Soulpreneur Scaling Stories Podcast: 30. From Blog Writing to Sales Messaging Strategist & Launch Copywriter | Samantha Hoilett

In today’s episode, Samantha Hoilett is about to take you on a wild ride through the world of sales messaging and launch copywriting.

In this juicy episode, our fierce wordsmith shares her journey from scribbling blogs in Uganda to becoming a messaging maven in Jordan. Prepare for an abundance of hilarious anecdotes, including Samantha’s harrowing tale of trying to juggle both VA and coaching roles (spoiler alert: it was messy).

But that’s not all, Samantha dishes out golden nuggets on everything from building messaging momentum to making bold pivots without second-guessing yourself. You’ll laugh, you’ll nod, and you might even find yourself manifesting a new, life-changing offer suite!

So grab your notebook, a cozy beverage, and get ready to be inspired by Samantha’s wisdom and wit. Whether you’re a messaging maestro or a copywriting novice, this episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to connect with their audience on a deeper level and sell like a boss. Let’s get this party started!

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[00:00:00] Andrea Elibero: Hello. Hello. Today we have Samantha Hoylet, sales messaging strategist and launch copywriter joining us to share her scaling story. Welcome Samantha. And please let us know what you do. Like, so what do you do today? What does your business look like today? And obviously introduce yourself and say hi to the people.

[00:01:31]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†hi, everybody. So yeah, my name is Samantha pilot. Like Andrea said, I’m a lunch copywriter and sales messaging strategist. And yeah, I started my well, okay, where I am now is that mostly I do sales messaging strategy, which is basically how to talk about your offer in a way that sells beyond just telling people what it is and what’s included, because, you know, to really sell the people we have to really connect to.

Who they are, where they are now, where they want to be and how your offer helps them get there. And so I kind of help people really flesh that out. And I also do some done for you copies, specifically like launch copy, some emails, sales pages, waitlist pages, all of that fun stuff. And yeah, just like I really love helping clients like get their offer out there and into the hands of like more clients.

[00:02:20]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Let me ask you before we get into your journey, because obviously we’re going to get into your journey, but for a lot of people listening to this, our service providers who. Transitioning from done for you to something else and a common thing that happens along this journey Is that now all of a sudden you have to quote unquote market and have your messaging down, right?

Because now you need to be in front of more eyeballs your you know Things like that because it’s not just a few clients, you know that you switch out every so often so in for that specific Audience, a couple of things. One is where do you see or maybe do you see or do you have suggestions on like where you see a lot of people get stuck and maybe like some very like foundational things that they can think about when they’re like, okay, now I need to actually start this like messaging and marketing journey.

Like what do I do now? Because it’s totally different from what they were doing before.

[00:03:15]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†for sure. It’s Yeah, because I feel like, you know, I get that because when I started as a copywriter, I was very much just like, here’s my services. Here’s how I help. You either want it or you don’t. And honestly, like, it’s funny because, yeah, when I started shifting into like consulting, I was worried more like focus on my messaging where I was like, well, how am I going to communicate that a call is really valuable?

Or like, you know, I even had a program for a while. Why is my program really valuable? And I feel like It’s really thinking about like where your client is right now, like almost think about a day in their life and think about almost like the most dramatic day in their life, like a movie kind of day where everything happens or everything’s hard, nothing’s working, like what are the different challenges and questions that your dream client is asking themselves and start there and then kind of think about how can I communicate that I can help solve that problem?

I think that it’s really easy. Um, a lot of people are very quick to focus on, you know, the desires and like the inspirational side of things. But the thing with that is that not talking about the problem, it really lacks urgency because like desires can wait, but problems can’t. So really think about like, what problems are you solving for your clients and start there?

[00:04:29]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†What would you say to somebody who says, well, I don’t want to be negative, or I don’t want to make people feel bad about their problems?

[00:04:37]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Ooh, yeah. I mean, I think it’s all about how you talk about it, right? Like. At some point, it’s, it’s all about how you talk about it because there’s a difference between you don’t have this, and you’re wrong for it, or you’re bad for it, or like, something like that, versus like, hey, like, I see that you’re trying to do this, but here’s like what you’re missing, or here’s how we can make that next step happen for you faster, right?

So it’s, I think it’s really about tone and how you address it.

[00:05:06]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†I was like, my dog is barking. He agrees with you. He’s like, yes,

[00:05:10] Samantha Hoilett: I love

[00:05:11]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†I like a happy tone. This is a very family friendly podcast. All the animals are here. I can’t control him. He’s very demanding. Um, so let’s back up and talk about when you started. So when did you start your journey? When was it and what were you doing when You start as an entrepreneur.

And also, you’re a fellow person who is an American who lives abroad. So like, this is my new obsession is talking to people like me since now I’m one of these people.

[00:05:36]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Yeah, for sure. So I had a job in DC, USA, and that’s where I’m from. And in 2018, um, my, I wanted to quit my job anyway. It wasn’t lighting me up and my husband also wanted a change and he actually applied for a job in Uganda. And it was funny because. He was like, Oh, it’s just a six month contract. Like, I can just go and come back.

And I was like, No, I think I want to go with you. Like, let’s do it. And so while we were there, I decided, you know what? This is a great time to try to start a business. Like, you know, risk is low. I have all this time. No distractions. Like, and it ended up being like, yeah, where I ended up starting my business.

And that was back in 2018.

[00:06:22]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Isn’t it crazy? I started in 2019. I’m like, I can’t believe it’s been this long.

[00:06:27]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†I know. I’m like, wait, I didn’t even like I flew past my five year anniversary. I didn’t even think about it. Um,

[00:06:34] Andrea Elibero: need to

[00:06:34] Samantha Hoilett: but yeah,

[00:06:35] Andrea Elibero: We need to have a

[00:06:36]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†I know, I know, right? So, um, all I knew is, uh, it’s kind of like, I don’t have one of those like inspiring stories like, Oh, like, I like to, I wanted to like change the world with writing.

Like, I was just like, I don’t know. I love to write. I just, I loved it. I love like, The research side and the strategy side. Like, I thought that maybe I would work in like environmental, like NGO work, like charity work. So I just I’ve always been good at writing and it’s always been a skill that I’ve enjoyed using.

So I was like, maybe I can find a way to use that for my business. And yeah, now I love it. So at first it was just like content writing and like blog writing. And then I was like, No, I think I really I prefer when there’s like a real goal, like not that blogs don’t have a goal, but like really like sales oriented, like, um, so that’s when I got certified as a copywriter, and then it kind of just kept evolving from there.

[00:07:33]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†So in this evolution, because you went from writing copy to coaching and strategy, and now kind of a mixture of things. So if we go back to maybe your first evolution, can you talk about one is how you knew it was time to evolve? Same. This is important, right? Because a lot of people that kind of go and then they get into this like rut or like, you know, they don’t really know what to do from there.

So in your case, how did you know it was time?

[00:08:01]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Ooh, it’s such a good question.

[00:08:03] Andrea Elibero: dig deep on this podcast.

[00:08:10]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†I just knew that my skills were there, and I think there’s a level of, like, self belief and trust you have to have, like, you know, and also just taking action to get, like, for me, I, I got certified, so I, like, you know, took, like, a 20 hour course on copywriting, and that also kind of built my self belief, too, right, because now it was, like, okay, well, not only am I, do I believe that I’m good, but I’ve been certified, so now I know I’m good, and, um, Yeah, just like I think also having that mental shift of like, Oh, I can actually make my business real.

That was like my first very first shift

[00:08:46]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†That’s a good point, right? Because at first you’re like, okay, I’m going to do this. And like, I just want to make some money and not be at a job anymore. And like, and then you’re like, oh, wait, like it is true. That’s almost your first shift of like, wait, like I have a real business. Like, let me treat it like that.

Right. And like move into that role. Yes.

[00:09:05]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†of like, Oh, I should think more long term or more like even just bigger about what I’m capable of and what I want this business to do. And then I think the second shift is thinking about, like, first, you’re like, Okay, it’s possible for me to grow a business.

And I think the second shift is, Oh, I can build a business my way. And I think that’s the second shift where you’re like, Oh, I don’t have to do everything like that. I’m seeing online. I don’t have to follow, you know, X, Y, Z person strategy to a T. I can actually make this work. And I think that even where I am now in my business, it’s like, um, I’ve gone back and forth between like being a done for you copywriter to just doing consulting to now doing both.

It’s like never feel like you are stuck. I think it’s a beautiful thing about online business, too.

[00:09:56]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Yeah. And it sounds to me, when I’m listening to you, that maybe it has a lot to do with building confidence and trust in yourself, and that seemed to have been key.

[00:10:08]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Yeah, and the thing is, is like, I do believe that confidence comes from a combination of time and Client wins like just like seeing like, Oh, like I’m actually getting results from my clients. Oh, they’re seeing sales. Oh, this is working. That’s a huge confidence booster. But yeah, being able to also, um, trust yourself and know that.

Okay, even if something goes wrong or something doesn’t go the way you expected that it’s not a reflection of you. Um, and so I kind of keep Yeah, like it’s not being able to detach from that is like really massive.

[00:10:46]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†That’s true, because then it allows you the freedom and the flexibility to experiment. And to try things, and to not be like, this is my identity, because this is the thing that I offer, and people are going to think things of me if I don’t actually, you know, continue on this path. Because it’s funny, because you were like, oh yeah, I had a program, and then I was like, oh, I haven’t seen you talking about, like, I didn’t even realize you don’t do the program anymore, and you moved on to other things.

So, so yeah, like, it’s like, nobody pays as much attention to you, to us as we think, right? Like, we’re the ones that, that are the most critical, the most everything. So, I think that on the outside, like as an outsider, like seeing other people, like I get excited when people are shifting. I’m like, oh cool, they’re doing this new thing.

Whereas maybe like, like, if you’re the one doing it, you can think, oh, people know that I failed or like, you know what I mean? Or like come up with all these stories and whatnot. So it is a really, um, big, it’s a really important skill to do all of this internal mindset work and to grow the confidence and to really step into that and own the space and to.

like alongside allowing yourself permission to experiment and play. You know, because that’s where the fun ideas come and that’s when you actually get to be, when you actually become quote unquote successful or you’re happy with what you’re doing, which you’re like, Oh, let me play, let me do this and see what sticks and like, kind of treat it like that, you know?

So I think that’s a really important point.

[00:12:09]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Yeah. And I think that, like, people, it’s really easy to have, like, an iron grip on your business. Like, I know when I started, it was like, I have to spend every waking moment thinking about my business, working on my business, fixing it. Like, if I’m not doing that, that I’m not taking it seriously enough. And again, like, it comes with time.

But, You can start to talk yourself through it and be like, no, like you are just recreating all the horrible parts of your nine to five job. You are just taking all these patterns and just copy pasting them into your business. And it’s making your, your business suck. And like, if you want to be again, like shifting to that longterm mindset of like, if I really want to do this for the long run, I cannot spend all this time beating myself up.

I just need to think about like, what else, what else can I do to keep moving forward?

[00:12:58] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. And was there something in particular that helped you with that mindset shift or was it really just time and experience or a

[00:13:05]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Ooh, a lot of I’ve I definitely invest in a lot of coaching. Um, I feel like, you know, Just being able to talk through to somebody who is paying attention to your business, like business can be very lonely. Speaking of being an American abroad,

[00:13:24]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Oh, and you’re not in Uganda anymore. Let’s mention that.

[00:13:26] Samantha Hoilett: no, right? Yeah. So in 2021, I moved to Amman, Jordan.

Um, yeah, so that’s where I live now. So it’s been almost three years

[00:13:37] Andrea Elibero: Oh, cool.

[00:13:38]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†And yeah, I think that it, Being a business owner by itself can be isolating because, like, the people around you don’t necessarily get it. Even if they support you, it’s hard to understand. Um, and then being abroad is like another layer.

And, yeah, I think having coaching in a space to, like, talk to somebody about here’s what’s going on. Here’s where I’m stuck. What do I do? That was massive for me,

[00:14:02]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Yeah, and to normalize it, too. Like, I hear a lot from my clients, like, oh, or like when other people talk about the struggles they’re having, like, oh, I thought I was the only one dealing with this, and then you realize, like, no, it’s everybody. Like, every single person is dealing with very similar things along this journey.

And I think that’s also very reassuring as well. And then when you’ve gone through something that somebody else is struggling with and you get to help them, you’re like, Oh wait, you know, or like when I see clients do that, it makes me like, I’m like a proud mama bear. Who’s like, like, Oh yay. Like I see you growing.

I see it, you know? So, so it’s really like, so that’s part of why it’s really cool to be in community, you know, is to both see that. Yes. Like you get the help. You see other people are struggling with the same things and you all get to share and support each other. And it just feels so much better that way.

You know, and, and you’re like, okay, like this is, it’s not just what we see on Instagram, you know, like, like, you know, there’s things happening in the background. Mm

[00:14:59]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†sure. And even if like, you’re not in a season right now where coaching is like a good fit for you, like just getting out into the DMS and like replying to people’s stories, saying hi. Oh, your dog is cute. I know. I feel that way about your stories all the time, Andrea. So like, yeah, just like, I think also like, like when I go on instagram, I feel like I’m talking to my friends and like, yeah, am I like trying to like find my next client?

Absolutely. But like, I just feel like, um, I’m, I Still in community with other business owners. And like, that really helps, too, because you just feel like I’m talking to people who get it. And, yeah, we’re all just kind of like building our businesses. And it’s awesome.

[00:15:39]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†I feel like it and also doing like podcast interviews. I’m like, Oh, I get to like, like, this is the first time we’ve talked like we’ve been connected my Instagram forever. And if like, I’ve done like a program of your I’ve done like things with you like throughout the years and, and this is the first time or like one of the first times that we’ve like chatted.

I’m like, Oh, like, now she’s my best friend. And now like, I know, you know, I think so.

[00:15:59] Samantha Hoilett: Same.

[00:16:00]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†So yeah, so it’s cool. And also, I like what you said about Instagram, because I feel like a lot of people see it as like, I need to go on there to get clients, and like they, they create this, this, I don’t know, this like force field around it, that it’s like, not a place for fun, that it’s a place to get clients.

And although that’s true, it sounds like you treating it also as a place for community also helps you to get these clients. You know, because you’re showing up in this energy of fun and enjoying yourself on there.

[00:16:31] Samantha Hoilett: Yeah, and I think that, like, what was I gonna say?

I forgot what I was gonna say, but I think it’s just like this. There’s this energy of Like, okay, here’s what I was gonna say. When we run a business online again, like when I first started out, I was like, Oh, like, this is great. I don’t have to talk to anybody like I don’t have to, like, have co workers or like, you know, whatever.

Like, I’m just here to, like, sign clients, like you said, and Like, you kind of realize that, you know, when I look at even the last 10 clients I had, they were all people who Maybe came from like referrals or like, Oh, I heard about you or like, Oh, I watched your story about like this travel place that you went and then I stayed like connected to you.

So yeah, like, like truly remembering at the end of the day, like you’re always connecting with another person and that can be such an important and powerful starting point for a potential relationship in the future. Um, not that it needs to be super calculated, but just, yeah, like just remembering that your business.

Is built on relationships and with other people on whether you manage, like, whether you create those relationships through your content or through, um, referrals or like connections, it doesn’t matter. But at the end of the day, like people fuel your business. So I think keeping that in mind, too, because again, when I started out, I was like, Yeah, I don’t have to talk to anybody like this has been my introvert heart is so happy.

[00:18:05] Andrea Elibero: Same. Same.

[00:18:06] Samantha Hoilett: So, yeah.

[00:18:07]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Yeah. Yes, I 100 percent agree with you. And, and it’s funny too, because you think about like, like, for instance, even I think it was either today or yesterday, like on thread, somebody was looking for like a messaging or launch press, I remember, and I liked had view in it, you know, yeah, she does that.

So it’s like, like making these, authentic and real connections with people. And you’re like, oh yeah, this is my friend. Yeah, like, like, you know, you like happily refer them because you know that they’re good people. So really just treating everything like fun, I think, is amazing. So I want to shift a little bit into, into, so okay, so if I’m, let’s talk about me.

This is all about me for a second. So it took me, so, So, in the service provider realm, I kind of knew what I was, like, what I wanted to do, who I wanted to serve, like, almost immediately. And then the coaching realm, it took me a long time to find, like, the thing that, that lights me up and gets me excited and beyond just, like, you know, I started out. general like business coaching and then I was like okay let me talk about scaling and then it like kind of clicked all together like not that long ago and I was like, like no, like it’s actually about pivoting and that’s the thing that like that that like lights me up and people to make these new offer suites and like all these things that are aligned and like blah blah blah.

So like but it took me It felt like ages and like practice and, you know, just like, okay, let me go out there and find the thing to find like my thing. Uh, that’s like my messaging kind of focuses around. So I’m curious from your standpoint as like a messaging expert type person. Hmm. I don’t know. Like what are, either like maybe in your own journey or in your thoughts about like Is that a normal path?

Like, what different things do you see when people come and be like, okay, like, who am I? Like, what is the thing that I want to focus on? That was a really vague question, and I was like, but like, I didn’t really have a question at the beginning when I started, but I feel like there’s something in there that, like, you can speak to.

[00:20:05]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Yeah, for sure. I mean, messaging is one of those things that it’s so personal that the same way that we all have varied journeys and everything else, I feel like everyone’s on their own like messaging journey for some people. It’s a light bulb moment like they have one client who is just like, Oh, like, I just loved helping them.

I want to help all my clients do that. And for other people, it’s like, well, no, I can help so many people do so many different things. Like, how do I narrow it down? Um. And yeah, I don’t think there’s a wrong way to do it. And I think the biggest thing is to just, like, stay in motion. Like, I worry for my clients where I worry for people who just, um, stay, like, stuck on their messaging.

And it’s like, no, like, get out there, like, just start, like, Saying whatever, like say something like I rather you like show up messy with like unclear messaging so that you can start to figure out what that message is versus like, Oh, I’m just gonna like, you know, tinker with the same two words over and over in a Google Doc and not make any sales and not get any closer to like the clarity that you like or that light bulb moment that you really need.

So for me, it’s like, yes, absolutely. Like, I think messaging is one of those things that can accelerate your success. Like once you have. You know, like you said, for example, you figured out what you want to do. Okay, great. Now we could look at, like, going deeper into your messaging. But, like, first, find that clarity for yourself, feel it in yourself.

Like, this is exciting. This is what I want to do. I could talk about this for hours. And then it’s like, okay, maybe I can worry about, like, actually, like, getting it right, so to speak, um,

[00:21:45] Andrea Elibero: Or like talking about it in a way that, that, yeah, that like resonates with your people so they know how amazing you are. Right.

[00:21:52] Samantha Hoilett: for sure.

[00:21:52]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Yeah. So, so is it helpful? Let’s say if somebody is, is, what is the point where they should talk to you? Like, should they already have an idea or like, do you help to pull it out?

[00:22:05]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Yeah, I think so long as you have an offer, even if it’s like I have a one-on-one coaching with like six calls, like I like, even if you just have that, it’s like, okay, we are ready to take a look at it. If you feel like again, like you know who your audience is and you know who your offer is, that’s where we can start to connect the dot between the two.

And I think that’s like the gap that messaging really fills because a lot of people are great at connecting to their audience. Which means that you’re creating a lot of inspirational content. People say, Oh, I love you. Or like, Oh, like, I love your your profile and your content, but they don’t buy. Um, and then people like really selling their offer.

Here’s what it is and what’s included and why you need it. But they’re not like connecting the dot between the client and the offer and really showing them like, here’s how this offer will change your life. Here’s how this offer will grow your business, like,

[00:22:57]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†That’s such an important point and it’s so interesting because one can be really amazing at what you do, right, and you just like are not, and it’s like, and it can even be just like the small tweaks that make the biggest difference in connecting with people and having them like actually envision themselves in your offer and envision themselves like, Oh yeah, this is the person that can help me. Right? Like, is that what you find? Hmm.

[00:23:22]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†sure. And I think like a huge lightbulb moment for me was when I shifted from doing just done for you copy to offering messaging consults, um, because I was like, okay, like, firstly, I was like, what people will pay for just a call with me. That’s crazy. And then also I was like, well, how do I show them that this call is just as valuable as me writing copy for them?

Okay. And it was funny because I basically just took myself through my own messaging framework to be like, How do I actually talk about this? And I booked four in my first week of doing it. And I was like, Oh, light bulb moment.

[00:23:57] Andrea Elibero: Is that when you decided, like, this is my thing, like, this is what I want to be known for?

[00:24:02] Samantha Hoilett: Yeah. And also just like I just know that the best copy happens when you have bold messaging like, you know, fueling all of it.

[00:24:13]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Very fun. Very interesting. In your own personal journey, what are some of the biggest obstacles that you’ve had to overcome that you’ve done in growing your business?

[00:24:26]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Ooh, so many businesses. Just perpetual that way, isn’t it? Like so many. I feel like, um, definitely that first hurdle of, like, shifting from done for you. Copy to consulting and just feeling like almost worthy. Like, will people actually pay me to not? I think as a service provider, it’s hard to make that jump of like, well, when I’m a service provider, I can just literally hand them a done for you, finished, ready to go, deliverable, whereas with coaching or consulting, you’re kind of like, okay, I’m going to check in next week and hopefully they’ve made some progress.

Like, so feeling like it’s just a big shift in like, um, how you see the value of your work, I think.

[00:25:13]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Yeah, that’s a good way to put it because it’s not results like you said like you’re not giving them like here’s your thing like It’s done. It’s It’s harder to see the transformation and also you have to step away from from owning The results which is a big shift. Mm hmm

[00:25:33]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†For sure, because like, again, and like, at least as a copywriter, it was like, I’m going to write this to absolute perfection. I know that every word is like, perfect and strategized to a T. Like, there’s nothing you can, you can’t tell me anything. This is like, done, ready to go. Versus, yeah, like you said, it’s um, you have to also release your expectations of like, people get value out of working with you in a different way now and being okay with that.

[00:26:01] Andrea Elibero: Mm hmm

[00:26:04] Samantha Hoilett: so that was definitely one of them for sure.

[00:26:07]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Very cool. I think very common as well. And so I’m glad that you voiced that to be like, okay, like, and especially if people are thinking about it, then they know like, okay, this is what I have to think about now, you know, like, let me prepare myself. So it’s a really good point. The other thing is, so if we go back to the example of you letting your program go, how I, Did you personally make that decision of, okay, like I invested all this time, like I created this thing and now I’m going to move on from it and do something else.

[00:26:38]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Mm. I would say it’s on a hiatus. It’s not

[00:26:41] Andrea Elibero: Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah.

[00:26:42]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†but I did. But I did just Yeah, I started to feel like, um, to be honest, like what we’re talking about where, you know, I had I had a program where it was like a portal and calls and a community. And, you know, people were kind of showing up in the community and they were kind of showing up to the calls and I was like, Oh, like, is it me or is it them?

And like, when I did reach out to everybody, they were like, Oh, no, I love the program. But I was just like, Oh, but they’re not like checking in. They’re not like asking questions. So they must like not like it. And so I think I was getting in my own head, to be honest, of like, Oh, like, Something’s broken. And again, realizing that people get value out of it in different ways.

Like when I checked the portal, people had worked through it. I could see them implementing it on their socials. So like, things were working. Um, But yeah, I think that also, I like to travel a lot and having a weekly call on my program calendar just ended up being a lot for me. So yeah, these are things that again, like, I’m like, cool, it’s on a hiatus.

I’ll bring it back maybe in a different form that Um, Aligns to like my goals and it goes back to that shift we were talking about, about you can build a program your way. I built a program based on what I saw around me, which was like, like I said, a weekly call and that just didn’t work for me. I’m like, I’m going to Egypt this weekend.

Like I, you know, there’s always something and I know that I’m going to rebuild it to make it work for me.

[00:28:14]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†I think this was really important as well. Cause like, Um, like in my case, one of the first group programs I launched was we met twice a week for four weeks and the end. And I didn’t get to see or be involved deeply in the transformation. And I was like, no, but I don’t like this. I don’t, I don’t just want to give people information.

You know, like I want to be like there, I want to be like, you know, like in the trenches and, and providing deep work. And then I also had, and so this means that I don’t have In terms of like really low ticket, you know, because I’m like no like but I don’t like it So it’s like so I could say right that that oh, no I’m doing a disservice like if people like blah blah blah or like so or people might say like oh like their only way to work with her is to like do this like so, you know so much together and the answer is like Yes, because that’s how I work best, you know, and like, that’s what I enjoy the most.

So it sounds like in your case as well, you almost, you, it sounds like maybe you lost the passion for it because you like to see, like, maybe you also like to go deeper, or like, you know, there’s like things that like you weren’t getting that were also like making it fun for you to keep this program going.

So it’s really important too, to give yourself permission to be like, okay, like, this isn’t, Like, I’m gonna restructure. I’m gonna like, I’m gonna think about it. I’m gonna sit on it. Like, what I have is amazing. And also, I use a lot of the material that I created before, like, in my six month, like, group coaching that I’m doing now.

So, like, nothing is lost, right? Like, the work is not for

[00:29:41]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†I think that’s huge. Yeah, I think that’s such a huge thing to remember is like, I mean, I felt that way when I first, you know, closed the doors where I was like, Oh, like, what a huge, like, you know, library of stuff I’m just sitting on now. And it’s like, no, well, I now I just like, if a client needs a lesson, I’m like, Oh, here you go.

I have a whole, like, training on that. Like, no problem. It’s already made. So, yeah, like, nothing goes to waste in your business, especially when you run an online business. You can always find ways to like repurpose or like use or even just like maybe I’ll use everything again later Like nothing like you said nothing is lost.

[00:30:18]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Yeah, and I like that that you actually and it takes courage to to To make that shift and to make that transition and to have trust in yourself that okay I’m not doing this thing now and I’ve been almost like relying on this thing for so long Or it’s been the thing that I’m known for talk about and you’re just like doesn’t feel good anymore.

So now I’m going to do something else. So I think that that’s really cool. Um, your biggest tip. So somebody is transitioning, they want to pivot, they want to do something new. In, from your experience, what is just like the biggest thing that you could advise them on?

[00:30:55]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†I Think just Making a decision and sticking with it for like three months like almost like not letting yourself be You know, second guess or question or like you can, like, tweak it. But like, stay like, stick with it for three months. And I know that that can sound like an eternity. It’s like, well, if something’s not working, I don’t want it to not work for three months.

But the thing is, is if you stick with it, then you encourage yourself to look deeper and troubleshoot and, like, experiment versus like, Okay, I’m just gonna switch directions entirely. And then you’re really starting from zero. And like, you know, for example, I just launched a, well not launched, but I, I opened a new launch service and I, my goal is to promote it for three months and it’s like, we’re going to see how it goes.

I’m not judging myself. I’m not like, there’s no pressure. It’s like, this is a trial period. Like you again, like the ability to be neutral as you try something new. Um, it just makes your work a lot more fun because you’re not criticizing yourself constantly or like looking for reasons. It’s not working.

You’re just like, I’m on this train. I’m not getting off for three

[00:32:07]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†Being like having that conviction Yeah, and I like that. It’s like like this like 90 day no questions asked like we’ll see what happens after that but for three months like There’s no questions like period this is what I’m doing the end

[00:32:22]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Yeah, I feel like sometimes I tell myself like it’s funny because we always say, Oh, don’t repeat like patterns from your job. But sometimes I think about if I was like working in a business. And I wasn’t the boss. If I was working in a business and the boss said, try this for three months, you wouldn’t be like, going to your boss every day being like, it didn’t work today.

Like, you would just like, do your job

[00:32:45] Andrea Elibero: right

[00:32:46]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†and I feel like sometimes it’s good to have that energy of like, the boss said three months, like, almost like talking to yourself that way of like, it’s just it’s just the work that has to get done and you can check back in like, later.

[00:33:00] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, and I really love to like the removing the judgment the removing the pressure and just like Digging deeper, giving yourself time, and the other thing too is that, is that people need to get to know you for something.

[00:33:11] Samantha Hoilett: Yes.

[00:33:12]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†And you need to build this reputation, because if you just like talk about it twice, nobody’s gonna know about it.

So you want to be like the person, you know, who does this thing, and you can’t do that

[00:33:22] Samantha Hoilett: I call it like, yeah, I call it messaging momentum. Like, you have to actually build it

[00:33:27] Andrea Elibero: Mm hmm.

[00:33:28] Samantha Hoilett: or I think of like revving like an engine of like a lawnmower where you really just gotta like yank it a few times to get it going. Um, like it takes, it does take time. And if you are pivoting your entire brand and audience, expect it to take longer.

If you’re introducing a new offer again, like 1 to 3 months. And yeah, like letting people, and this is again where messaging is helpful, is like, well, how do I talk about the same thing for three months? When you’re clear on your messaging, it’s really easy, actually.

[00:33:59]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†When you have all these different, when you join a program of Samantha’s and she gives you 30 different ways to talk about it that you get to rotate through. Yes.

[00:34:08]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†That’s right.

Yes. It really helps to 

[00:34:12] Andrea Elibero: have all those different, to really like dive deep and pick out all these different angles and things and to talk about is, is, is really helpful in that case. So yes, amazing. So let everybody know where they can find you and stay in touch with you if you have any gifts or final parting words.

The stage is yours.

[00:34:30]¬†Samantha Hoilett:¬†Ooh, parting words is, yeah, let’s say hi on Instagram. I love, like I said, I love chatting with people. Um, I’m on Instagram at samanthahoylett. right. And I send out a weekly email called the Bold Messaging Diaries. And this is where I share tips and tricks on like your launch, your copy, your messaging, how to sell your offer.

Um, and yeah, that’s it. Ha,

[00:34:54]¬†Andrea Elibero:¬†your email is probably one of like three or maybe four that I look forward to reading. So of course it’s always from the copywriters, people know how to write. So yes, it’s, it’s useful and interesting. So good job with your skills.

[00:35:10] Samantha Hoilett: Yes.

[00:35:12] Andrea Elibero: Thank you so much for being here and for sharing your wisdom with everybody.

[00:35:17] Samantha Hoilett: Thank you, too. And thanks, everybody.