Soulpreneur Scaling Stories Podcast: 11. From Corporate Marketing and Project Planning to Intuitive Business Mentor

Discover the fascinating journey of Jennifer Lyall, an Intuitive Business Mentor specializing in blending intuition with strategic business acumen. Her unique approach, merging intuition with business strategies, brings profound transformation to scaling service providers.

Jennifer’s background in corporate marketing and project planning endowed her with the skill to perceive the big picture—aligning people’s purpose with their businesses. Her intuitive insights save clients time and resources while fostering faith in their journeys. For instance, Jennifer guided a client to secure a million-dollar funding source when they were on the brink of giving up, showcasing the power of intuition in business.

Her transformative journey began amid challenges, feeling undervalued as a wellness enthusiast in a burgeoning podcasting landscape. Despite her business background, self-doubt plagued her entrepreneurial debut. It was a pivotal moment when Jennifer realized the need for surrender and embracing spiritual experiences. This led her to discover meditation, dowsing, and automatic writing, unlocking her unique modality, ‘Connect To You.’ This transformative journey unveiled her purpose: inspiring a million souls to connect with their inner wisdom.

Tune in to Jennifer’s compelling narrative as she delves into her profound evolution and the impactful ways intuition can amplify your business scaling journey. Join us on this enlightening episode of ‘Soulful Scaling Stories’ as we unravel the essence of intuitive entrepreneurship and its role in achieving authentic business growth.

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[00:00:00] Andrea Elibero: Andrea here, your host and passionate business coach and scaling strategist for Soulful Service Providers and Coaches. Welcome to another episode of Soulpreneur Scaling Stories. Have you ever wanted to look behind the curtain of your fellow entrepreneur’s business to see what actually went into scaling it?

Well, you are in for a treat because that’s exactly what we are doing here. In each episode, we will be uncovering the truth the lessons and the stories behind what it truly takes for solepreneurs to scale their businesses intentionally. I’m hoping that their stories will help you to unlock the true potential of your business so you can create your own soulful, abundant, and aligned laptop lifestyle through intentional scaling.

So whether you’re just starting out on your scaling journey, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur seeking inspiration, this episode has something incredible in store for you. Are you ready to rise, grow, and create? Create a business that fully supports your dream life. Well, let’s dive in. Before we begin, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss an empowering episode filled with real stories and soulful insights. 

[00:01:10] Andrea Elibero: Okay, hello and welcome. Today we have intuitive business mentor Jennifer Lila here with us. She is going to share all about her business and what she does and how that will help you as a scaling service provider with your business. So thank you so much Jennifer.

[00:01:27] Jennifer Lyall: thank you so much, Jennifer.

Thank you. I’m so excited for our conversation and, and for everyone listening and the little…

Yeah, I’m excited. rocket boost they’re going to get for growing in their journey. Oh, so good. Thank you for this

[00:01:40] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, and I love talking with you, so I’m excited also because I feel like it’s going to lift me up at the same time. So, let’s dive in. So please introduce yourself and really tell people about what you do and how you serve.

[00:01:52] Jennifer Lyall: you do and how you serve.

So, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m a translator.

I’m an intuitive business mentor. So I blend intuition with business strategies. So I have a background in corporate and marketing and project planning, project planning, project management, and I’m really good at seeing the big picture.

of people’s purpose and their business and I can feel into the energetic match of their ideas, the opportunities they’re pursuing, um, the situations that they’re navigating through and helping them understand if it’s something to say yes to that’s on their path to their purpose or something that is really going to sidetrack them.

So I see people a lot of time. And a lot of money, um, and I also teach them how to have faith and how things can unfold. So for instance, uh, one client was really struggling. She had this big project she wanted to bring to life in Costa Rica and she needed a new funding source. And I helped her with tapping into a new million dollar funding source when she was ready to give up.

So There’s something so powerful for each person to tap into. And I help them with developing the internal superpowers to step into who they need to be to fulfill the purpose that they’re here to bring to

[00:03:15] Andrea Elibero: Oh, that’s so, so powerful. And we were actually talking, um, before we hit record about on our last conversation and I shared with you that you had just in that conversation was so powerful that it actually sparked something in me to help me to have these realizations to pivot and take my business in another direction.

the word direction in the direction that is really aligned with me. So getting back to let’s say okay, like how we do this. So you were in corporate. And then I’m curious actually how you discovered this gift and how you were able to channel it into your business and what you do today.

[00:03:52] Jennifer Lyall: your business and what you do.

Great question. So, um, I had kids, um, I’m just outside of Toronto. I was doing the long commute into Toronto when I was working in corporate and I said, ah, that’s not going to work so well. So, um, after my second son, I was working part time that for a marketing company and that person shifted their business. And then I got the nudge to start my own business and I actually started my business with a video podcast called vitamin junkies back in 2008. So this is before podcasting was cool.

And it was focused on inspiring people to be proactive about their health. My intention was just to sell some advertisements in the podcast. So if you can kind of… Um, go back, flashback to 2008, what was going on in the world. So podcasting was new. It’s in its infancy. Um, the wellness world was just building momentum in North America.

And, uh, there was also a recession happening and. I didn’t believe in myself. I was a mom who was passionate about wellness, but I, I, I was just a mom. I didn’t have any degrees behind me that was around wellness. So I got a handful of advertisers in this podcast, and I had a hard time selling my podcast because, as I said, I was just a mom who was passionate.

I had a co host that was a naturopathic doctor, so I felt that that lent some credibility to the podcast, but I was getting really frustrated and stressed out because, you know, I have a bachelor degrees of commerce with honors. I’m a real smarty pants. I had the corporate background, but being an entrepreneur was different.

And I came to this place where I was beating myself up for not getting the results that I’d wanted in my business. And I had to come to a place of, hey, hold on, you know, be gentle with yourself. Really, you’ve been, the last year or two, you were focusing on working part time while your kids were in school.

Once your youngest is in school full time, then give yourself permission to discover what really makes your heart

[00:05:54] Andrea Elibero: hmm,

[00:05:55] Jennifer Lyall: And it was March of 2010 that I made this declaration. It was pitch black outside. The house was quiet. It was like 6 a. m. And there was something in that declaration where the universe said,

All right, she’s finally listening.

Send down the signals. I think she’s going to pay attention this time. And then there were all of these incredible

synchronistic events. And with me being such a smarty pants. I was really in my head, a control freak. I was having all of these incredible experiences, spiritual experiences, starting to sense things.

I had so many moments where I felt like I was going crazy, witnessing the

[00:06:41] Andrea Elibero: hmm,

[00:06:43] Jennifer Lyall: And I remember saying to my husband, do you think I’m crazy yet? And he’s like, well, you stop saying that. So I, I had to come to this place of surrender to let go of control. And during that journey, I discovered meditation.

I discovered using a pendulum for dowsing, which is, um. It was a major tool for me in this experience, and then I discovered automatic writing and it was just transformative. This, it was a year of sort of peeling back, letting go of control, of surrendering. And through the automatic writing, I received my own modality called Connect To You.

And the intention of that work is to connect our three brains. Our intuitive brain, Our emotional brain and our logical brain so we can tap into those three wisdoms and trust in ourselves more feel into what our purpose really is. So it’s through the automatic writing that I was given revealed my purpose of inspiring a million people to connect in with their soul.

Now, I thought that it was just going to be through my modality, connect to you, but I’ve become aware of how much deeper it is and the many tools that I have that are inspiring people. Like I’ve had people say to me, I think you’ve already done it just from conversations you’ve had and podcasts you’ve shared, you probably already surpassed that number, but I have a bigger project in mind.

Yeah, so that’s how it came for me, and then it just came to this deepening that self

[00:08:20] Andrea Elibero: hmm.

[00:08:21] Jennifer Lyall: um, becoming okay with people seeing me, who knew me as this smarty pants, had this perception of me as somebody in corporate. Diving into the spiritual world, that took a couple of years of unpacking to be completely honest and transparent.

[00:08:40] Andrea Elibero: No, but it’s so important to be honest and transparent because I feel like so many times when people share these things, they kind of gloss over these transitional periods. And then other people think that like, Oh, this is not happening fast enough for me. Right? Like this is not, it’s not going, so it must not be for me.

But in reality, it’s a journey and there’s no timeframe to it. And I love that you started off with just surrendering.

[00:09:06] Jennifer Lyall: just surrendering.

[00:09:07] Andrea Elibero: that is the, probably the most powerful place that you can start any journey like this.

[00:09:13] Jennifer Lyall: any journey like this.

And I’m glad that we’re going here, because the surrendering is about letting go of everything that you felt.

You know, letting go of

[00:09:29] Andrea Elibero: Mmhmm. Mmhmm.

[00:09:30] Jennifer Lyall: letting go of the old beliefs, letting go of the old systems and paradigms, because in order to step into a new potential, you have to let go of who you’ve been.

[00:09:43] Andrea Elibero: Yes. Yes. I think we need to say that again. Because I feel like that is so important for people to wrap their head around. You know?

[00:09:51] Jennifer Lyall: Yeah, and, and, and, so let’s, let’s kind of go a little bit deeper into this. So, If you’ve ever followed Dr. Joe Dispenza or read the book The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, they talk about how research has shown that by the time you’re 35, 95 percent of what you do is on autopilot.

So you just keep repeating the same thing over and over again, slightly different flavors. It takes… It takes a lot of focus and intention to let go of that identity that you spent decades creating and to just surrender to something else being possible and gently chip away at that. And it’s that whole butterfly cocoon thing, you know, the caterpillar goes into that cocoon, turns into mush before it comes out completely

[00:10:56] Andrea Elibero: Yes.

[00:10:58] Jennifer Lyall: Completely different. You’ve got wings! You’ve got wings! You go from crawling on the ground to flying in the air. And the same thing, the same kind of transformation is required for you to do that as you’re going from one paradigm in how you’ve been operating your life, your business, as you scale

[00:11:20] Andrea Elibero: Yes.

[00:11:22] Jennifer Lyall: or as you transform into a different focus, a different target audience, whatever

[00:11:28] Andrea Elibero: Okay, so let’s talk about the mush. I want to get back to the mush, right? So, so in this transformation, and you said it really beautifully, I think that’s a very powerful image, what, with you and what you do, what do you see, or what have you seen in your clients when they’re in this phase? And what are things, maybe a couple of things that can help, that, that tools for this period?

[00:11:51] Jennifer Lyall: for this period?

So good. I’m really excited to talk about the mush. So the first thing is to get clear on what you want. You’d be surprised how many people… Don’t know what they want.

[00:12:06] Andrea Elibero: a hundred percent. Yeah. A hundred percent. Yep.

[00:12:08] Jennifer Lyall: if you stay in I don’t know land, then it’s kind of like going to the grocery store when you’re hungry. And you just put all sorts of things in your grocery cart that you don’t need, and you don’t really want, and then you get home and you regret it later.

Same thing happens when you don’t have that focus in your business. You end up saying yes to mismatched opportunities. You say yes to programs that really aren’t going to get you where you want to go. You say yes to partnering with various people that maybe have a different kind of target audience or different business model that really aren’t going to help you achieve your goals.

So, getting clear on what you

[00:12:45] Andrea Elibero: And I love that. I’m going, I’m gonna interrupt you because I love that you said that. ’cause this is something that I had realized on my journey, right? So, and I think a lot of people, this happens to. When you’re in your business you go, oh this is happening, this is happening, and you just accept it all, and then all of a sudden you have this business and you’re like, but wait, what am I doing?

Right? So, this happened to me at the beginning. I was a VA, accidentally had a VA agency, and I was like, Why do I have this all of a sudden one day, right? That wasn’t the goal. And it wasn’t until I did exactly what you, what we were talking about, right? What you were just saying. Is, what, what do I actually want to do?

And then take steps towards that. And that in and of itself is a journey too, right? So, it’s so important to know, what do I want?

[00:13:27] Jennifer Lyall: to know what do I want.

This is gold. Like this is really good of what you just said there. How you were going along, you were a VA, and then it turned into a VA agency because that was kind of like the natural

[00:13:39] Andrea Elibero: Right? Mm hmm.

[00:13:41] Jennifer Lyall: And you were just kept going. in the way that you already had been going, because it was what you knew how to do. It was what felt familiar. It’s like, Oh yeah, that makes sense. Right? That’s what makes sense to your head. That is what makes sense to the outside world. But if it doesn’t feel good inside, this comes back to aligning the wisdom of your gut, your intuition, your

[00:14:03] Andrea Elibero: Yes.

[00:14:06] Jennifer Lyall: If those aren’t lined up, if there’s only one light up here in your head, yes, logically that makes sense. That’s the way we’re supposed to evolve our business. But your heart is like, ah, you know, I feel like throwing up on this rye. Right? It just doesn’t do you any good.

[00:14:22] Andrea Elibero: Because it’s not sustainable, because then you’re still not happy. You’re like, oh, I can make all this money and do this, and you’re not, like, lit up every day to do, like, you’re not like, oh, I want to go and work in my business. Like, no, you don’t feel that, right, because you are not aligned with what you actually want to be doing.

So, super important point, and I just really wanted to emphasize that.

[00:14:39] Jennifer Lyall: just really wanted to emphasize that.

And, so the alignment is about energy

[00:14:45] Andrea Elibero: Mm.

[00:14:47] Jennifer Lyall: Mm. So, if we can conceive of this idea of being energetically efficient, so when all those three lights are lit up, Your soul’s lit up because it’s your passion. Emotionally, you feel fantastic. Your heart’s singing, you love doing what you’re doing, and logically, it makes sense.

When those are all lit up, ding ding ding ding, then it’s energetically efficient. So if you, what I’m being shown is it’s kind of like a puzzle where you want to have water pour from one area to get down to this pool at the bottom and If all of these are lined up, so it’s one straight stream, then it’s energetically efficient.

But if only the top one is lined up, I hope this is making sense, one stream going down, but if the other two are turned horizontal, so the water’s spilling all over and not getting into the cup, it’s not energetically efficient. And then what happens is you feel stressed out, the ideas don’t flow, and it’s just so much more work to do it. And then you just feel like, what the heck am I doing this for? That’s where I’d gotten at the beginning of my journey, where, yes, I’m going to do my podcast, and it was just not aligned.

[00:16:06] Andrea Elibero: I love this. You’re the queen of analogies, I think. I love these super visual analogies. They’re amazing. Amazing. So yeah, 100 percent agree because I have felt this also. I had a previous group coaching program that I ran and I loved it and And it felt heavy, like it was hard for me to come up with marketing language to go and sell it.

Like I was unclear, it was fuzzy. And that’s when I shifted into the next level, like a different, a slightly different focus, still taking all of the same ideas, but switching it around and then I could talk about it forever. Right? So it’s such a good, like a good example of when everything feels aligned, when you’re pouring the water into the three buckets and that when you say the energy is, it’s energetically efficient, it’s so much easier.

Yes. It’s so much easier. So amazing

[00:16:56] Jennifer Lyall: Yes.

That’s an

amazing point.

Because when things aren’t efficient, so what’s happening, there are several things. First, your heart, your soul, and your mind are not aligned. Secondly, you are making choices. Based on old paradigms of how things are supposed to be. So you have these energetic accords to these cement blocks of things of, Well, your father said that you should really have this fancy pants business and you should do it this way.

Or it could be that, um, somebody said, Oh, it should really be more corporate. You really, what happened? Why aren’t you doing that corporate job anymore? Like,

And so, you have good benefits? And so maybe you want to create something that makes sense, to have the structure and the um, falsehood of security of what that corporate job in the past, and so you could be pleasing mom and dad or whoever it was that had that. But you’re pulling those energetic blocks, they’re like concrete blocks, and then every step you take just feels like you’re pushing through mud. The work that I do with clients is coming to this place of being more energetically efficient. And one of the big things I help them with is, one is releasing those energetic blocks from those old beliefs, paradigms, voices in their heads, stories. And that can be from this lifetime. That they’re familiar with and it could also be passed down and ancestrally, which is an area of science called epigenetics.

So just like how your DNA is passed down epigenetically, these stories and paradigms and beliefs are passed down and it’s passed down through the language, through the tone of voice, the way you’re parented. It’s passed down through the generations. so not only do I help them with releasing them, but I also help my clients with getting clear on.

When are you going into the autopilot? How is that preventing you from moving forward? How is that, how are you self sabotaging yourself and preventing yourself from moving

[00:19:09] Andrea Elibero: And a lot of times we don’t even know it. Right. You don’t recognize when that’s happening. Yeah.

[00:19:15] Jennifer Lyall: So I teach a process of how to check your inner battery. And I’m on a mission to teach a million people how to check their inner battery as often as they check their phone battery.

And this is about taking a pause. How am I feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in this moment? And then as you check in on a scale of one to ten of how you’re feeling in these areas, that’s also going to give you an indication as to are you in your head? How are you feeling emotionally?

How are you aligned? How are you feeling spiritually for that connection to whatever higher power it is that you believe in, to your truth, to your intuition? If those numbers are low, you’re not being energetically efficient. You are pushing through the muck and there’s something else that’s going on.

Now, sometimes there are things that happen. Maybe you’re sick. Maybe you’ve just lost someone and you’re grieving and that’s okay. So using that pause to check it is important to be able to understand and give yourself the space and grace to move through some of these things that you need a little more space to move through.

But when your numbers are low and there’s like not really a reason for it, then you’re pushing up against your old paradigms and your self sabotaging patterns. And that’s your opportunity to decide, do I want to keep trying to move forward in this way? And what you’ll notice is that if you try to push through, then whatever it is that you create, it doesn’t sit well.

You end up going back and reading it or, or reviewing it. It’s just like, Oh, that’s gone. That’s wrong. Or, or that doesn’t feel right. And it just doesn’t. It’s not an energetic match to the vision that it is that you’re creating, so you end up having to go fix it. Your other option is, huh, I can see that I’m feeling a little bit off.

I’m going to take a pause for five minutes, go outside for a little walk, be barefoot on the grass, have a sip of water, whatever it might be. As you do this more and more, you start to recognize what it is that, uh, boosts your inner battery, and then take action from a place where you’re more at an 8, 9, or 10, which I call the

[00:21:21] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. This is all a hundred percent on point in things that. are so important because I think a lot of people don’t recognize, like, even the first step, the very first step of just recognizing in yourself when you’re feeling low or when things are not feeling quite right. This is a piece that I have seen with clients, with people in general, that they skip over.

Or it’s like, almost like a glossing over of… Okay, okay, and then like to the solution or to, you know, without the pausing and, and sitting with it and making sure that everything is, and I use the word alignment a lot, so we have different vocabulary, but we’re saying the same thing. So you know what I mean?

Like in alignment like that.

[00:22:06] Jennifer Lyall: I mean?

Like, in alignment, like that.

And, and so what I find is that. There are a lot of amazing entrepreneurs that are feeling the pull to something greater, something bigger. And so they chase different programs, different support systems to help them through. And those programs and those experts, they’re gold.

They know how to do what they need to do, but they’re not, um, practice in how to guide somebody through their

[00:22:42] Andrea Elibero: Mm hmm. Mm hmm. This is, oh my God. Yes. A thousand percent. Right? They know the strategy, they know what they do, but I’ve seen a lot of people, you know, I don’t want to say fail, but go through unsuccessfully quote unquote through a program for that exact reason because exactly they don’t know The inner work.

They don’t know the inner tools that are like 80 percent of the game So yeah, I can see you like wanting to say things so do it do it because I love this Right,

[00:23:08] Jennifer Lyall: it, do it, because I love this.

Yeah, and so what I’m being shown is, like, somebody who’s a swimming coach, and maybe this isn’t the greatest analogy, but this is the analogy that I’m being shown. I’m seeing somebody saying, there’s a customer on the other side of the river.

And this person’s like, I know how to get you across to this side here. I know how, or maybe it’s just a strategy, and it’s like, so you go up on that bridge one step, it’s kind of rickety, and you have to go over there to that stone, and just don’t, don’t slip on that stone. And then, so maybe it’s not a swim coach, but it’s someone who’s trying to get them across the river, and it’s a little bit tricky and convoluted how to get there.

But once you see it, You figure it out and it’s like, oh, yeah, it’s not so bad. Yeah, you have to jump up here, go over there, but you can do it. But then when somebody falls and slips into the river and then they start to drown and they’re panicking because they’ve never been in this river. They don’t realize that it only goes up to their chest and if they just stood up, they would be okay.

They’re in such a panic that the person on the other side of the river is like, Just stand up, but they’re like, because they’re in the muck of it. And, and they don’t know how to calm that person down because it’s like, it’s just so logical to just stand up that they can’t get them calm enough to witness that they’re creating their own problem and maybe sinking down into quicksand at the bottom when they don’t even have to, if they could just calm down.

[00:24:46] Andrea Elibero: And what do you recommend? So when people are looking for mentors, coaches, people to help them, and they want to avoid this person who is, who doesn’t know what to do when they’re in the MOOC,

[00:25:00] Jennifer Lyall: when they’re

[00:25:01] Andrea Elibero: what do you suggest for them to do? What do you suggest that they look for or ask about for this potential person?

[00:25:06] Jennifer Lyall: for this potential person?

To be, to be honest, um, like you’re someone who’s very aware. The inner work, as well as the bigger

[00:25:21] Andrea Elibero: Hmm.

[00:25:21] Jennifer Lyall: Like, you get this. But a lot of people are stuck in their head. And sometimes, even when, you, uh, You might need to have different people supporting you with it.

[00:25:39] Andrea Elibero: Mm-Hmm.

[00:25:40] Jennifer Lyall: So, for me, I’m able to help people get really clear on the deep work, and I’m also able to help with the big overarching strategy.

I’m really good at both of those. Get down to the nitty gritty of everything to do. I can do it in general, but I can’t navigate them through a specific system. Unless they’re using the same system that me and my team use. But that’s not my zone of genius. I wouldn’t even want to go there. So, sometimes you need to get two, two powers to support you.

One to support you with, so you have, if you can take into consideration, you have your business and it has its own soul and its own purpose. It’s almost like you need help for help, uh, helping that to come to life and then help for you to evolve so that you’re that match to be able to bring

[00:26:34] Andrea Elibero: Hmm.

[00:26:34] Jennifer Lyall: and carry that

[00:26:35] Andrea Elibero: That’s so true. Yeah. I love that. Beautiful imagery. I love all the imagery, but it’s very true.

[00:26:40] Jennifer Lyall: Yeah. And it’s just. And it’s just like how you would have somebody that would help you with your, um, your branding and your graphic design that might not be good at setting up your website.

[00:26:50] Andrea Elibero: hmm.

[00:26:51] Jennifer Lyall: So it’s

[00:26:51] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. I want to go back to, we started this list and then we went off on a whole amazing tangent, but back to the original caterpillar, going from caterpillar to butterfly, being in the mush, and we were talking about the first step of being, deciding what you want to do, and there were more, and I want to make sure we don’t miss those.

[00:27:10] Jennifer Lyall: I want to make sure we don’t

miss any.

[00:27:17] Andrea Elibero: Mm hmm. Mm. Mm hmm.

[00:27:24] Jennifer Lyall: What’s going on inside of you. So this can take the form of a spiritual practice. It can take the form of, um, yeah, it just, the spiritual practice is a good overarching, um, way of looking at this, your practice of how you’re going to choose how you show up in the day. What I find that a lot of entrepreneurs do is they might have a great morning practice.

And that sets them up really well at the beginning of the day, and then by 10 o’clock, something’s hit their inbox, um, a crisis has showed up or whatever, and they end up going back on autopilot to who they’ve always been, because that’s how they navigate through. That’s

[00:28:06] Andrea Elibero: Do you know what this reminds me of? Um,

[00:28:09] Jennifer Lyall: of? Um,

[00:28:11] Andrea Elibero: So back in the day, I was in graduate school for clinical psychology and my focus was on smoking cessation. And one of, which by the way, was like the worst thing because it’s so hard for people to quit smoking. It was not, it didn’t feel, anyhow, that’s a different story.

But the point of my story is that One of the things that we would tell people are to have, to prepare ahead of time and know what are you going to do when you get a craving and have that in your mind already. So you have your tools so when you do have your craving for a cigarette you know what you’re going to do to not smoke.

And that’s what I feel like is potentially a really good analogy for what you’re saying in the, oh there’s something’s happening in the day, what are my tools that I can go to. to be able to get through it and not go on the autopilot.

[00:29:00] Jennifer Lyall: go on the autopilot?

I love that you brought up this example because that’s exactly what it is. You have the feeling and then you reach for the cigarette. But let’s break down what actually is coming into play when somebody goes to reach for that cigarette. They know that the feeling I’m feeling right now isn’t the way I want to feel.

Now I’m taking it from if you’re stressed out or it’s a little bit of an escape. As a non smoker, I would actually be kind of envious of the smokers because they would be going out and taking that break and getting the pause and getting away from whatever it was that you were going. So what if instead of there being the smoke break, you’re going to do this inner battery boost break?

So this is where I would encourage people to have in their schedule, checking in between tasks, even if you were to just do it morning, Midday, have it in your calendar, I have it in my calendar as a little reminder to just pause and check in, and then at the end of your day, so you can see how you’re flowing before you hop on a call with a prospective client.

Tune in. Are you showing up to this client call in survival mode because you’re desperate for money? Or are you showing up as the leader you need to be in order to get that client to that next level in the thriving mode? Because that conversation is going to go completely different based on how you’re showing up and

[00:30:30] Andrea Elibero: Mm hmm. Yes. Yes, 100%. And having those tools and knowing what to do, say, Oh, this is the mode, so checking in and then knowing, like, Oh, I’m not in the right energy, so now I know what to do to get myself into that, that mode before the call.

[00:30:44] Jennifer Lyall: mode before the call.

And it’s, it’s fascinating because as you pause and you check in and you say, how am I feeling physically?

You start to recognize the patterns of, Ooh, I’m feeling tensed up or, um, how am I feeling mentally? What are the dominant thoughts in your head? Oh, this is coming up. Or I’m feeling really foggy. One of my clients through the checking and developing the discipline of checking in throughout her day, she discovered that every day at three o’clock, if she didn’t have things planned out tickety boo with clients, if she was just having an Open day where she was doing more admin stuff or marketing or whatever She would just go off on the sidetrack at three o’clock and sometimes just go and numb herself with Netflix and then oh my gosh It’s eight o’clock But when she realized this she was able to then boost her inner battery so she could be more productive and more energetically efficient for the rest of her day

[00:31:38] Andrea Elibero: so important. So, so many, so many good things. So many good things. Um, were there any other, I know we can probably talk about it forever, but were there any other mush area, mush phased things? Yeah.

[00:31:51] Jennifer Lyall: things?

Great, yeah. Okay, so getting clear on what you want, and then it’s about becoming, becoming aware. So there’s surrendering to the processes in there too, but becoming aware of who you are being.

And so that pause to check in with yourself, check your inner battery. And make sure that you are in the right vibe. So you’re going to come out as the butterfly and not as the moth, but moths are kind of beautiful, but you know what I mean? That it’s going to unfold in the way that you want it to and getting really disciplined on what’s going on up here, what’s going on up here, because wherever you’re focusing your attention, if you’re in this cocoon and you’re like, I’m the butterfly.

I’m the butterfly. I’m the butterfly. Then you’ll turn into the butterfly. But if it’s, I’m the butterfly. Oh! But what if, what if I’m not a pretty butterfly? But, but what if I end up getting stuck and come out as a caterpillar again? Or what if my, my, my wings don’t form properly? If that’s where your dominant thoughts go, then you’re kind of commanding the mush in the cocoon

[00:33:03] Andrea Elibero: Speaking

[00:33:04] Jennifer Lyall: for what it’s going to come out to.

So, if you’re not commanding the, the mush to, I am the butterfly, I am the butterfly, your head is, if it’s not there, if it’s like all over the place and worried, then things unfold a little chaotic.

[00:33:22] Andrea Elibero: the truth, you’re speaking the truth.

[00:33:24] Jennifer Lyall: speaking the truth,

[00:33:26] Andrea Elibero: So much of this is so important, and something that, obviously, you can tell that I am really passionate about, and obviously you’re really passionate about, and I really want to spread this word and make sure people are aware because,

[00:33:40] Jennifer Lyall: people are aware

[00:33:41] Andrea Elibero: It makes me so sad, I don’t know if you’ve, so, like, you know, you like, connect with people on Instagram and whatnot, and then maybe you go back later, and then their account is gone, and you’re like, oh, they, they stopped doing their business, or, you know, it makes me so sad when people give up, and they have these dreams, and then it doesn’t happen, and this, what we’re talking about today, I think, is the thing that makes your dreams come true, that makes them a

[00:34:05] Jennifer Lyall: your dreams come true. It makes them a reality.

And I also believe that who’s in that cocoon, what’s the incubator, who you’re surrounding yourself with, because if you’re trying to turn into a butterfly or, um, what I’m being shown is that analogy of the crab in the bucket.

So if you’re hanging out with a whole bunch of crabby people that don’t… You know how to hold a vision. They are so, so stuck in their paradigms and they’re afraid of change. They’re going to keep pulling you down. And then that’s exhausting. And then eventually if you are having 80 percent of your world be in, why do you need to do that?

Why can’t you just stay there? Why don’t you just go back to your corporate job? That was a lot easier, wasn’t it? And then that’s just the biggest dream crusher. You have to surround yourself with other dreamers, with other people who are just as ambitious as you are. And you know, that’s one of the reasons why I created like my Expect Success Collective. It, just imagine what’s possible in your business when you are focusing your mindset and your energy on expecting success. I’ve been floored at the transformations in my client’s businesses. One participant, um, so it’s a six month immersion. You’re welcome to stay on, uh, but one participant just wrapped up her six months.

She started out feeling really anxious. Um, in a business with her husband and, um, she feels really drawn to being an ambassador for this particular modality and she’s like, I don’t know how I’m going to do this. And by the end of it, she’s like confident. She’s seeing how she manifests. She sees how her focused thinking and speaking, um, holds the space for what she wants to unfold.

Uh, and she just gets floored at the results that she’s creating and she’s like, how do I. Yeah. Keep this up. How do I make sure that nobody else’s energy impacts mine? It’s like, well, you’ve got to create your own little expect success collective within your business so that you have everybody in the same mindset on the same focus and then Things will go

[00:36:10] Andrea Elibero: Yes, yes, yes. It’s so powerful. Like it can’t be over overstated how powerful it is to be in a powerful group, right. And have all that energy around you that raises you up as opposed to pulling you down. So yeah, a hundred percent. Mm-Hmm.

[00:36:27] Jennifer Lyall: And, and choosing your suppliers consciously. So having somebody like you, who is also of that mindset. So it’s not only the logical aspect of it, but also having the energetic awareness too.

[00:36:42] Andrea Elibero: Hmm.

[00:36:43] Jennifer Lyall: huge. It’s huge.

[00:36:45] Andrea Elibero: I could do this forever, I want to stay on all day, but I will respect our boundaries, our time boundaries. So please share about you, your business, how can we stay in touch, all of the things, so that way, like, because love, love all of it, and everybody needs to follow and

[00:37:03] Jennifer Lyall: And everybody needs to follow and connect with you. So how do we do that?

Oh, thank you so much. Uh, so as an intuitive business mentor, I work with people both one on one and in some group.

programs. If you’re really curious about this idea of checking your inner battery and how you can use that as a way to start some, uh, really good energy management in your day, you can visit my website, j l y a l l. com forward slash energy. And you can get my free seven day energy transformation to help you attract more clients.

It’s just delicious.

[00:37:33] Andrea Elibero: This will be linked, of course, in the show notes and shared with everybody. Thank you so much, Jennifer, for being here and speaking with me today, and I look forward to continuing this relationship that we have. Thank you.

[00:37:47] Jennifer Lyall: Thank you.