Soulpreneur Scaling Stories Podcast: 26. From General Virtual Assistant to Content Repurposing Agency Owner | Felly Day

Are you a VA or service provider who’s ever dreamed of running your own thriving agency? Well buckle up, because you’re about to hear the wild story of Fellt Day, an “unprofessional entrepreneur” who took her business from Craigslist gigs to a full-blown content repurposing agency.

In this episode, Felly spills all the juicy details on her rollercoaster scaling journey – from getting her start as a general Virtual Assistant making $10/hr on Craigslist, to rapidly scaling to a 16-client agency with 5 team members (that promptly “imploded” on her 🤯), to finally finding her sweet spot in content repurposing.

You’ll walk away with a newfound appreciation for the messy, non-linear path to entrepreneurial success. Felly gets brutally honest about her mistakes (like drastically underpaying herself), the “quarter-life crisis” that made her rethink everything, and how she clawed her way back to build the biz of her dreams.

We covered some juicy topics, including:
🇫🇷 Felly’s love-hate relationship with living in the south of France 
😫 How she overcame the “quarter-life crisis” that caused her business to “implode” – and the powerful inner work that got her back on track
✨ The game-changing strategies she implemented to systemize her offers and team processes, making her agency wayyy more efficient (and way less stressful!)

Whether you’re a VA, service provider, or aspiring agency owner, this episode is packed with hard-won lessons and inspo to help you navigate the twists and turns of running an online business. Grab a pen and paper – you’re gonna want to take notes on this one!

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[00:00:00] Andrea Elibero: Andrea here, your host and passionate business coach and scaling strategist for Soulful Service Providers and Coaches. Welcome to another episode of Soulpreneur Scaling Stories. Have you ever wanted to look behind the curtain of your fellow entrepreneur’s business to see what actually went into scaling it?

Well, you are in for a treat because that’s exactly what we are doing here. In each episode, we will be uncovering the truth behind the lessons and the stories behind what it truly takes for sole preneurs to scale their businesses intentionally. I’m hoping that their stories will help you to unlock the true potential of your business so you can create your own soulful, abundant and aligned laptop lifestyle through intentional scaling.

So whether you’re just starting out on your scaling journey or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur seeking inspiration, this episode has something incredible in store for you. Are you ready to rise, grow and create? Create a business that fully supports your dream life. Well, let’s dive in before we begin.

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 Hello, hello. So today we have Feli Day, who is an unprofessional entrepreneur joining us today to share her scaling story. Thank you so much, Feli, for being here.

[00:01:27] Felly Day: Thank you so much for having me.

[00:01:30] Andrea Elibero: Okay, so let’s get into it. So introduce yourself and please tell everybody what your business looks like today.

[00:01:39] Felly Day: Okay. Um, so my name’s Ellie. I, I currently run a content repurposing agency, meaning that all we do is repurpose content.

Um, and we work with established entrepreneurs who want to be showing up on multiple platforms, but like can’t be bothered to create all the content or just have been in the business for so long.

They have so much content collecting dust that they. are ready to give someone else the job of digging through it and pulling out the gems. Um, I’m like, that’s, that’s my business. I’m like living in the south of France. Don’t love it. But originally from

[00:02:22] Andrea Elibero: Okay, tell me, wait, we’re going to get, yeah, let’s get back to your business in a second. Yeah, why don’t you love the south of France? Okay, how did you end up in the south of France from Canada one and two? Why don’t you love it?

[00:02:35] Felly Day: Um, okay, so I am, was a traveler, and I ended up in Mexico during the pandemic, and I met my now husband, the Frenchman, who is from France, so we are here getting married, like, yeah, we’re getting married in September, so basically here. to get married, and then I would like to leave. But, it’s, I’m like, maybe other parts of France would be completely different, but where we’re living, it’s like, where he grew up.

And it is middle of nowhere, very, very small town, like, thankfully I’m fluent in French, because otherwise I would be like a hermit, but it’s just, it’s people who have never left this region, and I am someone who’s been traveling since I was 17, so I just like, I have no community here whatsoever, and it’s

[00:03:30] Andrea Elibero: right.

[00:03:31] Felly Day: not my place.

[00:03:32] Andrea Elibero: a, but I mean, it’s good to know that and it sounds like you’ll be able to escape soon enough. Like you’ll, you’ll have plans. Escape plans. I’ve been, it’s so funny because as somebody who’s moved.

to another country. I feel like I’ve been like connecting with so many other people who have done this and before I moved to another country, like, I didn’t.

And so I’m just like, oh, like, I don’t know. It’s like this fun little community of online business owners who get to do things like travel around and live in different places and things like that, which is really interesting. And although you don’t love where you live, I’m sure it has been, I don’t know, it’s been character building perhaps, and you’ve learned, learned things.

So it’s. They’re interesting experiences.

[00:04:15] Felly Day: I’ve learned that I am not patient. Before I would have said I was patient, but like living here, I’m just like, no, I have no time for it. I’m ready for the year to be done and for me to live somewhere else.

[00:04:29] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. Well. I will wish you well. I’m sure that you’ll make it happen. It’ll be good . So let’s get back to your business journey. When, okay, so now you’re doing content repurposing. You have this agency, this is, this is it. This is what you do. I would love to hear about how we got to this place. So when and, and what, like what was your business when you started it?

What did it look like? How did you get into that?

[00:04:54] Felly Day: Yeah, so I got started as a general VA. I basically would take any work because I just knew that I wanted to get out of Canada and like not have to rely on a job that required people in person. So I found VA work, started as a VA, quickly turned into a content writer. Like, niche, um, and then that expanded into a content agency, which then niched down into content repurposing.

Because at the end of the day, I believe that repurposed content makes the best content if you want to outsource it. It’s just, I ran into so many roadblocks trying to create content for people. with a blank slate every single month, right? And so it got to the point where I was asking people, like, do you have something for me to work off of?

And then that turned into like, well, this is just repurposing. And so, yeah, that’s how it came to be.

[00:05:52] Andrea Elibero: And you know what, um, what you were saying reminded me of, because a lot of people, and I don’t know how, I don’t know the percentage now. I know like back a few years ago it was so common to just be like, okay, I’ll hire somebody, have them write everything. And now, thankfully, I feel like there’s more of a focus on authenticity and people just showing up as themselves.


As somebody who was just writing content for people, I can’t imagine like having to take on their voice, you know, like all of these things that are just so nuanced about them and their business and things like that, that like, I actually really love the this content repurposing because there’s so much out there that you’ve already done.

And then it’s like you kind of feel like sometimes you write these things and it takes you 30 minutes, an hour, and then like three people see them and then you never do it again, you know? Like, they’re like, it’s nice to, to feel like, okay, at least I’m making the most out of these, like, things that I put my heart and soul into.

[00:06:49] Felly Day: Yeah, definitely. And it’s like, like you said, you could spend half an hour and then post it and then never touch it again. But that doesn’t mean that everyone in your audience saw it. That doesn’t mean like the message hit the first time, right? So, there’s so much to be said about like repeating yourself and just like re sharing the same message over and over and over again so that people get to know you, get to know your brand, and get to know your offers.


[00:07:17] Andrea Elibero: let’s talk about your journey in terms of, was it a smooth ride in terms of like general, yay, to content, to the, she made a face, that was really funny, uh, to this agency that’s repurposing. Talk about that, because I love these stories, uh, because it’s so normal, you know, to be, for it to be a bumpy ride, and nobody talks about the bumps, and so I love to hear, like, the actual journey part of it.

[00:07:40] Felly Day: I,

[00:07:40] Andrea Elibero: Like what’s the first thing, yeah, like that comes to mind and I’m like, okay, like

[00:07:44] Felly Day: I signed my first client, August, 2019, and that was like a client through, um, what’s it called Craigslist actually, which is like

[00:07:58] Andrea Elibero: Oh Wow, wow Mm hmm. Mm

[00:08:02] Felly Day: but it was like general VA, like 10 hours a month, just doing like random tasks, like engaging in a Facebook group, clearing the emails. Then I had a few more clients like trickle in through referrals, through like a program that I joined.

And that’s when I want to say like by November, December of 2019, I was already leaning more towards like content specific, marketing specific tasks as a VA.

[00:08:31] Andrea Elibero: hmm.

[00:08:32] Felly Day: by March 2020, I had 10 clients and 2 team members. And by June 2020, I was like a full agency. We had like 16 clients at one point with 5 team members and it was just so overwhelming. And it was

[00:08:53] Andrea Elibero: know, it’s so funny


I did the same thing because I feel like I thought when you’re a VA That’s like all you know to do is like, well, I’m getting all of these clients so I’ll bring on some subcontractors and

[00:09:05] Felly Day: I’ll just keep going.

[00:09:06] Andrea Elibero: but Yeah, oh my god, but it’s terrible. Like for me anyways, it was like, no.

[00:09:11] Felly Day: Well, and like, I always say like the biggest mistake I made was that I was doing hourly work

[00:09:17] Andrea Elibero: Yep,

[00:09:18] Felly Day: and I definitely wasn’t charging enough. Like I was basically giving my team members like 75%. And then, like, having nothing left over for myself at the end, but not understanding why I wasn’t making any money.

[00:09:34] Andrea Elibero: What’s going on? Yeah, and it’s a lot of work, like people don’t understand because it’s like your name, so you want to make sure everything is right. So you know, so you’re like checking, answering questions, like having to like, Relay. At least that’s what I did. I dunno, people do it differently, like relay the tasks, like these different things.

So it was actually a lot more

[00:09:50] Felly Day: doing the back and forth between client, team member, reviewing what the team member does, go back to the team member to edit it, back to the client to deliver it, back to the team member with review. Like, yeah, it was Not at all streamlined like it could have been and it definitely like took me a minute to figure that out

[00:10:07] Andrea Elibero: Mm-Hmm. . Mm-Hmm. . Okay. So then what happened after that?

[00:10:11] Felly Day: Um, basically my business like imploded And I like lost sense of direction I started like selling one on one selling like random things Still having agency clients but not focusing on it because I didn’t know what my offers were I didn’t know what I wanted to do and by the beginning of 2022 I decided to like niche it You Only to content repurposing like before I’d kind of been like, yeah, we do copywriting.

Yeah, I’ll help you with your sales page Yeah, I’ll help you like set things up like, you know, just being a yes, man and so then Beginning I want to say late 2021 like maybe even December to beginning 2022 is when I was like no Like, I’m gonna create packages, we’re gonna specifically do content repurposing, I’m gonna ditch because I had like, Pinterest, a Pinterest manager, a tech VA, and it was like, these are, I don’t have actual work for these people, so like, I’m gonna like, restructure my team. And then yeah, by the end of 2022, I had the business that I have now where it was like streamlined and systemized and lots of it automated as well, but

[00:11:22] Andrea Elibero: so I wanna get into that a little bit because. What led to, aside from the implosion, what was, like, was there a, like, straw that broke the camel’s back type of a situation? You’re like, no, I can’t do this anymore. And, and do you recall how you made the decision to go where you actually ended up?

[00:11:40] Felly Day: so like, I always say like June 2020 and it’s like when I kind of broke down, and I think I just, you know, like you were striving to hit a goal for so long, like I wanted to build a business that I could leave Canada so that I could live outside of the country. self sustain myself. And so I got to the point where I was making good enough money, like three to five K a month living in Mexico. I was fine, you know? And then I just kind of hit this wall of like, well,

[00:12:11] Andrea Elibero: Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

[00:12:13] Felly Day: And like, what am I doing with my life? And like, just whole like, you know, quarter life crisis. Like, basically. And, yeah, and it took me, like, all of 2021. Like, therapy, journaling, like, mindset work, self discovery, testing offers to, like, figure out what was wrong, like why I wasn’t happy.

And then it kind of took me all of 2022 to like get back to like my messaging, my offers, like to like rebuild what I had originally built in 2019 before I like imploded. But I wanted, like, I would say it was, it was me that kind of broke down more than like the business itself broke down.

[00:13:03] Andrea Elibero: Mmm, I think it’s really important too that you’re breaking down the timeline because I feel like people Like just see people online and it just that seems it looks like oh one day They just have this thing and it’s amazing and everything is is aligned and like they know every you know Like but that’s not it takes it’s a journey.

We have really similar journeys because it took me Like on the coaching side of my business. It took me like A year and a half, maybe more, to figure out, like, what I actually want to offer. And, you know, like experimenting and playing around and be like, who am I? What am I doing? And, and it is a journey, you know?

So I think it’s important to normalize that, that it’s not something necessarily that you just wake up one morning and you’re like, this is who I am, and I’m going to launch this thing and create these packages, you know? Like,

[00:13:49] Felly Day: have a content repurposing agency. We’re about to hit five years, but like, the first two years, that’s not what I was doing.

[00:13:56] Andrea Elibero: Right, right, right. Um, and I also think the other thing you said that was important, was that it was you behind it. That was the one that kind of broke down, needed to rebuild before you could even rebuild your business to what it was. It should be your what felt like much better for you. And to me, this is really important because it’s true because we are, our business is a reflection of us.

And if we’re not in a good space, like it takes, it’s a, it’s a healing journey on its own. You know, it’s like a whole personal development, self growth journey to have a business in the first place. So, We do have to work on all of the, like it forces us in a way to work on all of these things because we’re relying on our business for our survival.

And we also have to be right, like in a good place in order to, to carry it, to like carry the weight of our business. So all those things are really important. So thank you for sharing that.

[00:14:52] Felly Day: Yeah,

[00:14:52] Andrea Elibero: You look like you had something else to like,

[00:14:54] Felly Day: you know. I was just thinking like I was definitely in like a major life transition like 2020. Was it 2020? Yeah, like I went from like 25 to like, like mid 20s to late 20s. And it was kind of like this period in my life of like, okay, like, I’m done with like the gig work, the casual work, the seasonal work, bopping around, travel till I run out of money and go back to Canada.

Like it was like, I want to like make my own money so I don’t have to return, but also Am I going to build a home base? Like, what, what’s my future looking like? Because I feel like in my early twenties, I was very much just like, go with the flow. Like once this job ends in six months, I’m going to travel till I run out of money and then I’ll find another job, you know?

And then it was like, I met my now husband. I was living in Mexico and it was kind of like, where is my life going? And I just couldn’t figure it out. And because I couldn’t figure that out, I couldn’t envision what I even wanted from my business.

[00:15:58] Andrea Elibero: Hmm. This is such a good point, because how can you, right? Like, how can you know what you want your business to look like if you don’t know, you know, like, oh, do I want to be, like, stable in a home and, like, work these certain hours? Because that’s a different bit, like, be on calls, do, you know, whatever. Like, that’s a different setup than if you’re like, oh, no, I just want to work in the background and not do anything and be totally free.

Like, you know what I mean? Like, this is a different, totally different businesses. And then if you set one up and decide you want your life to look the other way, then you’re like, well, wait, you know, like, what do I do now? And things like that. So,

[00:16:31] Felly Day: it’s like, am I gonna be traveling and changing time zones? Like, can I even schedule calls? Or am I gonna be with a home base that I can have calls certain days of the week? No problem. Like, where’s, also, Mexico, like, did not have stable Wi Fi, so it’s like, like, how do I, what’s my, Like backup plan for the fact that Wi Fi goes out constantly or the fact that like some days It’s just there’s no Wi Fi in town because there’s strong wind, you know, and it was like am I staying here?

Am I not staying here? and of course like the fact that it was like 2020 2021 like that also played into the uncertainty of it because Borders were closed and I couldn’t travel. So there was there was a lot of unknown factors And, like, me liking control wanted to, like, figure out the factors, but it wasn’t for me to figure out, like, I didn’t know I was going to marry my boyfriend, I didn’t know if the borders were ever going to open again, like, I couldn’t decide.

[00:17:30] Andrea Elibero: did you deal with that? How did you, what was the process of you actually giving up the control of this? And what did that look like?

[00:17:37] Felly Day: know what? It, it wasn’t even, like, a matter of me working to give up control, it was me working to release shame. Because I felt so much shame for not knowing, and like, not having clarity on my life, and like, not having direction, and it was just like you know, like you had all those expectations. Like I was like 26, 27, 20, almost 28.

And I was like, I thought I’d be married. I thought I’d have kids. Like I thought I would have like a house, money in the bank. Like here I am like renting random places in this beach town in Mexico. Like I don’t have a real job by like Canadian definitions. I never went to university. Like what was I thinking?

Like it’s too late, you know, like the sky is falling kind of thought process. But like when I let go of like, All of that shame that I was putting on myself based on, like, things that I honestly don’t even believe.

[00:18:36] Andrea Elibero: Right.

[00:18:36] Felly Day: It kind of, yeah, like society’s beliefs, but not my beliefs, right? And so it’s like, what do I actually believe?

And what do I actually want? So, there was a lot of journaling. A lot of journaling and a lot of therapy.

[00:18:52] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, but it’s so interesting though, because these are all the things that like you’re speaking to my soul. Because I’m like, yes, because these are, you know, all of the things that I talk about with my clients, because it’s so important, you know, like, what do you actually want? And and all of that. And I love that you did all of this, like therapy and journaling work, journaling work, and then what came from it was a business that you actually really love.

One that was set up properly with systems and things,

[00:19:18] Felly Day: Yes.

[00:19:18] Andrea Elibero: like.

[00:19:19] Felly Day: set up properly the second time.

[00:19:21] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, so it just really speaks to how important all the inner work is for your business, you know Yeah. So speaking of setting up your business properly, tell me what, how, so having the experience of having a business, I’m not gonna say set up improperly, but set up in a way where it just wasn’t systematized, was a little bit chaotic.

What did you do the second time around? Because now you have an agency, you still have an agency, so you still have people, you are more focused on your offers. So what did it look like and what did you have to do the second time around to set it up in a way where it felt much better?

[00:19:55] Felly Day: I feel like the first thing is that I systematized my offers. Like before if someone came to me, if someone signed a contract, like we would start when they signed the contract. And I like didn’t really have like turnaround times established. It was kind of like, well, what are we working on right now for me to tell you how long it’ll take?

And I also like, in terms of hiring, I didn’t have like, Things very clearly laid out for my team members to come in and like know what I was working for So there would be kind of like months of back and forth feedback of like this is how I want it done This is like the standards that I expect like this is our processes, right?

and so It was like a twofold thing of like putting the sops in place for team And getting clear and systematizing the offer. So like now if you sign the contract whenever you sign the contract We start on the first of the month And content gets delivered to you on the 15th of the month. So like that way, you know, like you have this two week delivery time, you know, when I need the content from you, you know, when you’re getting the content delivered from me, I have like rules on when I need revisions by to be able to like get everything ready for the next month.

So like those two things were really important in, in bringing my business back and having it like actually work without, uh, Driving me crazy.

[00:21:22] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. And as, you know, also I do like, also OBM, so like you’re speaking my, my other love language, right? Which is all the systems of the organization and all of that stuff. And, yes, as somebody who has managed many a team, um, I cannot tell you. I actually have, uh, have a recent client who I had come on and the SOP that supposedly existed did not, like, terrible.

And I’m bringing on a new VA and training her and we’re both like, no idea how to do any of this, you know, because there’s no SOP there. Yeah, so I had to take, and then it’s a burden, you know, because then the business owner has me. Like, is paying for me, managing my time to then go back and like, retrain and do all these things that weren’t set up properly the first time, whereas if the SOP existed as it, like, as it should have, it would have been a much easier and smoother onboarding process.

Her clients would have been served better. You know what I mean? Like, it all just like,

[00:22:18] Felly Day: It, it waterfalls down, right? And it’s like a big part of it for me when it came to actually putting real SOPs in place was understanding what I should be putting in an SOP. You know, like I think my first SOPs were like, this is how you write a caption. This is how you, but I’m like hiring a content writer, they know how to write content.

I’m not hiring if you don’t know what you’re doing, right? Like, so it was more of like, this is, this is when content is due. This is how you deliver content. This is where you put it. This is what you, this is like how you format it. Here’s an example. Like, And changing those SOPs to like that, of like, this is what I’m going to be looking for when I review your content.

That’s when hiring became so much easier. I think I went through like three content writers before I got to the one that I have right now. But like every time it was kind of like, okay, I can see like, You’ve read the SOP and like you’re doing what I’m asking. Like if you’re like actually to the standard that I’m looking for, you know, like it was like, it made the process so much easier versus before where I was kind of like shooting in the dark almost like with my hires of like, are you not getting it?

Cause I didn’t explain it clearly. Are you not getting it because I’m missing something? Like, are you

[00:23:37] Andrea Elibero: Yeah

[00:23:37] Felly Day: have hired you? Like what’s it, what’s the

[00:23:40] Andrea Elibero: right. Yeah. Yeah, but that’s such a good point though, because this is true, right? Because you don’t know like, is it my fault? Because a lot of the time it’s the business owners fault and they don’t realize, because you’re like, I don’t know what you want from me, you know, as the person that they’re being hired and you probably experienced this as a VA.

like people not giving clear expectations, clear boundaries, clear directions, and then you feel like you messed up. But really, it’s on them to communicate what they’re actually looking for and to provide actual instructions and guidance. So, and for those listening, if you’re creating us, if you’re like, Oh, I need to create some SOPs.

The point is, is that anybody should be able to step in and follow the SOP and be able to carry out the task. Like, period. This is the whole purpose, so, and it just makes your life, it takes a minute, it takes time to do all of these things, right, like, there were some eye rolling, but like, yeah, it takes, it takes, it takes time.

[00:24:36] Felly Day: doing it.

[00:24:37] Andrea Elibero: Yes, it takes time to have like don’t think like oh in a weekend I’m gonna have all my SOPs in place like no This is like an ongoing process and it takes a minute that plus I mean in my case You know what? I always advise is to have these things in the project management tool and all that stuff And then on the other side even just having like systematizing your offers like oh my heart like please like like You want to be able to scale and grow and have your life flow, like have your offers, have a process, have boundaries, be like, this is what I’m doing because it makes your life so much better.

And your client, and then you also, you look like, uh, an authority, you know, you look like, like, this is my business. I know what I’m doing and this is how I operate. And you hired me to tell you what to do, right? Like, not like catering to the whims of everybody else. Cause you’re the expert, like you’re the content person, right?

Say like, you should tell them what to do, no?

[00:25:32] Felly Day: Which is funny though, because like, I feel like the first two years in business, it didn’t even know that you could systematize an offer. Do you know? Like, it was like, I didn’t realize that I was missing this thing. I just knew that things weren’t working. And so it was like, um, I joined the, I joined a, uh, mastermind for like agency owners.

And I don’t know why it took me two years to join a mastermind for agency owners, but like, yeah, it was like, that’s where I like, learned about SOPs and, um, and like, just like how to build an offer that can be like, delivered to a large amount of people without. everything falling through the cracks, you know, so it, it definitely like opened my eyes to a lot of things that I just like had no idea because I’d been learning from coaches who were doing like one on one coaching or like group coaching programs, you know, and like, they just didn’t actually do done for you to be able to like explain what I was missing with my done for you offers.

[00:26:37] Andrea Elibero: Okay, we need to pause on this because this, this is the importance of working with somebody who is like a lot of people like, Oh, I want to work with this coach because they’re big and famous or like whatever, you know, they’re, they, they promised the sun, moon and the stars to whoever, but unless they actually know what your business is, you’re not going to get anything from them.

[00:27:01] Felly Day: Yep.

[00:27:01] Andrea Elibero: like, like, like you’re not going to so like, uh, thank you for for sharing this because Working with coaches, right? Like, okay, like they work with other coaches like great They can tell other coaches how to run their business But unless they actually know how to run an agency a done for you business unless they’ve been in the trenches What are they going to tell you?

They don’t know. And I also find it fascinating that they, like, couldn’t tell you about, like, SOPs and, like, structure. Like, it’s just so interesting to me. Just, I guess, maybe because to me it’s so obvious, because this is, like, you know, what I do, right? Like, but, like, I find it fascinating that, that they missed that whole part of it.

And, and the importance of, you’re like, okay, I want to run an agency. This is what I’m doing. So I found somebody who is specific to what I’m looking to do. And that’s what turned everything around for you. Mm

[00:27:50] Felly Day: Because I think like a coach that has team members, whether they have an OBM or a VA, That person isn’t doing client focused work. That person is supporting the entrepreneur. And so the work that they do is so different. It’s like, it’s not front facing a lot of the times unless they’re doing like customer support inbox.

But when it’s like, I need you to create on behalf of me. Like, that’s where it’s like, if you’re outsourcing to a social media manager, it’s not the same as bringing someone onto your team, right? So, the SOPs that you have in place are so different, and it’s, it did, like, yeah, it’s, it’s, like, mind blowing, and then I, I knew it and know it now of like, you should hire people who are doing what you want to be doing, but it’s like more specific than just, I want to be living and traveling the world.

It’s like, I want to be doing an agency and not coaching,

[00:28:48] Andrea Elibero: Right. Right. Right. Exactly. Yeah.

[00:28:50] Felly Day: because even afterwards I hired, I hired someone for one on one that is like a one on one coach and I was just like, you don’t get it. Like, you don’t, you don’t have, we have such different business models. It’s like, you, the problems that I have come up, like, you’ve never dealt with

[00:29:10] Andrea Elibero: hmm. So important. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Totally. Really, really important things to share. So, yeah. Thank you. So now that you went through this mastermind, you set up your program, you know, you set up the everything. How is it? Like, what is your day? Like, what, explain for people who are maybe interested in the agency model.

What does your day look like? And like, what are you focused on? Um, are you enjoying it more now that it’s set up correctly? Because I don’t know if like, for me, I was like, no, agency is not for me. Cause I was like, I had a bad experience, you know, like, but you had the same one and then you stuck with it.

So I’m curious to know, so what is it like now?

[00:29:51] Felly Day: It is so different. I mean, like, because of the setup we have of like, start creating on the 1st, deliver on the 15th. Basically, if there’s no revisions after the 15th, like, we don’t have work, so I kind of only work like the first two weeks of the month, which is great,

[00:30:09] Andrea Elibero: hmm.

[00:30:10] Felly Day: um, and And yeah, like I have my business set up to the point where I don’t usually do any client work.

I have a content writer that does all of the written repurposing, so she does like emails, blogs, social media content, and then I have a video editor that does Either like chops up YouTube videos, makes b roll video videos, like stock photo videos, whatever, using content that they’ve already created, right?

So, basically, the first of the month, I make sure that my team has everything they need to get created around like 7th, 8th. It gets sent to me to review. If I have revisions, I give it to them. And then the 15th, it goes to the clients.

[00:30:57] Andrea Elibero: What a beautiful

[00:30:58] Felly Day: Depending on how many clients I have, I probably do like Two to three hours of work at the first of the month, and like two to three hours of work at the 15th of the month, and that’s my business, like it’s, it’s so easy, it’s like ridiculous sometimes, and I’m just like, why did I take so long to build it like this? What was I doing? Yeah,

[00:31:25] Andrea Elibero: There was a journey there. You had to learn all the things. And then what about on the marketing side? So are you spending a lot of time, or are your clients ones that stay on? Are they the retainer clients? Are there projects? Or like, like in terms of marketing and getting new clients, how are you?

Or like, what are you looking to do also? So two parts. One is like, I have a lot of questions. So we’ll do the first one. So yeah.

[00:31:47] Felly Day: what am I doing for marketing?

[00:31:49] Andrea Elibero: Um, yeah. And like, what’s your goals? You know, like, so, and like, are your clients staying on with you? Hmm. Hmm. Okay.

[00:31:57] Felly Day: to get more clients. I would like to have somewhere between seven to 10 clients at a time. I currently have like four to five this month, April, whenever, whenever you’re listening. Um, and currently we have people on retainers. three month retainers. I would, well, I like the idea of extending that, especially because I plan to take September off for my wedding.

Um, and then I have a wedding in the US in October. So it’s kind of like, it would be really nice for me to like get some six month contracts in place. So right now I’m like really in the like lead generation phase. I am all the time on threads because that’s where I’m seeing 90 percent of my clients come from right now.

And It’s like people come into my world on threads, I talk to them on Instagram, they listen to my podcast, and then they sign.

[00:32:51] Andrea Elibero: Hmm.

[00:32:52] Felly Day: right now my marketing is my podcast and threads, and I’m in the process of setting up a 9 grid for my Instagram, so I don’t have to post. Um, and then once that,

[00:33:06] Andrea Elibero: are all about simplicity

[00:33:08] Felly Day: yeah, yeah, and like once my 9 grid is done, my next project is to try and be, um, consistently on Pinterest.

To be driving like through my especially because of the podcast, right? So because I have the podcast It’s like I have so much content that I can be driving people back to my website and just increasing my traffic so Yeah, like i’m kind of like removing myself from instagram except for the dms and Going more long form in my marketing. But yeah, i’m like seeing really good traction from threads So i’m pretty confident that by june i’ll be able to like book out my agency You And then just be like, nurturing to get people continuing like, either a waitlist or like, another content writer, like, depends, like. How I feel like what I want to manage

[00:33:59] Andrea Elibero: Right. Yeah. I love that. And the, the marketing aspect you have going on is really interesting too, because I feel like on my end, that’s like an area that I’m still playing around with, you know, is like, because it’s the same, almost like setting up your business as it is, then it’s like, okay, now how do I market my business and what feels good to me and all of those things.

So how did you land on threads as like the place where you were?

[00:34:21] Felly Day: Because I started 2024 Thinking that I was going to replace instagram with linkedin I was like i’m gonna go for linkedin so many people talk about linkedin for done for use for service providers for freelancers and I personally have never liked engaging on LinkedIn and that’s always kind of been my, my downfall with it.

And so I was like, I’m gonna like give it an honest go. I’m gonna give it like the three months and then Europe accepted Threads because when Threads first came out, I was like, so gung ho. But then because I live in Europe, I blocked it. Because of all their privacy laws. So Europe re ha launched Threads, basically.

And within January, I think I’d gained like 300 new followers on Threads, like hit a thousand followers on Threads. And my Instagram started to grow because of Threads, where like before my Instagram like almost never grew. And I was just seeing so much traction. I think when I did my analytics in February, Threads was second traffic driver behind Instagram.

And I was just like, okay, one month of like not even intentionally posting on this new platform and it’s already surpassing the platform I’ve been on for five years. Like I’m ditching my plan to go for LinkedIn and I’m going to threads.

[00:35:48] Andrea Elibero: you have a strategy on threads?

[00:35:51] Felly Day: I do. And I literally just launched a, or launched, dropped

[00:35:57] Andrea Elibero: Yeah.

[00:35:58] Felly Day: episode last week that shares it.

[00:36:00] Andrea Elibero: Promote it.

[00:36:01] Felly Day: So if anyone wants to look at the Unprofessional Entrepreneur, it’s episode 79. Um, but it’s a combination of posting your own threads, engaging with other people’s threads and like being the type of person that people tag you in threads.

Like literally when we, when you like popped on this call, I was just tagged in someone’s post that was like, I need someone to repurpose my podcast, blah, blah, blah. And like people will just tag me all the time. Um, Like anytime there’s anything talked about repurposing, like I get tagged. And because of that, I get an influx of followers.

I get client leads, you know? And so there’s, there’s so many things I could say about like how to like maximize your reach on thread, but yeah,

[00:36:49] Andrea Elibero: But we’ll go listen to the, to the podcast episode and yeah, and learn all that.

[00:36:54] Felly Day: because it’s, there’s a lot.

[00:36:57] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, that’s awesome. That’s really cool. I haven’t talked to anybody yet who’s been like super into threads like personally. So, so thank you for sharing that. That’s really cool. Okay, so the last thing through all of this, what is your top scaling tip that you would have for somebody looking to grow their business?


[00:37:21] Felly Day: to say content repurposing, which is like kind of ironic because it’s what I do, but like, obviously I believe in it. And I think as you get bigger, as you have more ambitious goals or like whatever it is that you’re aiming for with your scaling, repurposing is a really great tool because You have all that content already created from when you first started.

A lot of your messaging needs to be repurposed or needs to be repeated and Also, it’s a good time when you’re scaling to diversify the platforms You’re showing up on like whether you want to be on Instagram and LinkedIn or you want to launch a podcast or you want to Be more active on your blog or email list to be able to go through that old content and like pull out the most popular content the ones that have the Messaging that you know people need to hear again and again Repurposing makes scaling so much easier, in my opinion.

[00:38:18] Andrea Elibero: Awesome. Well, thank you so much for all of that. I loved, I love hearing these journeys and hearing, you know, it’s just very inspiring for other people I feel like as well and to hear different things that people are doing and that’s beyond this like, I’m just a, I’m in VA and I’ll do whatever you want, you know, to like make like a business, like, like it’s amazing.

Um, so let everybody know how they can stay in touch with you, whatever else you want to share. How can we do that?

[00:38:43] Felly Day: Yeah, so you can find me on Instagram, find me on threads, find me on LinkedIn. All of them are Felidae, at Felidae, um, same for my website, Felidae. com, and I have a private podcast. If you want to check that out, that is for those of you who want to DIY your repurposing strategy. I’ll teach you how to turn one piece of content into ten.

Or you can check out my podcast, The Unprofessional Entrepreneur, where we talk marketing, repurposing, and just life.

[00:39:14] Andrea Elibero: Awesome. Thank you so much, Peli. That was, that was so fun.

[00:39:17] Felly Day: Yeah. Thanks for having me.

Thank you so much for joining us today. I really hope you found inspiration and insights from today’s episode. You know, scaling your business intentionally and from the inside out is a transformational process, but I’m here to support you every step of the way. Head on over to dancingleafsolutions. com slash resources for free tools to help you do just that.

And thank you again for being a part of the Soulpreneur Scaling Stories community, your presence and dedication to growth, inspiring me every day.