go support your business, you know And then and also how do I then have one website where I talk about? Oh, I’m also an online business manager and I coach and like it took me a year I think to figure out like like just how to incorporate those two pieces and it wasn’t until Then I was like, I kind of got into this, like, okay, I help you scale and I can use, like, both my psychology background and my, you know, OBM, working with these seven figure businesses to help you scale.

[00:24:34] And then, and then, it was the pivot. Like, this, to me, and this was a more recent thing. And because, and how do I know it was a thing, like, the thing? Because I’m so excited to talk about pivoting. Like, much more so than talking about scale, even though they’re so related and so the same. Like, because of these stories.

[00:24:52] Like, I love these stories. I love people talking about their business journeys because I find it so interesting, you know, and, and because you don’t see it. [00:25:00] Like people just share where they’re at now and you think, Oh, they’ve always, you know, like, Oh, you’ve always done this. Of course you’re the expert in the, you know, your brand personal brand strategist, but no, you’ve done 700 other things until you got to this point.

[00:25:11] And I think it’s, it’s, it’s so cool to like share that. And so anyhow, that’s a long A lot of babbling to say that like, yes, like, and this is very normal, right? To like, do all these things and you find your thing, you’re like, oh, it’s that, you know, and you just know, like, oh, I like that thing. And then you’re like, amazing.

[00:25:27] And then at some point, maybe you outgrow it, or maybe you do a new thing, or you add and you adapt, and great, because you’ve evolved, you know? So, so, so I will stop with my, get off of my soapbox, but it makes me excited. Um, I don’t know if you have anything else you want to add to that, or if you want to keep going.

[00:25:43] Reme Mancera: Yeah. No, I would like to add something because especially I’m specializing in stories now, but from the beginning for me was really important to highlight that there was a VA before because I have [00:26:00] worked with teams where there are strategies that they haven’t done the implementation. So they don’t have the experience of when things go off, as is going to happen for sure, all the time.

[00:26:14] And how much time things get to be done. Um, the, so for me. I always said that I combined several knowledge and one big piece of that was working, uh, with different teams as a va because that was, yeah, itself was something that I, I wouldn’t have learned. If I go to a a whatever course, it’s a different experience to be there and it’s something that brings me out of value when I was planning strategies for someone

[00:26:48] Andrea Elibero: And this is really important. And I’m sure that when you do your story connectors with people, you have them highlight these things because it is special, you know, like, and it is [00:27:00] important because just like you said, in your case, in my case too, in coaching, why do I coach service providers? Because I have been a VA, an OBMs like system, like I’ve done everything and I know the path people think that.

[00:27:13] Oh, I want to work with this famous coach or whoever, but they don’t know anything unless they’ve been there. It’s so different. Like, like the knowledge that you have, and like we have, you know, to help like people, it’s so different when you’ve been in the trenches and you’ve done all the things. So so that is really special.

[00:27:29] And I think that is important for people to like all these service providers, if you’re like, oh, like, I want to step into this or do that. And it’s not connecting, you know, it’s not connected, but it is connected. So yeah. Yeah.

[00:27:41] Reme Mancera: this made me think, because I have a client, uh, she had being in there, she tried an e commerce. It didn’t went well. And she’s specializing how to improve the email marketing systems for e commerces. So sharing how she failed. [00:28:00] in that business of herself is helping her connect with the business owners.

[00:28:06] Why? Because she was in their shoes. So that’s why even that’s, I, I’m bringing this story because especially it’s not, it’s not always because things went well.

[00:28:16] Andrea Elibero: Hmm. Yeah.

[00:28:16] Reme Mancera: It’s also when things went wrong, you are getting so many lessons from being there, like the struggles, the challenges, all that, that not because it’s something that you felt doing it, it’s something that you shouldn’t share or you need to hide, let’s say, is think about that in a way how you are bringing that you are making yourself vulnerable, but you are sharing something important that make them understand that you were in their shoes.

[00:28:45] It’s not just. from an external point, you were there too. So if the people can think about moments where they were connecting to those struggles and things, bringing it is not just about [00:29:00] bringing the nice, shiny, good things. It’s about the lessons, it’s about the emotions that you live doing that

[00:29:08] Andrea Elibero: Yes. A hundred percent. Cause the emotions are why people buy, you know, that’s how you connect to people. So yeah, totally, totally. Okay. So, so back to your story. So after this period of, okay, I’ve done all of these launch things. What happened after that? And you’re in this like messy middle part of growing your business and figuring it out.

[00:29:27] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:29:29] Reme Mancera: Yeah. So I kept, um, just trying the new services and figuring out and doing the work. I also get to support other personal brand strategies with their programs as, uh, also an instructor in their programs. And there are, again, I learn a lot about things that how people were through the stories, especially they need to share their stories.

[00:29:56] They get stuck not sharing them, um, [00:30:00] finding hard to understand the reason why and all that. So I got that from that community experience. I got that from my own clients where they were not confident sharing them. And I was focusing more and more in the personal branding strategy. And through the method that I have learned, which is called Brandea, There, one of the pieces is the story, there is more of them, your values, your why, the topics that you talk about, and one of them is your story.

[00:30:35] What I found over working and working with clients was like, again, the more for me, like what is different always is your story. There are more people offering similar services. There are people with stories. similar values, there are no one else with your life path. So I get more interested into the part of the stories because [00:31:00] I was like this, if you use it strategically.

[00:31:03] it could be so powerful, it could be a, uh, so powerful asset for your business. So that’s why I get more and more into, into that. And also it’s connected to my, I, I have been always, uh, a reader. I love reading, learning about other people’s stories. I am curious. So it kind of fit with my, myself in a way that, When I work with someone is like, I just know their title, how they look like, I don’t know all the little stories that make them deciding things that put them into that specific point as you are.

[00:31:44] And I know because of your podcast, you also love stories and the journeys is because you, you know, all these journeys, what made us as well, it’s not just the destination is to I

[00:31:57] Andrea Elibero: reminds me of back in the [00:32:00] day when I was online dating years and years ago, I loved first dates because I loved hearing people’s stories and their history and like what they do and where they grew up. Like, I thought it was so fun to learn like all these things about people. So I don’t know if you’ve been similar with that.

[00:32:17] Reme Mancera: have never thought about that. Yeah, actually, yeah, it’s kind of funny. I, I, I also, I’m always interested in this, uh, learning about the person, what was, yeah, their journey. Yeah, actually, that’s a good point.

[00:32:31] Andrea Elibero: See I found a connector

[00:32:34] Reme Mancera: Yes.

[00:32:36] Andrea Elibero: I think it’s really interesting and kind of cool that you were like, oh, I like branding and brand strategy But you focused on one piece of it. You didn’t feel like oh, I need to do the whole thing in order to And be worthy in order to be whatever, you know, because there’s a lot of stories that different types of stories was false stories that we tell ourselves and think like, oh, I need to do the whole thing.

[00:32:58] And instead you took one [00:33:00] piece and you’re like, this is good. This is where I’m interested and what I’m called towards. And I’m going to just focus on that piece. Was there anything going on? Like, did you ever have any doubts? Like, oh, do I need to do the whole thing in order to? To grow, you know, like was like, you know what I mean?

[00:33:14] Like anything like that going on in your, in the back of your mind.

[00:33:18] Reme Mancera: This is something that from the beginning was clear to me because of the, how I have been working with people that they have been trying to do all the things and didn’t work as well as when they focus on something specifically. So I learned from others how, because yeah, everyone is telling you like go and niche down and all that, but you don’t know where or how or not.

[00:33:47] So you need. I believe that you need a phase where you are just trying to figure it out and it’s okay. But to me, when I have this click and it’s like, okay, I want to focus on this, [00:34:00] I then it’s like, I am focusing 100 percent on this because I know that it’s going to be easier for me to position myself in something specific.

[00:34:09] The same as a VA, it was much easier for me. Even my first client found me on LinkedIn. Because my tagline, my keywords, everything was VA for course creators. So it was easier for, for them to find me. And the same now, I want to be positioned as someone specialized in personal brand story, and then if you need somewhere or you have, it’s going to be easier to remember, yeah, Remy is specializing to this, she’s working a hundred percent on this, so she’s, you know, obsessed with that topic.

[00:34:50] So maybe she can

[00:34:52] Andrea Elibero: mm hmm,

[00:34:52] Reme Mancera: So yeah, but But to me it was clear that, uh, it’s going, it’s not, I don’t believe that you need to do [00:35:00] that. It’s just, it’s going to help you. And I am all about making things easier for you when you can. So, and one thing that is important to me and I have been like using it in several ways is simplify and focus because then if you are trying to put your energy in so many things is.

[00:35:24] It’s going to take longer, so when you focus on one, on one thing, it’s going to help you to, through that process. So that’s why about, there are million things that I didn’t have clarity about the specialization. I felt that, yeah, I, when I have clarity, I would like to. So first I was in personal brand for course creators and then when the story and now it’s just a story.

[00:35:51] Andrea Elibero: Very neat. Very neat. So in this whole journey, what would you say? that your biggest hurdle has been in growing your business and [00:36:00] getting to where you are now. If you had to pick one thing. Very common,

[00:36:04] Reme Mancera: I have to pick one, I would say mindset. Um, how, uh, working on my confidence on my mindset related to money. Um, because yeah, as a VA, as was, I was over delivering under charging. So it was easy to sell,

[00:36:29] Andrea Elibero: The best VA on the planet. Yeah. Right.

[00:36:37] Reme Mancera: then. moving to the consulting and the strategies was a different range of prices.

[00:36:45] And I, I need a process to go through this. So yeah, self worth, um, um, money mindset and confidence that has been some, and as you said, this, uh, a path of [00:37:00] self knowledge and, and all that, because you are working on all these, uh, things and how you are at least. In my case, it’s like how when you are asking for a higher price, you need to be more confident with who you are as a professional, as a business owner, as a person.

[00:37:22] So all of that is involved. So I would say that has been the bigger thing to work

[00:37:30] Andrea Elibero: Also, and then connected to that, is that what you would say your biggest advice would be, would be to work on your mindset, your confidence, or do you have a different or another tip you would share that you think is really important?

[00:37:45] Reme Mancera: Yeah, this is a big one, I would say. I would like to add the one that I just mentioned before about simplify

[00:37:54] Andrea Elibero: Mm hmm

[00:37:55] Reme Mancera: because even if you want to try several things, [00:38:00] try to simplify as much as possible. And, and for doing that, getting an external angle.

[00:38:07] Andrea Elibero: what do you mean by

[00:38:08] Reme Mancera: That’s, for me, I mean, getting support from someone else because you are too inside your own story, too inside to your own business, that you don’t have that external point of view.

[00:38:24] And that has been really helpful for me having, uh, someone that is helping me during all the process. It could be. Different roles. You need to find the one that will be good for you. But yeah, I would say that having someone that knows your business and can help you to figure it out things, uh, just by sharing your thoughts with them will be helpful to get clarity on what In which point are you in your journey and what you want to try next, [00:39:00] and to analyze the data, the, the, because I love data and, uh, all that, I guess from the lunches days.

[00:39:11] Um, so yeah, I would say that getting the support of someone is, uh, was really helpful to help me to simplify and focus. Thanks.

[00:39:23] Andrea Elibero: Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing all of that. I found this fascinating. I love the story, the story stories, the conversation around this. Let us know how can we stay in touch with you. If there’s anything else you want to share, please do that. Yeah.

[00:39:40] Reme Mancera: Yeah, sure. So, I am Reme Mancera. So, this is my handle in the different social media. You can find me on Instagram, also LinkedIn, uh, Facebook sometimes. Um, I have my website, rememancera. com. [00:40:00] And I also have a podcast now. So if someone wants to hear more stories, uh, these are from a different angle. So it’s about how you decide what to share on your personal brand story and the challenges that you might have behind the scenes.

[00:40:19] Because as you said, you. When you see someone, you don’t think about their journey, uh, to scale or to pivot. The same with the personal brand story. Someone is sharing it confidently, and you might think that they have been like that for all the time. They are like that naturally, and it’s a journey, it’s a practicing exercise, so it’s bringing the conversation around that behind

[00:40:47] Andrea Elibero: I love that because what’s the name of your podcast? How do we find it?

[00:40:51] Reme Mancera: Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s Who cares about my

[00:40:55] Andrea Elibero: Who cares about my story? I love that because in all of my clients that I [00:41:00] talk to you, this is always a hurdle. It’s always something, even just showing up on stories and talking about your business, nevermind your personal brand, you know, and all of these things. So this is so relatable. And I think it would give like, that would be so valuable for people to to, you know, again, just as like here we’re talking about stories about growing your business and everything behind the scenes, the stories about sharing your personal brand.

[00:41:23] Yeah. Like so important for people to hear that and understand that there’s a journey there too. And how do we overcome it? And how do we do all of this? And no, we were not born just like, I can tell you a hundred percent. I was not born wanting to stand up and like talk to social media and do all of these things and share, you know, personal things about myself.

[00:41:42] Yeah. So definitely has been a journey for me. So beautiful. Thank you so much. This is so much fun. Thank you for being here and sharing all of your knowledge and magic with everybody.

[00:41:54] Reme Mancera: Thank you very [00:42:00] much.n