Soulpreneur Scaling Stories Podcast: 15. From General Virtual Assistant to Podcast Manager

Podcast Manager Fred Morales Explores Transformative Journeys: Overcoming Grief, Scaling Business, and Navigating Unseen Challenges in Entrepreneurship”

In today’s episode, Fer Morales, a dynamic podcast manager dedicated to amplifying entrepreneurs’ voices, takes a profound dive into often-neglected yet pivotal themes. She unpacks the intricacies of grief, a topic rarely touched upon in business circles, while shining a light on her personal evolution from a luxury hospitality background to venturing into the realm of virtual assistance.

Fer shares her own journey, recalling the pivotal moment when she transitioned into the digital landscape, initially working as an executive virtual assistant for a real estate investor. Her entry into full-time entrepreneurship in 2021 was marked by a significant pivot, stemming from unexpected job loss – an event that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, catalyzing her professional transformation.

Reflecting on the challenges and exhilaration of the virtual assistant role, Fer recounts the grind, the burnout, and the invaluable experiences, including extensive travel that enriched her life. Amidst her engaging narrative, Fer provides a trigger warning, prefacing a gripping, though at times unsettling, true-life account that resonates with sensitivity and a call for mindfulness.

Join us as Fer Morales navigates the less explored intersections of grief, professional growth, and the unexpected twists and turns in entrepreneurship, creating a nuanced narrative of transformation and resilience.

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[00:00:00] Andrea Elibero: Andrea here, your host and passionate business coach and scaling strategist for Soulful Service Providers and Coaches. Welcome to another episode of Soulpreneur Scaling Stories. Have you ever wanted to look behind the curtain of your fellow entrepreneur’s business to see what actually went into scaling it?

Well, you are in for a treat because that’s exactly what we are doing here. In each episode, we will be uncovering the truth the lessons and the stories behind what it truly takes for solepreneurs to scale their businesses intentionally. I’m hoping that their stories will help you to unlock the true potential of your business so you can create your own soulful, abundant, and aligned laptop lifestyle through intentional scaling.

So whether you’re just starting out on your scaling journey, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur seeking inspiration, this episode has something incredible in store for you. Are you ready to rise, grow, and create? Create a business that fully supports your dream life. Well, let’s dive in. Before we begin, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss an empowering episode filled with real stories and soulful insights. 

Welcome back to another episode of Solepreneur Scaling Stories. Today, a very special guest, Fred Morales, who is a podcast manager, uh, fed. Why don’t you please introduce yourself and tell us about your business and what you’re doing today?

[00:01:33] Fer Morales: Thank you so much, Andrea. I’m so happy to be here. Um, this is my first podcast ever, so I’m really happy to be on the other side. Um, as you said, I’m a podcast manager and I’m helping, you know, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, solopreneurs to basically change the world with their messages that I think they should reach more audiences.

[00:02:00] Andrea Elibero: Yes, and fun fact, Fer and I are very connected, so this podcast, if you like it, she is the one who makes the magic happen behind the scenes, so highly recommend connecting with her if this is your jam. And also, uh, we have been working together, coaching wise, since you were a very, very baby virtual assistant. So, write it, and

[00:02:33] Fer Morales: 2022. Yeah.

[00:02:37] Andrea Elibero: tell us, actually, before we get to that, I want to, what’s the word, I want to give you a little foreshadowing, and we’re actually going to really focus on a very interesting topic today that actually I don’t hear about a lot, so, and it’s grief. But before we get to that. Let’s go back and kind of revisit your journey so far.

So when we first met or when you first started your business, tell us what it looked like, what you were doing.

[00:03:06] Fer Morales: Um, well, it was a little bit of a mess. When I started, I actually, when I went remote, Uh, into the digital world. I came from a hospitality background. I was working so much. So I actually started like, uh, like executive, executive virtual assistant for a real estate investor. And I just spent there like a year, a little bit more than a year working with this person.

So that actually was my introduction to, to, you know, the, the remote work. However, I. I started, uh, fully, like, full time in my virtual assistant business in November 2021, I believe so. Uh, because actually this person let me go when he realized that I was, you know, posting for Pharisees and trying to build this, uh, system.

side hustle in that moment, quote, unquote, side hustle. Um, but I mean, that was totally a blessing in disguise. Um, it was the best thing that it could happen to me. So I just started like a general B. A. Um, and you have heard this story so many times, doing all the things, working so much, uh, going to burn out.

But I’m also really grateful because I was able to travel. A lot. I travel like for, well, I spent like a year with my family and I also travel for like five, six months out of the, out of the year. Um, I did a really long, um, road trip for, for all the Pacific coast of Mexico from Los Cabos to Oaxaca. So that was, that was really fun.

[00:04:53] Andrea Elibero: So, right, so you were doing all the things, it was a lot, right, it was lots of balancing, lots of time, but you were also living your dream at the same time, like getting some of these things, right, that you really wanted to do, so I really want to travel, do this and that. Tell us about when did you reach a point when you realized you wanted something different or when you were like, oh, this isn’t quite what I had in mind.

[00:05:18] Fer Morales: Well, I think actually it was when we did that, uh, that program that it was in July and I was in the middle of my travel. I was living in, well, I lived for a month, like, in Guadalajara. And it was a really good program, but I realized that I had, Zero clarity about what I, what I was doing, what I was going, especially on what did I love.

I was so confused on the, like, um, high tire offer that I wanted to, to, to give to my clients, you know? Um, so it started there. And then around, I think, December is when we, I went with the one on one coaching and still it was like a little bit confusing because I wanted to offer social media, but I now know that social media is not my jam, it’s something that I shouldn’t be doing because I don’t love it.

It doesn’t bring me, you know, joy.

[00:06:18] Andrea Elibero: But you know, this is an important point. I’m going to interrupt you for a second because in order for you to realize that, you had to just try.

[00:06:26] Fer Morales: Right, I did explore it, I did offer other services, I did have, you know, maybe I wasn’t offering like in my packages, but if I had inquiries about something, like for example we did a, an SEO implementation to an already built website, and I was like, no, this is not something that I want to learn, right, because there are some skills that you actually have to learn to be able to offer.

So yeah, it was a lot of exploration. I think I have done a little bit of everything. I also was helping a few music school owners. So I kind of wanted to specialize in the program that they were using, the CRM. But also, I realized that I kind of like to be in the back end of things more than in the front end.

I mean, I have extensive customer service, but also it’s something that I don’t want to be doing anymore.

[00:07:24] Andrea Elibero: And this is important too because it’s not just the the actual service itself, right? It’s also what that means for your life. And I know we’ve talked a lot about this you and I it’s what is the lifestyle That you want to live and what and that’s really the ultimate goal, right? Because that’s why we’re doing this and it was like do you want to be on calls?

Do you want to work normal hours? Like what do you want to do? And you really wanted to work when you wanted to work And not be on all these calls and, and do stuff in your own time, right?

[00:07:56] Fer Morales: Right. Um, yeah, I think those when we did the exercise about, you know, build your dream week, build your dream day. That’s when I realized, like, I want to have like a long Uh, morning routine. You know, I want to start working at 10 in the morning and I still, right now I’m working on my time management. So I’m time blocking for 2024.

Uh, we finally map it out and I’m doing the work. And when I see like, When I see that, you know, the, You know, the time blocking that it’s a nine to five, I feel so much resistance because I want to have the flexibility like to say, you know, this morning, I’m not feeling like working. So I’m just gonna go to the beach and I’m gonna work at night.

And that’s funny because I never thought of myself like a night owl. And now I really enjoy, you know, doing like editing a podcast At the end of the day, because also it’s like some time to reflect and that’s uh, the part that I love the most about podcasting, right, that I get to choose my client and the stories that I wanna listen to because that’s um, that’s the main job.

[00:09:10] Andrea Elibero: Right, you have to listen to everything that happens. So you better like what’s happening or you’ll be really bored.

[00:09:16] Fer Morales: exactly.

[00:09:17] Andrea Elibero: It’s so funny you were saying that you didn’t think you would be a night owl and Relatedly, I, uh, so I work, so I’m in Spain but I work mostly more or less US hours So I start working at like 3 in the afternoon, which I love And then I work until like 9pm, I don’t know, something like that But when is my most creative time and when am I like in the zone?

Friday nights when everybody else is out like doing their, like I am like doing my, my stuff, like my creative stuff on Friday nights, like super random, but I love that to have that flexibility, you know, to be like, Oh, this is what I want to do.

[00:09:52] Fer Morales: it’s funny that you mentioned that because I used to hate going to the resource that I work on Sundays. I was like, this is a day for rest. And now it’s like, Oh, my God, this Sunday, I’m gonna do this. And I’m gonna do that. Because it’s so quiet. I know that I won’t be receiving, you know, like a slack messages, or it’s the time for really, you know, putting the work in, in it.

In whatever that I need to catch up or that I need to plan and I just love it. It gives me I don’t know. It’s just like a whole other new mood to be working on Sundays and loving it, especially

[00:10:28] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, it’s so, it’s funny how things shift like that and we get to embrace it because we have the flexibility. So I think that our main topic today really ties into how You, uh, decided to, to really like up level and scale through being a podcast manager. And I want to say also that you’re in the process.

So the actual scaling part, there’s a plan, which we will talk about, but, but we’re, we’re getting there. So how do you want, I’ll leave it up to you. How do you want to talk about it? Do you want to talk about how you made the decision or do you want to talk about the story and how podcast managing fits into it?

[00:11:10] Fer Morales: Well, I think, um, yeah, everything is connected. And, yeah, I think I will have to go to the beginning of all, right? Um,

[00:11:20] Andrea Elibero: Let me also interrupt for one second because there is a trigger warning in this story of, well, I don’t know how we should phrase it, but you provide the trigger warning.

[00:11:32] Fer Morales: Yeah, uh, well, exactly that, right? It’s, uh, it’s a trigger warning, and I mean, it, it, it almost comes out of a true crime story. So, uh, it’s important to be mindful if, um, Would you want to continue with the, with listening to the podcast? Um, it’s, I will be gentle with it, but I always say, like, there is no way to sugarcoat it.

So just, um, so just putting that out there

[00:12:08] Andrea Elibero: And the point of, yeah, yeah, but it’s a, it’s a It’s a story and the point, the reason that we’re, that you’re sharing the story is to talk about how you were able to continue to run your business while this was happening. So not just to share gratuitously, but it’s a really important part of the story.

So I will let you take it from here to share.

[00:12:29] Fer Morales: Okay, uh, wow. Okay, so, um, in 2021, actually, before I started, I moved completely to full time virtual assisting. Um, one of my best friends that actually, she, she was my neighbor. We live, like, you know, next to each other and her business was located. Um, in the floor beneath my house. So we, we see each other like, um, almost every day.

I won’t say every day, but almost every day we were like really, you know, together. And so she was smarter, um, in this, in this business beneath my house. So it escalates so quickly, right? Uh, because it’s like one thing that she, She, you know, she passed away in a very gruesome way, but then it was having to deal with all of these things in my home because at the end of the day, it was like in my home, right?

It was beneath my home, but like the crime scene was in here. It gets worse because it was her birthday, so it was a lot of things. I mean, dealing with, um, you know, dealing with police is not, um, like a normal type of losing someone because it involves so many parts. It’s, uh, and it’s the trauma, it’s the shock, it’s all of the things that are Even more difficult, I mean, grief is grief, but dealing with the trauma, it’s an add on that it’s a huge component of losing someone that you really love in that way, right?

Um, and also at the,

[00:14:17] Andrea Elibero: yeah, and it wasn’t just one instance ’cause he also had to go to court and so it was a lot of involvement over a lot of time.

[00:14:26] Fer Morales: Yeah, and at the beginning, I actually, I think I just I just didn’t realize what I was going through. I blocked it and, and I mean, this was October 2021. I started as fully with Pharisees in November 2021, so I think I just like put myself in a place where I was working so much because I didn’t want to think about it.

And also it’s, um, I mean, I have done a lot of therapy. I have a lot of, yeah. inner work about it, and I have, um, understand so much things that, of how things happen, right? Like the Survivor Guild that I didn’t know that I had until recently, uh, because I was like, I cannot be sad because I’m here, I mean, I’m still working, I’m doing good, quote unquote.

And then that’s when I started traveling, um, and basically I fooled myself with experience. experiences with work and not dealing with the trauma, per se, and well, it happened in my house. So I think that’s why I left and that’s why I traveled, because I didn’t want it to be, you know, because the place, the store was like closed by the police.

It was still a crime scene for like, we’re in Mexico, so the processes here are like, you know, long and. Really obnoxious. So I think I just left, you know, I just ran away and it was

[00:15:56] Andrea Elibero: when this, yeah, so at first when this happened, so it was really a dissociation in like, okay, I’m gonna travel, I’m gonna work like I’m diving in and let’s go.

[00:16:08] Fer Morales: Yeah, totally This association. I think it’s it’s the right word. I didn’t want to deal with it

[00:16:16] Andrea Elibero: hmm, and then what happened after that? So after kind of this phase of like, okay, everything’s fine, you know, like, we’re

[00:16:23] Fer Morales: is fine. I’m fine. Like that meme and everything is burning. So I went to my travels and I think I was feeling again, quote unquote good and great and we jump on the one on one coaching. I think it was like November 2022 and we mapped out 2023 and I was so excited because it was the first time that I was setting goals and I was like, You know, taking my, scaling my business and then in December of last year, I received a call that it, I mean, it changed everything because I was called to testify in the, in the trial, something that I, I honestly didn’t thought that I was, I didn’t think that I was going to be called for because uh, It has passed already like a year, a little bit more than a year, and nobody called me, so I was like this is done, right?

Like, it’s nothing that involves me, and I think, I mean, I, I, I wasn’t at the moment, but now I’m grateful about that because that what it made me actually deal with the situation. I don’t think if I,

[00:17:35] Andrea Elibero: like, for you to, and it At the time, is that what, what triggered the, let’s call it a grief response, like a, what you would consider a grief response?

[00:17:45] Fer Morales: Yeah, totally. At that point, I haven’t cried for her. Like, I thought about her. I still think about her, like, every day. There’s not one day that I don’t think about her. And some days it feels like it’s a really It’s strange because it’s like a parallel life that I have that I get to forget at some points and then it’s like it, it clicks again.

So I enter in this reality of what happened because again, it’s like. I mean, he has changed so many things like, um, trust in other people, um, like being afraid almost of being outside sometimes, like I don’t talk to strangers anymore, like my circle has come, has become like really, really small now because I’m just like in alert mode all the time and that’s something that I’m still working on, you know.

Not be like that because it is a trauma response,

[00:18:48] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. Yeah. And, and during this time, after they called you or you found out you were going to testify, this is kind of when things really changed in terms of your business. And how you were running your business, right?

[00:19:02] Fer Morales: Right, so that happened and I enter in a major depression because first it was fighting with it because I wasn’t Also, I wasn’t home. I had to travel to go to the trial and there were so many, you know, appointments and I was like, I cannot be traveling every week to go to audiences. So, yeah, it was a major depression because my body was rejecting the situation.

My body was like, no, you don’t, you don’t want to go. You shouldn’t go. But my mom was like, you need to do this, not for you, but for your friend, you know. Um, because, well, another thing that happened is that I was one of the last persons that saw this, this guy.

[00:19:50] Andrea Elibero: Hmm.

[00:19:50] Fer Morales: my, my, it wasn’t like something like, oh, no, I won’t testify and nothing will happen.

No, I had so much power on my testimony. Uh, and I’m laughing because it’s, I mean, some days it’s like, it’s, it’s, Did I really went through that? Like what the heck, you know, um,

[00:20:08] Andrea Elibero: You, like you, yeah. You never think something like that is going to happen to you. You know?

[00:20:13] Fer Morales: right? Yeah, and the irony is that I’m really a lover of true crime and obviously I cannot watch that anymore. I still do some, but some really like triggers me, so I, I had to stop, you know. So yeah, when I had to come to the trial is when I mean, I can say that things fell apart. Also, I wasn’t home, I was away, I was very lonely.

Uh, because it was in a small town where my family lives. Um, I didn’t have the best support from them either. And I understand because it’s a situation that is not easy to understand and it is not easy to talk about. So,

[00:20:59] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. So with everything falling apart around you basically. How did you keep your business going through this time?

[00:21:09] Fer Morales: Well, first of all, first of all, I had you and I think that was like major support because at the end, maybe we didn’t. Go with the plan of a scaling at that point and you were so, you know, you were just like a Rock with me because at that point I was like, I’m just gonna you know be in my bed all day like I will let things fall apart and Heck it.

And no, I found someone. I have a BA that is help, she’s helping me and I’m so grateful for her because

[00:21:46] Andrea Elibero: that’s the, the, the other piece, right, is

[00:21:48] Fer Morales: Right

[00:21:49] Andrea Elibero: you didn’t do the actual, all of the actual work yourself because you weren’t capable at that point. So you found somebody who was able to step in and actually do the work.

[00:22:03] Fer Morales: Yeah, and I caught some of my clients. There were clients that I, I’ve been, I have been working like 60 hours a month. That is like crazy hours. So, I kind of start realizing, okay, what really, what does, what doesn’t align anymore? Like, what makes me feel uncomfortable? What makes me feel resistance? What I don’t want to do anymore?

Which is, who are the people that I, I don’t want to work, you know? Uh, and I almost like ended the relationship with all of my clients. I just kept, One client that I’m still working with them, um, now it’s, um, February is going to be two years. So that’s pretty impressive.

[00:22:44] Andrea Elibero: So, it’s an interesting point though that this terrible tragedy and this terrible depression and everything that happened, it actually was the catalyst and led you to create a business that was and is more fully aligned with you. And it was like the catalyst of, I don’t want to actually do this. And you didn’t anymore.

So, so in addition to, so while you’re going through, I think I want to really reiterate these points because I think it’s really important because trauma happens, depression, like things happen and it can be really difficult to show up in your business while something terrible is going on. So you made a couple of really good point, three really good points.

So one of them being. You had support. So both me as a coach and therapist, right, for personal support. So you had the rocks that you could rely on and, and to keep you going. The second thing is having help, like in your actual business. And you had a VA come on and take over some of this work because you were just not in the place to be able to do it.

And the third piece was the realization and And the restructuring, like the starting to think about the restructuring to be in a place of alignment. So, it’s kind of interesting because then it, then, and I’ll let you tell the next part of the story about how we got to podcast management. Um, but it sort of like lets you, like, almost like knock down everything in order to build it back up again, but in the right way.

Like in the way that was, that, Is it you’re excited for? Because I know you’re excited, because I know, because I know, but so, so if you would mind sharing, so how did you get from the place of, okay, I knocked down everything and now I’m kind of like starting over to being inspired to go into podcast management?


[00:24:43] Fer Morales: when you are, you know, a solopreneur. And the good thing is that I had a little bit of savings and I was in my, in my grandmother’s house, so she passed away a couple of years, so the house is alone, so I was staying there, so I wasn’t paying rent, so I had this moment that at the end of the day was like really depressing, but at the same time it was like, it was a good, good timing to be honest, so what I decided to do is, um, just take a moment for myself, so basically I ended the relationship with these clients, And I just Did the work on myself like, okay, I went with my therapist and actually I told her because she’s in this other town and I told her, you know, I’m going to be here 10 months.

I want to, you know, see what it’s under the rock and just like clean it because this is the time. Um, if I’m gonna, because the other option was like looking for a job and that wasn’t an option. Either I cannot see myself again, um, and especially more than I cannot see myself in an office space is like I cannot see myself going through this and having to go to work to somewhere, right?

[00:25:59] Andrea Elibero: my god, such a good point, but this is such a good point, you know, it’s like what would you have done if you had a job, like you wouldn’t have been able to keep this job, you

[00:26:07] Fer Morales: No, not at all. No, no. At that point I was crying every day. So I think the most important thing is, you know, be honest with yourself and take out the stress out of it. It’s like, okay, this is probably I’m not going to be making a lot of money this month. But it’s okay. I’m like working on the foundation of my business that we sometimes think it’s business, the back end, but no, the foundation of your business is your mind, yourself, how you feel and where you go from there, what you do with yourself to be able to provide.

You know, yourself to your business and to your clients.

[00:26:44] Andrea Elibero: And let me give you an example of how much you had grown was in the first program, the group program that you did in Embodied Expansion. I know you remember this conversation of we were talking about showing up as the authority and you were like, no, like you were very resistant and that word held a lot of of resistance for you, yeah, and then after going through all of this, you were like, hell yeah!

Like, like, you had grown and did so much of the inner work that that came through not only personally, interpersonally, but also in your business and helped you to be able to show up and believe in yourself even in this new venture. You have so much more confidence now, even though the podcast management, yeah, is newer than you did before.

As doing admin things. So that’s the power of doing the inner work.

[00:27:40] Fer Morales: Yeah, totally. Um, I do feel now I, I see the word authority because yeah, it was like saying a bad word for me. It was like, I cannot say that because it was just like so scary. It literally made my body, you know, shake. Uh, and now that I’m planning for 2024 that I’m doing like the content strategy that I’m putting things onto my website and all of that is, I just feel so much joy and I mean, I, you have asked like how, how, how I get here and it was basically that like I feel that podcast basically saved my life at that, at that point, like I was listening to so many podcasts.

I didn’t want to be calling my friends like, oh, I’m depressed again. I feel like this every day. I don’t want to be like, you know, the, the, the downer. So I was like, okay, no. I isolated myself a little bit and I know that is not the best, but that’s what happened. And I real re rely on the podcast and the podcasters, and then I was like, one day, like it just click like this is.

And that’s the funny thing about the, you know, the, the entrepreneurial thing and the virtual thing that there are so many things that you can do that when you’re in another mindset you don’t realize. So, I don’t know, I know, again, uh, perfect timing. I found a course that it was like really good. And I still enter to it like with the mindset that I might not like it.

I have never done it. I have never had a client asking me to do something about podcast. So I was like, okay, I’m going to take this course and we’ll see if I like it. And yeah, I freaking love it now.

[00:29:26] Andrea Elibero: You were open to it and it’s so beautiful that also out of this tragedy you found something that you’re so passionate about and you have this story of how podcasting really saved you and now it’s like you’re giving back, you know, by working in this industry and in this field. Hmm?

[00:29:47] Fer Morales: that passed away, she, she was always an entrepreneur. I mean, she’s Since her, like, younger years, she never worked for someone, and she always tell me, like, She call me Bonnie, so she always tell me, like, Bonnie, I know that you can do something. I started my business with, like, 20 in the bank.

I know that you can, you could do it. And she was always encourage me, and I was, like, you know, so afraid of leaving my security. And now that I feel so much joy, I mean, I wish, I really wish that she could see it, where I’m at. Right now, but I talked to her and I tell her like, Do you see it? Do you see this is happening?

And I’m sure like she’s, um, she’s very happy for myself. And that gives it so much meaning, like more meaning, you know, for me, but also, you know, I feel this is something not for her. I don’t know how to put it. But, um, yeah, I’m honoring her, you know, like following my my dream and my freedom and all of that.


[00:30:51] Andrea Elibero: That’s beautiful. I love that. Make me

[00:30:54] Fer Morales: Mmm. Now I might cry too. Ha ha

[00:30:59] Andrea Elibero: We can do it. So now, so you’ve gotten into the podcasting, you’ve had some experience, and you don’t have to share all the details, but you do have a scaling plan. There are things in the works, right? Yes. So, and you’re coming to it from a place of clarity. From a place of you know what you want, from a place of having the strength and the confidence and knowing what your intuition is telling you, and from a place of being so passionate about it.

And these are the important foundations that are needed in order to scale and do so intentionally and do so in alignment. So you’re not just back in that place of why am I working with these clients doing these things, you know, that I don’t even want to be doing or whatnot. So I know it’s been a journey for you and, but it just makes the outcome, I don’t know, it just makes it so much better, you know, like, like.

Like, I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve been through and for continuing to do this and for not giving up, because a lot of people would have just given up. And so for going through the grief and everything, and also for sharing the story, because it’s incredibly brave to talk about these things and do so so vulnerably, so I really appreciate that.

[00:32:18] Fer Morales: Thank you. It’s definitely not easy. It has been, it’s getting easier to talk about, about what happened. And I mean, for For a time I was like, I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to say it, but because also I feel that it’s putting something heavy in the other person that receives the message. But at the end, yeah, you and I have talked about how difficult it was, like trying, because It’s like major depression and trying to stay in business and trying to stay creative and committed and all of the things.

But definitely I think my best advice will be just be honest with yourself and be honest with myself meant that I needed to take a break. That I needed to, you know, go MIA and, you know, do the work on myself. So whatever you need, I mean, whatever your body is feeling, especially, I think you shouldn’t resist to that.

If it’s telling you it needs rest, just rest. We get in the trap of, you know, being, uh, busy. And I always say, like, stop the glorification of busy because that’s, um, that’s not healthy.

[00:33:35] Andrea Elibero: No, it’s not healthy, and you were able to listen to yourself and do what you needed, and because of that, now you’re in this amazing place. Yay! Um, so, is, uh, before we share how to stay in touch with you, is there anything else that you have on your mind that you want to share? You don’t have to, but I didn’t know if we’re missing any pieces or anything else you wanted to share.

[00:33:59] Fer Morales: Well, I, I did have like, um, what will be my scaling tips and you already mentioned it, um, on the three things that you mentioned. It’s basically that like taking, taking the moment to think and be honest with yourself as I, as I said, asking for a set for help, however, however that looks for, for you, right?

It can be therapy. It can be a coach. It can be. Yeah. Uh, outsourcing, but as for help, you don’t, we don’t have to do everything ourself. And it’s funny because we say that to clients and then we, we, we’re guilty of that. And investing in yourself is never an expense. It is, um, something that it will go to your future.

So it pays itself.

[00:34:50] Andrea Elibero: Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing all, all of it. So, this was, has been a really, really special interview for me, and I’m really glad that you agreed to share this, and I know that it will inspire and help a lot of people. So, please let everybody know how we can stay in touch with you, and how, and your offers, like anything you want to share, this is your time to do that.

[00:35:16] Fer Morales: Perfect. So, about offers, I’m redefining again my packages, but I’m having the, you know, the podcast management, ongoing management, I’m doing the, the launch of podcasts also, that is going to be one of my biggest offers for next year. And I’m working in a mini course. So I will really appreciate if you can go, you know, to my website and, um, is, uh, click the button and stay on the loop because I’m going to have freebies and a mini course coming in 2024.

So it’s all the offers that we mapped out for next year. And I mostly hang out in my Instagram. I’m working on being consistent there, but I always reply to messages and also my linking Fernanda Morales. It’s my. And you can always visit my website, uh, www. furassist. com.

[00:36:11] Andrea Elibero: what’s your Instagram handle?

[00:36:13] Fer Morales: oh yeah, it’s a furassist. So basically every, most of the things are furassist.

That is how, because I’m assisting you.

[00:36:22] Andrea Elibero: Beautiful. I’d highly recommend Fer for, oh my god, setting up a podcast. It’s a lot of work, guys. There’s a lot of things that go into it. So speaking of getting help, highly recommend. So again. This was really beautiful. And thank you so much for sharing. And I look forward to getting feedback and hearing the inspiration that’s happened from this episode.

[00:36:44] Fer Morales: Thank you so much for having me and being a huge rock on my life and my business.

Bye bye.

[00:36:54] Andrea Elibero: Thank you so much for joining us today. I really hope you found inspiration and insights from today’s episode. You know, scaling your business intentionally and from the inside out is a transformational process, but I’m here to support you every step of the way. Head on over to dancingleafsolutions. com slash resources for free tools to help you do just that.

And thank you again for being a part of the Soulpreneur Scaling Stories community. Your presence and dedication to growth inspire me every day.

Thank you so much for joining us today. I really hope you found inspiration and insights from today’s episode. You know, scaling your business intentionally and from the inside out is a transformational process, but I’m here to support you every step of the way. Head on over to dancingleafsolutions. com slash resources for free tools to help you do just that.

And thank you again for being a part of the Soulpreneur Scaling Stories community. Your presence and dedication to growth inspire me every day.