Soulpreneur Scaling Stories Podcast: 14. Unveiling the Transformative Power of Dance Therapy in Scaling Your Business and Embodying Sustainable Growth

Welcome back to another episode of Soulful Scaling Stories. We’re diving deep into the realms of dance therapy and embodiment with the incredible Elizabet Abraham. Elizabet sheds light on the powerful connection between psychology and movement, offering profound insights into the interplay of the mind and body.

As a dance therapist, Elizabet beautifully navigates the landscape where mental health intersects with movement, creating a space where individuals can explore their emotions, thoughts, and healing through bodily expression. Imagine a therapy session where words meet motion, where the body becomes a canvas for inner exploration.

Andrea, our host, who has had personal experience with Elizabet’s expertise, underscores the significance of embodiment within coaching spaces. Often, the emphasis is placed solely on strategy and mindset, overlooking the pivotal role embodiment plays in fostering a sense of safety, growth, and authentic connection within oneself.

Elizabet unravels the concept of embodiment from both scientific and experiential perspectives. She illuminates the intricate relationship between the mind and body, highlighting the powerful impact thoughts and emotions have on bodily sensations and vice versa.

In a candid discussion, the conversation shifts to the personal journey of entrepreneurship. Both host and guest share their intimate experiences, acknowledging the complexities of self-relationship as business owners. Elizabet reflects on her past struggles with anxiety, self-doubt, and the process of reconciling her identity within the realm of entrepreneurship

By embracing embodiment practices, individuals can uncover their strengths, tap into their authenticity, and navigate the entrepreneurial journey with grounded confidence.

Join us in this enriching conversation as we explore the transformative potential of embodiment, the interconnectedness of mind and body, and the pivotal role it plays in fostering resilience, self-discovery, and authentic growth within the entrepreneurial sphere.

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[00:00:00] Andrea Elibero: . Andrea here, your host and passionate business coach and scaling strategist for Soulful Service Providers and Coaches. Welcome to another episode of Soulpreneur Scaling Stories. Have you ever wanted to look behind the curtain of your fellow entrepreneur’s business to see what actually went into scaling it?

Well, you are in for a treat because that’s exactly what we are doing here. In each episode, we will be uncovering the truth the lessons and the stories behind what it truly takes for solepreneurs to scale their businesses intentionally. I’m hoping that their stories will help you to unlock the true potential of your business so you can create your own soulful, abundant, and aligned laptop lifestyle through intentional scaling.

So whether you’re just starting out on your scaling journey, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur seeking inspiration, this episode has something incredible in store for you. Are you ready to rise, grow, and create? Create a business that fully supports your dream life. Well, let’s dive in. Before we begin, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss an empowering episode filled with real stories and soulful insights. Hello, everybody. Today we have Elizabeth Abraham, who is a board certified dance therapist joining us. And she’s going to talk about something really special today. And I am really, really excited. Welcome, Elizabeth. Thank you so much for being here. Thank 

[00:01:24] Elizabet Abraham: you for having me. I’m excited to be here too.

[00:01:27] Andrea Elibero: So why don’t we start out with you telling us what exactly do you 

[00:01:31] Elizabet Abraham: do? Sure. Great question. So I’m a dance therapist, as you said. And the way I like to describe dance therapy is to imagine going to a therapy session, and instead of only speaking, you also process things on a bodily level, and use movement as a tool within the sessions.

So it’s I like to say where psychology and movement meet. Um, so it’s all about working with the nervous system, finding safety within, and yeah, that’s, that’s what I do. 

[00:02:05] Andrea Elibero: And so full disclosure, I know Elizabeth in real life, and I have her come in oftentimes in my programs to lead a session to really help with embodiment.

And a lot of. coaching programs, people focus a lot on strategy and mindset, but there’s not a lot of focus on embodiment. And I want to kind of get into this more because especially like for me, this is a really, really important piece for me to actually be able to feel safe and to grow and like, and I don’t know.

It’s something like in addition to mindset, that’s so unique and so different. So can you talk about the embodiment piece and what that means? And I don’t ever think about it 

[00:02:45] Both Speakers: because 

[00:02:45] Elizabet Abraham: I love it. There’s so many things to say. Um, I’ll say everything, say it all. Yeah. Well, I’m gonna, I’m gonna start off with just, you know, part of interpersonal neurobiology.

There’s this lovely book from Daniel Siegel and I love the way that he describes the brain and the mind, because we so often think of the mind and the brain as just here in our skull, but what he says is the way interpersonal neurobiology describes the brain as we know it, is more the like information and energy flow throughout the entire body, right?

Because when you think about the brain and what it does is it’s constantly working with the rest of the body. You know, sending information. So just from like an actual scientific space, looking at it that way of how interconnected the mind and body really are, I think is a great place to even start because when we go into, you know, how powerful the mind is a hundred percent, it is in our thoughts.

You know, can really impact everything and, you know, the body really comes into play with either shifting how we think and how we feel and vice versa, you know, what we think affects our body. And so often there is a disconnect with the body. 

[00:04:14] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. And I want to give a couple of examples, personal examples.

Yes. Because. I, so in the past, before I developed this embodiment practice of my own, I would think something and say, okay, and almost like, you know, do my cognitive behavioral therapy things that I know about, and it would be in my brain, but I wasn’t able And like it wasn’t in my body wasn’t dropping 

[00:04:39] Elizabet Abraham: into your body.

[00:04:40] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, like it didn’t stick. I’ll give you so like a really random example that’s that I’m sure happens to every whatever, like a really random example, let’s say, um, get upset about something. Right. And so I’m like processing into my brain, but there’s times when, like, I need to move it through my body actually get up and move and shake and like do these things that animals do like animals do that when that when they’re scared or something happens like they shake and get the energy out and like feeling that in my body helps me to process it more and move it through and not just kind of like move it through my brain.

So is that along the lines of what you’re talking about? 

[00:05:18] Elizabet Abraham: Yes. So, so often we do get stuck, you know, in our head and we need help. moving through our emotions, releasing, expressing ourselves. And when we do so, it, it affects our entire life essentially. Right. Um, I like to say I help people, you know, experience their own body as a resource.

And what does that mean? It’s really, you’re a team with your body. You’re, you know, you’re on the same page, you’re working together and I think that’s such a game changer because then it affects everything, your relationships, your friendships, and your relationship with yourself as a business owner.


[00:06:01] Andrea Elibero: Because more, say more about your relationship with yourself as a business owner. 

[00:06:05] Elizabet Abraham: I’ll share for me. Um, when I first started, I was confident. I had done all these healing a lot, not minimizing it. Right. I’ve, you know, trauma, all these different things. And so I was like, okay, in a healthy relationship with my now husband, that’s huge work I did in that area of my life.

I was confident. Expressing myself directly, speaking my needs, you know, all these different things. But then when it came to my relationship with myself as a business owner, it was a whole other level where there was some anxiety, there was some self doubt, there was some, you know, feeling lost as in like, who am I?

How am I showing up? How do I sell? How do I, you know, all these new things. That I had to then learn and get embodied in this area of my life. Yes. Because it’s so different. Which is totally normal. Right. And so for some people it might be the opposite or different stages of our life. We feel more confident and, you know, embodied to show up as our authentic self in these different areas.

And so I think having this relationship with your body and the key is really being able to listen to it. I think. is one of the big things. And by listening, you really get to know yourself. And what works for you, what areas you need to grow in, you get to learn your strengths and lean into those and really show up and like, you know, just have fun too, right?

So often when you, especially when you start, I think a business, you’re more scared, you’re, you’re kind of like, Holding back. And I think once you start really connecting to the body, listening to it, moving, releasing all these different things, then you can feel more grounded. You can, you know, access.

These tools that you have within you that you don’t have to go anywhere to find. They’re right, right there with you, which is empowering in and of itself. 

[00:08:07] Andrea Elibero: I want to go back to the listening to your body and defining that more. So what would be so fabulous? We love examples. So for the people listening, what would be some examples of how does your body talk to you?

How do you listen to your body? Yeah, 

[00:08:22] Elizabet Abraham: yeah, yeah. Oh my God, I have so many things. Okay. So one, I’m just going to start with an example of. Something that surprised me as a dance therapist, because I work with so many different people that come to me with different issues per se, right, things that they want to work on.

And something that I’ve noticed in most of my clients that is not surprising when I think about it, but it’s still surprising at first for me is there’s been an impact and a shift in people’s careers. After working with me, even though that has never been the initial go to. I don’t promote myself as a business coach or, you know, anything like a career coach.

Not yet. Maybe in the future. I don’t know, but it makes sense because so what this one client, she was in a high paying position and I was kind of guiding her in this process of, I like to call it an embodied check in. So I kind of let. guide you in taking a few deep breaths, connecting to yourself. You can have your eyes closed, nice and relaxed.

And then I ask you, you know, check in with yourself. How are you feeling physically? Like, what are the physical sensations you’re feeling in your body? Maybe you have an increased heart rate. Maybe you feel tightness in your belly or who knows, whatever it is. How are you feeling emotionally? So kind of naming that and just taking a moment to assess how you are.

And then I like to ask. Sometimes we’ll do some movement, you know, they’re kind of listen to how your body wants to move. So that’s an invitation for people to explore just like, I don’t want to move without judgment and see what happens. And often it’s not like this pretty ballerina dance. It’s like, Oh, I’m tired.

So I’m going to hunch over. Oh, you know, who knows what comes up. But with this client, then I asked her this question, which I think is a great question to ask ourselves as well is. What message does my body have for me right here, right now, in this moment? And again, we’re just I think curiosity is a big thing, right?

Like let’s just be curious. And as I’m guiding her, you know, after when we were done, we like, you know, we checked in and we process together and she was like, I’m ready to quit my job. I’ve been burnt out. I know it’s the opposite of scaling your business, but it’s still a big business. She had been wanting to do this for years.

And in that moment she was like, I’m ready. I need this right now. Like my body is like, I need this. She’s currently traveling the world years later and living her best life. And so to me that was so huge because In this moment of listening to your body, this huge life change happened and it was what you really wanted.

So that can, I think that 

[00:11:16] Andrea Elibero: was my point. Oh yeah, totally. And to me, this equates to your intuition. Like, like for me, if I’m thinking of strengthening my intuition, it correlates with listening to my body. Like, what is my body telling me? Not my mind, because my mind lies to me, like our mind lies to us all the time.

But your body, I don’t think it does. I think our body holds the truth. 

[00:11:43] Elizabet Abraham: Yeah. And I think an easier way to tap into that truth. Yeah. And that prism of the body is through movement. Ah, okay. Because when you move, from my experience and working with hundreds of people, the truth comes out. Yeah. What you need comes to the surface.

So you might not even know what you’re looking for when you have this idea of, let me listen, explore how my body wants to move. All of a sudden things will come up. Sometimes it’s heaviness, sometimes it’s tears, sometimes it’s sadness. Other times it’s an idea for your business and then you’re in flow state and off you go to create.

So I think moving your body, um, Anyway, but especially intentionally with this idea of like checking in can be really, um, powerful. And another example is someone came to one of my workshops moving through imposter syndrome. Yes. And, you know, her thing was, I can’t niche, I can’t pick one thing. I have various interests and I have a lot of self doubt and a lot of imposter syndrome.

And again, I’m not a career coach. I’m not the strategist. I don’t, I don’t know what people should be doing with their careers. I’m here to help them connect to their body and see what, what, what they really need and what really works for them. And after doing, you know, it’s very similar to what I did with your Groups and your clients.

Mm-Hmm. . So then she felt more confident. She felt more, you know, able to be direct. ’cause we practice moving direct and all these different, she’s thriving, she’s doing her thing with her few interests. She’s niched in a sense, but she’s not stressing about it, not looking like everyone else. 

[00:13:27] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. She was able to be authentic.

Yeah. To herself. And like, this is what I want. She’s aligned, she’s doing, and now she’s thriving because she was able to actually embody that confidence and step into it. Mm hmm. And alignment. You’ve said it. Yes. Yes. Like aligned embodiment. 

[00:13:44] Elizabet Abraham: Yeah. You’re aligned in your business. That’s how you show up in your business.

And then you, you clear out all the noise. So many people are telling you to do this, to do that, to do this works for everyone doesn’t work for you. Yeah. Connecting to the body, that’s what you’ll know what 

[00:14:01] Andrea Elibero: works. Yes, and you’re preaching to the choir on that one because this is what I, this is my whole message is you have to do what feels aligned to you and this, the movement, the connecting to the body is a way to figure that out.

Yeah. Is like checking in, how am I feeling now? And so using it like to me, and so correct me if I’m wrong or add to it please, but it really is kind of like two, like In using your body and embodiment in business. It’s kind of two pieces. One is how am I actually feeling so checking in with yourself to be like what’s going on?

How am I feeling? And then the second piece or the second use I would say is the let me use the movement to Yeah. Like to get through to get where I want to go. So for instance, let’s say I’m feeling really nervous because now I’m going to go hop on Instagram and start selling my thing. Yeah, I’m feeling like, like, I’m not feeling embodied.

I’m not feeling empowered. I’m feeling bad. So what can we do? is movement. And so can you speak to, like, as an example, in that case, what kind of movement would you do? Or would you advise somebody to 

[00:15:09] Elizabet Abraham: do? Sure. So I’ll also just speak from an embodied place of myself right here, right now. I’m a mama of two.

Right? Fresh postpartum, four months. My brain right now is pretty foggy these days. Different things, lack of sleep. Life can be pretty chaotic with two young children. Before coming on to here to speak to you, I was like, I know I need to get grounded. Because otherwise, I might be spinning around in circles and not making any sense.

And that’s okay because that’s That’s where I’m at hormonally even so right. Yeah, so I made sure to get grounded before showing up here And I feel pretty good right now. Also a disclaimer in case I say anything doesn’t make sense But so one of the things of course the classic, you know one hand over your heart one hand over your belly Take some deep breaths.

It’s always a great way to start And then I like to rub my hands together Give myself some gentle paths in my arms, my shoulders, down to my chest, belly, thighs, knees and legs. It’s just a little bit of a tool to get into the present moment whenever you do any kind of tapping or touch that helps any rhythmic patterns so you can do with that as you please and then I also activate my core so fun fact when you activate your core you’re also technically activating your intestines which are innervated by the parasympathetic nervous system which is where we access rest So you’re physically can feel more calm after you activate your core, if that makes sense to people.

So, you know, kind of just like doing those deep breaths that you bring your belly in and kind of activate that area. Um, I mean, I don’t know if people can see me, but also people are going to be hearing me. So I’m trying to describe as best I can. 

[00:17:14] Andrea Elibero: Challenge. I’m giving you a challenge. You’re doing an amazing job.

[00:17:16] Elizabet Abraham: I can picture it. Thank you. This is an amazing one, which is, you know, crossing your arms. And putting them on the outside of your thighs right above your knees, and you’re going to create tension simultaneously squeezing in with your palms and squeezing out with your legs. So you’re creating this full body tension and then you let go.

And that helps activate basically the whole body including your core. And it’s a big tension release. It’s a big, you know, you get to just relax, but also it really does technically, physically calm your nervous system. So you often feel a quick shift pretty immediately afterwards. And then you’re just able to show up.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s quick reset. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I feel that way. 

[00:18:10] Andrea Elibero: But I love it because it’s so important because. Because you can think, and I’m not, listen, I’m all, like, I’m all into the mindset too, I’ve studied psychology for a million years. It’s important, it goes hand in hand. Yeah. Yeah. Like you need, to me, especially, you need both pieces.

As somebody too, where I, in the past, like, hadn’t tapped into that, I kind of, like, pushed things back or hit, you know, like, we’ll just ignore that, everything’s okay, we don’t need to deal with these emotions, like, whatever’s going on. So purposefully, one paying attention, saying, Okay. Wait, how do I feel?

Where am I? Like what’s going on? And like sitting with that for a second and then like, okay, like let me do what I need to do. Do I need to feel more confident? Do I need to be grounded? Like what do I need? And like using movement to do that. It’s such a game changer in how you show up and how you show up online and how you show up on your discovery calls and how you just show up period.

Everything. Yeah. So what would you say for business owners? So the people that, that. I talked to our people who service providers who are on this edge where they have their one on one clients and like, Ooh, I want to do something new. I want to scale my business. And it’s a really, it’s like they’re on the cliff, like they’re on the edge of this thing.

And there’s so much decision and they’re like, have to almost not start over, but like almost right, like kind of like start their business over again. Yeah, like they’re pivoting and have to recreate all the things because now they have a bigger dream and want to be in this, like, like make this dream come true.

So they’re, you know, they’re grown and now like, okay, I want to do this piece. So what were some places where being in your body and embodiment is going to help somebody in this situation? 

[00:19:54] Elizabet Abraham: Yeah, I think the first thing that comes to mind is, is creating space. Right. You’re creating 

[00:20:01] Andrea Elibero: more. Talk more about creating.

I love this. I’m like, leaning in. 

[00:20:05] Elizabet Abraham: When, when, when you’re growing your business, you’re, you’re leveling up, you’re scaling, you’re technically creating space or you want to create space for more to both receive more. In every way, right? Financially, abundance, receive more clients, receive all the things. But also you’re giving more, right?

Or you’re giving differently. So by creating space, you’re creating space to receive and, and be a container for all these new things. And so, you know, the, one of the ways you can create space is connecting to your lungs. Surprise. As 

[00:20:48] Andrea Elibero: I sit back and I’m like, do tell, do tell. 

[00:20:52] Elizabet Abraham: Well, that’s, you know, that’s the, you know, the freebie here, which you’ll, you get from when you go onto my website, it pops up, embodied lung exploration, you have access to it forever.

I love it because it’s, you’re using touch and often. You know, we talk about the body a lot in embodiment, but how often do we think about our organs specifically? It might sound funny to people. It might weird people out. I remember when I first learned this, I was in grad school for getting my master’s in dance therapy and I thought it was a joke.

I was laughing. I was like, this is ridiculous. How can I connect to my organs? How can I listen to my organs? That is so silly. That became my thesis. That became my thing. I love it Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen shout out to her. She can look her stuff up. She created. Um, Oh my goodness. Look mom brain. I thank god.

Thank god for that disclaimer body body mind centering Um really influences my work as a dance therapist. I use a lot of her knowledge And, um, I learned this, you know, through her practice, which is, you know, connecting to your, to your organs and really noticing like where they are in your body. Our organs are pretty big.

They start all the way up here. They end kind of by our ribs, by the lower ribs. And so this, this, in this video, I show you to just. Place one hand on the top of your shoulders and you take some deep breaths, you feel that movement, the rise and fall, you feel it on the side of your ribs, a. k. a. the side of your lungs, right?

And then you could gently touch the back. And you kind of just spend time just touching and breathing and being there. And let me tell you, again, everyone’s Experience with the same exploration is so unique. Which I always find fascinating, but people have all relaxed, um, it’s a way to expand. That’s where, that’s why I thought about it because it’s a creating space through your body.

You’re, you know, engaging in what we call cellular breathing. We often think about breathing as, oh, rise and fall of chest and belly. But what about the rise and fall of your back, the rise and fall of your sides? So it’s really this cellular breathing where you’re expanding and contracting 4D as opposed to Just through one of the planes.

Anyways, yeah, I nerd out. 

[00:23:29] Andrea Elibero: Oh, no, I’m right there with you. I love this. I’m like, oh, yes, yes, yes, of course. And it’s so cool that You’re really just creating sort of the intention and you’re just you’re paying attention to that space It reminds me of so i’m doing this Workout program and she always says that like to focus on that muscle that you’re working because then you’re going to work it more So that’s what it reminds me of is that you’re you’re Aiming your attention, you’re directing your attention to that specific place.

My dog is drinking water. He wants to be part of this conversation. 

[00:23:59] Elizabet Abraham: So, 

[00:24:02] Andrea Elibero: so to bring intention to the space and then it has. these beautiful effects afterwards to do that because we don’t do that during our day. Like our day becomes so automated and we’re never, it’s very rare that people are automatically kind of like within and checking in with themselves.

It’s really just go, go, go do this. And we’re very automated and we’re not paying attention and to really just take us and it doesn’t take that long, 

[00:24:26] Elizabet Abraham: you know? Yeah. And the nice thing is it gives your mind a break. Oh, 

[00:24:31] Andrea Elibero: when you move, 

[00:24:34] Elizabet Abraham: you get so much out of it and you don’t have to think you could actually check out.

You don’t check out because you’re, you’re, you’re present hopefully, but maybe you do need to check out mentally and that’s okay. You do certain movements and they help you get grounded, reduce anxiety, and you don’t have to force it with your mind, which is great because I feel like we spend so much time.

Trying to repattern our thoughts, trying to reframe our thinking, trying to, you know, do all these affirmations, and then we get stuck there, and it could feel overwhelming, and oh my gosh, we could just move, and we create a shift in our thoughts, we create a shift in our mood, and we don’t have to think, which is great.


[00:25:18] Andrea Elibero: yeah, no, uh, yes, for sure, because It’s that and meditation, which is a separate kind of like the opposite, but similar effects where when you’re doing that afterwards, that’s when all my creativity, that’s when I get all these amazing ideas. Yes. Like, oh yeah. Well, 

[00:25:34] Elizabet Abraham: I like to share it because sometimes it’s movement, but connected to the body could also be connecting to your stillness.

[00:25:40] Andrea Elibero: Okay. And then I lied. I lied. So I like that. So, so it 

[00:25:44] Elizabet Abraham: doesn’t. It depends. Yeah. I’ll share an example. What I mean by that, um, you know, when you’re asking yourself what you need and all these different things, sometimes you need the movement and sometimes you need stillness. And that, that can be great. And part of my process, which is, sounds funny, but before, um, so you want to have more time pre kid era, I would take longer to, to, to come up with all of my workshops.

Now I could be very focused and be prepared very quickly for my workshops when I’m going to lead a workshop. Um, but before back in the day, my process would include some grounding and movement, but then I would say, okay, I’m going to go take a nap. And that’s when I’m going to. Know exactly what I’m gonna do in the workshop and I would nap and maybe it was more in the dozing off that all the like Ideas would flood my body, but I was in just in such a relaxed State that in the stillness in yielding into the, you know, earth and just resting, that’s where I knew exactly what I wanted to say.

And I would get up, get on my laptop, type everything away. And it was so great. That was part of my flow state. So there was the movement piece, the grounding, the fun, you know, juiciness, getting the energy flowing. And then there was also the stillness. And that’s, that was part of it for me. Such a 

[00:27:09] Andrea Elibero: balance, like a yin and yang type of a situation, you know, you’re using, you’re kind of tapping into everything that you’re using the mind and the body, but using the body both in the checking in and the movement and the stillness and just like letting go and then it all just flows.

[00:27:27] Elizabet Abraham: Yes, yes, yes. All about the flow. And with that, the lung exploration, that was another piece. It’s a lot of bringing in and letting go, right? Because that’s such a classic thing for breathing and breath when we connect to that. So it’s just a beautiful way, I think, to experience these things in your body.

in an embodied way. Um, 

[00:27:49] Andrea Elibero: yeah. That’s the best thing ever. This is why, by the way, this is why I have you come and talk to my people because you’re like, I don’t do the strategy. I do the strategy and I know, and the mind, but this is a piece that, that like, I know, but I’m not an expert in. So I bring in people who are experts in these topics.

Yeah. Because it’s so 

[00:28:09] Elizabet Abraham: important. Yeah, it is. It’s so important. And it really does all work together. Like I said, Um, when people engage in this work shifts happen in all the areas of their life, including their career, including their business, including how you show up. And so I think, I think it’s just such a powerful thing.


[00:28:30] Andrea Elibero: so powerful. I love it. So at this point, one is I just going to softly remind people that if you come into my program, most likely we’re going to see Elizabeth and she’s going to share this juiciness. And, If you’re like, Ooh, I want to do more. I want to explore more. Can you please share with people how they can connect with you?

Any gifts that you have for them so they can do 

[00:28:53] Elizabet Abraham: that? Yes. So my website is www. elizabethabraham. com. There’s no H in Elizabeth, still a Z. I’m just going to spell it out. Every time I say there’s no H in my name, people add. SI don’t know why, but it’s www dot ELIZ as in zebra, A BET, Abraham, A-B-R-A-H-A

There you’ll find all of my work, um, about me. There you will find the free Embodied Lung Exploration video I mentioned. Um. And yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s what we got going on. I have one on one clients I work with. I also offer group programs and these embodiment workshops, which I love this year, I’ll be focusing on the moving through imposter syndrome and moving through anxiety as I’m just going to be repeating those because every time I do it, new people show up and it’s just so needed.

It’s so needed those two topics. I feel because 

[00:29:53] Andrea Elibero: everybody has anxiety and or across everything on social media. Where can we find you? Oh, yeah. Thank 

[00:30:01] Elizabet Abraham: you. Um, my Instagram is Elizabeth Diane Abraham. So that’s where the same way me. Yep. E L I Z A B E T D I A N E A B R A H A M. That’s a handful, but there you could find me.

And this will all 

[00:30:21] Andrea Elibero: be in the show notes as well. So you can just click from there. It’ll be much easier. So awesome. Thank you so much. This was amazing. I’m gonna go do some movement and stillness and you’ve inspired me. Actually, I don’t have your lung thing and now I want to go download it. But 

[00:30:36] Elizabet Abraham: we’ll go check it out.

[00:30:39] Andrea Elibero: so much, Elizabeth. Thank 

[00:30:41] Elizabet Abraham: you for having me. 

[00:30:43] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. Bye.

Thank you so much for joining us today. I really hope you found inspiration and insights from today’s episode. You know, scaling your business intentionally and from the inside out is a transformational process, but I’m here to support you every step of the way. Head on over to dancingleafsolutions. com slash resources for free tools to help you do just that.

And thank you again for being a part of the Soulpreneur Scaling Stories community. Your presence and dedication to growth inspire me every day.