Soulpreneur Scaling Stories Podcast: 10. From Copywriter to Energetic Marketing and Copy Coach

Join us in this episode of Soulful Scaling Stories as we dive into the scaling journey of Mia Kercher, an Energetic Marketing and Copy Coach. 

Starting as a copywriter, Mia’s journey took multiple twists and turns until she found her truly aligned niche. She initially & unsuccessfully leaned heavily on strategic knowledge from famous copywriting gurus. Ultimately, it was a spiritual mentor’s advice that reshaped her path. The suggestion to channel her ideal clients and incorporate her energetic gifts into her work was a game-changer.

Once Mia merged her strategic prowess with her energetic insights, her business soared. What once felt like a struggle turned into a fulfilling journey with rapid growth. Mia realized that, in the marketing world, it’s essential to embody both sides: the strategic, plan-oriented approach, and the incorporation of personal uniqueness and confidence.

Today, Mia’s business thrives on the harmonious blend of strategy and energetics. Her teachings, whether in courses or one-on-one coaching, intertwine these elements seamlessly. Mia’s story is evidence of the transformative power of embracing your true self and incorporating it into your business.

Tune in to gain insights into Mia’s journey and discover the magic that can happen when you merge the practical and the energetic in your business.

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[00:00:00] Andrea Elibero: Andrea here, your host and passionate business coach and scaling strategist for Soulful Service Providers and Coaches. Welcome to another episode of Soulpreneur Scaling Stories. Have you ever wanted to look behind the curtain of your fellow entrepreneur’s business to see what actually went into scaling it?

Well, you are in for a treat because that’s exactly what we are doing here. In each episode, we will be uncovering the truth, the lessons, and the stories behind what it truly takes for sold renewers to scale their businesses intentionally. I’m hoping that their stories will help you to unlock the true potential of your business so you can create your own soulful, abundant, and aligned laptop lifestyle.

Style through intentional scaling. So whether you’re just starting out on your scaling journey, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur seeking inspiration, this episode has something incredible in store for you. Are you ready to rise, grow, and create a business that fully supports your dream life? Well, let’s dive in.

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Hello. So today we have energetic marketing and copy coach Mia Kircher here with us to share her soulful scaling story. So welcome. And thank you so much for being with us today.

[00:01:19] Mia Kersher: Thank you very much. I’m really happy to be here.

[00:01:23] Andrea Elibero: So we’re going to get into your story, but first let’s talk about where you are now. So please introduce yourself and tell us what your business looks like today.

[00:01:33] Mia Kersher: Yeah. So what my business looks like today, the reason I call myself an energetic marketing and copywriting coach is because, um, well, I started out as a done for you copywriter. I had various iterations of that business until I found my niche, the thing that really worked for me. And I remember things were, were, you know, my background is very strategic, very much like learned from copy hackers and, you know, James Wedmore and these like famous strategic copywriting people.

And things would just be very stop and go in terms of business. Like, okay. I get some clients and then it would be a struggle again. And I get some clients and it would be a struggle again. And then I was working with a spiritual teacher mentor at the time. And she was like, why don’t you just channel your ideal clients?

Like, why don’t you incorporate some of your. energetic gifts. And I was like, Oh, that’s a great idea. Why didn’t I think of that? And once I started to blend the two sort of worlds that I’d been living, that’s when things actually really took off in my business. And it was pretty amazing. I think it was within really a month, but it felt like overnight. fully booked, weightless, doubling my, like, it was really amazing how, how well it took off. And so what I realized is just in this marketing business world, it’s so important to have both sides to have the strategic side where you have the plan and you know how to sell and you know how to talk about your offers.

And then to have the other side of. Are you incorporating yourself, like your, your unique gifts, your, even if you’re not like super spiritual or into energetics, like your hobbies, your personality, your, your own stepping into more confidence. So I think both just have to go together. Um, in terms of what that looks like. Essentially, they’re both incorporated into all my teachings. It’s like, yeah, here’s a strategy about how to optimize your sales page. And here’s a meditation you can do to get more aligned energetically with your offer and your ideal clients. So yeah, in terms of the courses that I now teach or the coaching that I do with people, one on one or in groups.

They’re always like mixed up, they’re hand in hand.

[00:04:15] Andrea Elibero: So you’re doing, so you’re offering both coaching and then do you still have done for you work in your offer suite at the moment? What does it look like in your business right now?

[00:04:26] Mia Kersher: I’m not offering it publicly, so at the end of last year, I decided I wouldn’t take on any new done for you clients. So throughout this year, I’ve had a few of my old, old clients, like, well, you know, the clients I had before, they will kind of trickle in and have me help them with launches or various projects.

So that’s like, how often is that? I would say every couple of months or every few months I’m doing a done for you project, but it’s definitely very much in the background.

[00:05:02] Andrea Elibero: right? So everything you’re focused on now is coaching. And this is what you’re doing. So both the energetic and the strategy and all that fun stuff to do with coaching. So, very cool. And I’m going to come back to, don’t you worry, we’re going to come back to talking about the energetics and what not. But I want to, first, get into when you first started on your entrepreneurial journey, what did your business look like then?

[00:05:25] Mia Kersher: Oh, I mean, I, I first started out doing SEO blog content writing. So I was mainly doing blogs for people. And

[00:05:36] Andrea Elibero: was this?

[00:05:37] Mia Kersher: this was, this started in 2018.

[00:05:43] Andrea Elibero: Okay.

[00:05:43] Mia Kersher: Yeah, yeah, I started doing that in 2018. Um, yeah, found some people in like Facebook groups, you know, where I was like, oh, I have a skill in writing, and does anybody know of something?

And then got a few gigs doing that. And then I was like, you know… This is really something I can do. So it started out with the blog writing and maybe occasional ads, but mostly those long form blogs writing, like getting paid per word a lot of the time, like you get paid this much per this many words.

[00:06:18] Andrea Elibero: I mean, but a lot of people start out like that, right? This is not an uncommon pathway to get into this world that we are living in currently. So let’s talk about your journey, because I think that this will kind of be like the meat of it. It’ll be really cool to, to see, okay, how do we go from paid for word blog writing to now like energetic marketing and copy coach.

In not that long of a time in a few short years so can you take us on this ride on your journey through from the beginning to where we are now and how you really were able to Like you said like step into your authentic self and find that and and use that to Really explode your business

[00:06:59] Mia Kersher: Yeah. So let’s see. I think what happened was that first, what I was doing, you know, the freelancing gigs. They were definitely just like, okay, I need to make some money. I have this skill. I can do this. Um, got, got pretty booked doing that. And then I think with any type of business that you do, you can try so hard to get booked.

And then once you get booked and you’re doing the work, you’re like, wait, this isn’t that fun.

[00:07:33] Andrea Elibero: Oh

[00:07:33] Mia Kersher: Like, I’m not really enjoying.

[00:07:35] Andrea Elibero: write, like, this is good, but not like all day, every day or it’s, it’s like, okay, just because I start doing this or because I can get clients doing this doesn’t mean that this is what I have to do from now until the end of time.

[00:07:51] Mia Kersher: Yeah. Yeah. And I know a lot of the times I’ve looked back and gone like, damn, what if I had just stuck with that and like built out an agency and that would have made so many less challenges than pivoting. All these times but I mean ultimately you do have to do what you want to do or else You are just going to end up feeling stuck.

[00:08:14] Andrea Elibero: Well, or else you’ll be like me and then, and then making this agency as this VA general whatnot. And then be like, why am I doing this? And then like wake up one day and be like, but I don’t like this. Why, why did I build this whole thing? And then start over with something different. Right? So like, so it’s true that when you really want to be sustainable and happy, because why are like, that’s why we’re doing this, right?

Is to really feel fulfilled that we really need to find the things that actually fulfill us. So, you’re like, okay, I’m doing this, I’m booked out, but I don’t feel fulfilled. And then what happened? Then what did you do?

[00:08:48] Mia Kersher: Yeah. Yeah So then I was like, okay Copywriting that’s more, you know, I can do websites. I can do sales pages these kinds of things um, so it started out as just jet like I would do any kind of copywriting for I think what I had said originally was creative entrepreneurs. I was like, yeah, like creative people.

Um, but then I ended up stumbling upon, okay, well, who really considers themselves to be a creative person. And I was running into a lot of like artists or people selling. Yeah. Artwork, creative projects, things like that, but their mindset around selling their art and investing in somebody to. Help them sell it was just it was all convincing It was like this is really important thing to do.

You should invest like you should have a copywriter Um felt like pulling teeth so then I was like You know, I used to do so much writing for coaches and they really had no problem hiring a writer outsourcing this kind of thing. And it’s so funny how things are just so random a lot of the time where you’re just like, okay, let me try this.

Um, so yeah, I,

[00:10:09] Andrea Elibero: part of it, too, right? Like, that’s part of the journey, like, at least definitely for me, like, I’m the type of person, like, I need to, like, do the thing to see if I actually like it or to see, so it, it’s random, but I feel like part of the journey is the doing, and from the doing, you’re like, okay, this fits or it doesn’t fit, because you can think about it all day long, right?

But until you actually go and try it out, that’s when you see if it’s, if it’s good, if it works for you.

[00:10:32] Mia Kersher: yeah, exactly. Yeah. You never get it like perfectly by just like going and being a hermit and like going to the top of a mountain and thinking about it, it’s never going to happen unless you actually try something and see what

[00:10:45] Andrea Elibero: Mm hmm. Mm hmm. So, okay. So now you’re like, okay, these coaches, they like to invest. Like, let me go back to them because I don’t have to convince them that I’m worthy, that they need me.

[00:10:56] Mia Kersher: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And, um, and in that I got into launch copy because launching is such a huge part of the coaching business is like launching your courses, launching your programs, all of that stuff. And I really liked launch copy cause it’s like this exciting, you know,

[00:11:14] Andrea Elibero: Mm.

[00:11:15] Mia Kersher: you really get to see the results come in pretty quickly.

You can like be part of this. energetic time. Um, so that is what I ended up doing, like, for, for quite, quite a while, was doing the launch copywriting, um, and some funnels, quite a, quite a few funnels as well, like making those launch launches evergreen for people. But,

[00:11:41] Andrea Elibero: a while like, okay, I’m doing this. It’s going well. Right? Like, I’m doing this done for you. Launch copy for these coaches. It’s feeling good. And then something happened. No? I imagine. Mm hmm.

[00:11:54] Mia Kersher: Yeah, um, I would say then it was more of a gradual thing, like, okay, I’m doing, I’m doing this copywriting for these coaches. And I think from a business perspective, I was like, I really need to have something a little bit more tangible to talk about rather than just copywriting sales.

[00:12:12] Andrea Elibero: hmm.

[00:12:13] Mia Kersher: offers, it was like people needed something more tangible to grab onto.

So that’s also why I got into the launch copywriting. Cause it was like, we can talk about a launch that they have, a course that they’re promoting, and then just having that specificity. In terms of positioning an offer and talking about an offer, it’s so helpful to be able to be like, this is the thing you’re working on.

This is the goal that you have, and I can help you with it, rather than being like, Hmm, I’m

[00:12:43] Andrea Elibero: I write

[00:12:43] Mia Kersher: selling things. Yeah,

[00:12:45] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. Yes.

[00:12:47] Mia Kersher: Yeah.

[00:12:47] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, and specificity is, it’s interesting because I have talked to… Like, I love all the different viewpoints of when you get to do things like this and talk to all these cool people because, because I agree with you because the minute that I was like, Oh, this is my phone, you know, like kind of like something that came to me, it’s like, Oh, this is my thing and it makes talking about it so much easier, but then there’s also people who are sort of more general and it really works for them or they know how to talk about that in a way that, I don’t know, it just flows for them and they’re also super successful.

So I think the thing I want to point out is that Is that it’s what resonates with you and what you can talk about, right? And like what you’re excited about. So, so. I don’t like to tell people, this is the, you have to do X, Y, Z, 1, 2, 3, right? This is like a, you have to do what feels aligned with you and what felt aligned with you was, oh, like for me or like in your, in your words, if I’m you, right?

Like, uh, I love talking. Okay. I love to talk about these tangible things and like simplify this. And if I focus on this, like that is, it feels better for me. That’s easier for me to do like, perfect. So let’s go down that route. Right. Like, did I miss speak in any of that or did that kind of encapsulate it?

Mm hmm. Mm

[00:13:54] Mia Kersher: Yeah. It does. It does. And the thing, yeah. The thing is like what people often think about marketing is like, okay, I have to go and figure out how to market. And then I’m going to fit my offer and what I do into a marketing strategy that works. Whereas really it’s about figure out what you want to do. And then we make the marketing. hold that up and take it where it needs to go. Um, because yeah, even if you’re like a general, you know, anything, anything like a lot of my clients are life coaches. So I, I use that example a lot where like, even if you’re a general life coach and you could literally help anybody do anything, um, that’s fine.

And we can come up with the messaging and the strategy that will make that effective and sell it.

[00:14:45] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. Beautiful. Beautiful. So, okay, so now you’re on this gradual like, oh, like, kind of like a slow transition perhaps into going from done for you into coaching. So what did that look like?

[00:15:01] Mia Kersher: Yeah. Well,

[00:15:01] Andrea Elibero: Because I think that’s important to be in tune with, like, what’s going on inside of you when you’re doing these things, because you were doing the work, right?

You’re like, you’re, you have clients, like, things are going well, and what was going on internally that hinted to you, like, Oh, maybe I should change this a bit.

[00:15:18] Mia Kersher: Yeah, so it’s funny because again, it was like wanting to be fully booked and then getting fully booked and I was quite overbooked. Honestly, I talk a lot about how I was launching like two times these huge launches every month for these coaches. Um,

[00:15:37] Andrea Elibero: That’s a

[00:15:37] Mia Kersher: it was a lot

[00:15:39] Andrea Elibero: Yeah.

[00:15:42] Mia Kersher: and what I found myself doing was procrastinating a lot where it would be like, I know, I know how to do this. I know how to do it so well. And I would question myself too, cause I’d be like, well, these, these people, they have great values. They’re aligned with my values. I like helping them grow their business and what they’re doing in the world.

Um, but yeah, projects that didn’t need to take me that long. I would procrastinate. Um, which

[00:16:12] Andrea Elibero: am nodding, like I am nodding so much because I’m like, oh my god, yes, like not just me, but like so many of my clients, my coaching clients that I talk to are like, yeah, like this client I can, like, they kind of like, that’s, that’s a really good clue that something is not fitting anymore. It’s not aligned anymore.

You’re like, okay, I have to do this now. I don’t want to.

[00:16:32] Mia Kersher: Yeah, like you tried all the strategies, like you’re like, I did the time blocking and I tried the, I don’t know, the coffee shop or the co working space or whatever. Um, and that’s when you do have to go into the inner work and be like, okay. My, like, body, my soul, you know, some part of me is telling me that I don’t actually want to be doing this.

Um, and it’s funny because, like, fast forward to now, I write copy for myself all the time. I launch, like, all the time for myself. And I’m never procrastinating it. I just, you know… get right to it and do it and enjoy it. Um, so I do think that those, those kinds of like, yeah, if, if you notice yourself really procrastinating something, it can really be a sign that something is off and there’s some inner exploration to do.

[00:17:27] Andrea Elibero: And was that your sign? Was that like, Oh, let me take a look at this. See what’s going on in here.

[00:17:33] Mia Kersher: Yeah. I was already doing inner work like at the time. Yeah. I was, I was like, I was pretty actively doing inner work and like, On a self-discovery journey of getting to know myself and strengthening my intuition. And, um, so I think that was also part of it was like all of a sudden I wasn’t able to just be hustling all the time because, um, at some point when you do that kind of work, you, you actually can’t ignore yourself anymore.

[00:18:08] Andrea Elibero: You’re like, no matter how hard I try to ignore what’s happening, I can’t do it. Was the work you were doing, you were talking about suffix exploration, this was outside of the business realm. This was just you and doing this work outside of business. Is that correct?

[00:18:23] Mia Kersher: Um, pretty much. So I had a mentor at the time who was, she was very, she was like a shaman and she was very spiritual, but she was also into business too. So she didn’t help me with any kinds of strategies or anything like that. But I would bring sometimes some things about business to her and be like, what do you think about this?

And she would. Reflect things back and give advice. It wasn’t really business advice. It was still more in your work advice

[00:18:52] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. Very

[00:18:54] Mia Kersher: that was connected to business.

[00:18:56] Andrea Elibero: neat. And I ask that because I have found… That, I’m sure that you agree, that when you’re doing work in your business, it is such, in and of itself, it is such a journey of self exploration and self discovery and growth and all these things that a lot of people don’t realize that is happening, right?

Like, right, like, so, oh my god, and you’re like, what’s going on? I just wanted to have a bit, like, not go to work 9 to 5, like, what am I doing? And, and similar to you, I did, well, I did a, like, a lot of, These like spiritual types of things right before I started my business and then I started my business and then I’ve really had to like lean on and expand and use these practices within myself in my business in order to do all the stuff that we’re talking about, right?

In order to feel like, Oh, like, what am I doing? What’s the line? What does my body feel like? Like, like all of these things to really be able to step into and grow and build the confidence, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, like of business. So it sounds like you were doing a similar thing as well.

[00:19:57] Mia Kersher: Yeah, it is. It’s, it’s so funny because like, like you said, you don’t go into business because you’re like, I want to find myself or I want to do inner work or whatever, but I, I always also say that business is a tool for soul work. Um, and it’s funny, because a lot of the big lessons that I’ve learned in business is watching, um, relationship coaches and how they teach about how you interact, like, when you’re dating somebody, um, and like.

Looking at your attachment style. Like, is it anxious attachment style? Is it avoidant attachment style, those things, and then thinking about your business as if it’s like a person that, you know, um,

[00:20:43] Andrea Elibero: What’s your attachment style to your business?

[00:20:45] Mia Kersher: yeah, exactly. What’s your attachment style to your business? Like, what is your business like mirroring to you?

There’s all these different things. And, um, and the more you actually grow the inner person and work on these things, the easier business becomes.

[00:21:03] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. Well, yeah, a hundred percent, like a hundred percent, right? Especially with the things, at least in my, from what I’ve seen, I see a lot of people struggling with like visibility and imposter syndrome and confidence and all of that. And I feel like this is a huge place where. Where this inner work really helps with those things in business and outside in life.

And it’s really cool, like the transformation and the growth is so cool.

[00:21:27] Mia Kersher: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, people are always asking me like, okay, what’s a, what’s a way that I can look more confident in my marketing? Like what’s, what are some words I can use that sound more confident? And there are those things, but at the end of the day, do you actually feel confident? Do you actually believe in yourself? Because if you don’t, then like. It’s like putting on, I don’t know, clothes that aren’t the right size or something like that. It’s just not going to work,

[00:21:57] Andrea Elibero: Well, you can feel it. Like, when, even, I feel like when I’m writing or when I see other people, like you can feel the energy. It comes through the

[00:22:05] Mia Kersher: Mm hmm.

[00:22:06] Andrea Elibero: through the page, it just comes through. And so, when you are aligned and when everything is flowing and you’re feeling so excited, like, that is a totally different energy than when you’re like…

Okay, I’m doing this thing and like, I’m going to write the words that make it sound like that, you know, but like, you can feel it like a hundred percent.

[00:22:24] Mia Kersher: Yeah. And there are some signs that I notice in people that I’ll point out to my clients sometimes, where I’ll be like, I think you’re really hiding behind education here. Like, they’ll give all this, these educational tips, and then at the very bottom that you can barely see, they’re like, and by the way, you can work with me.

And I’m like, start with, you know, and I’ll even ask them, like, how would it feel if you got on your stories and you were like, here’s why it’s amazing to work with me. Most of them are like, no.

[00:22:58] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. But can I just like show you like, you know, my, my behind the scenes what I’m doing today? Like

[00:23:04] Mia Kersher: Yeah, exactly.

[00:23:05] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. No, for sure. For sure. Um, so then was your transition then at this point, then were you like, Okay. Like, let me start doing some of this. Like, I hold all of this, like, and I think you had told me at a different point that the difference or a difference for you was building up your confidence

[00:23:25] Mia Kersher: Yeah.

[00:23:25] Andrea Elibero: to coach.

[00:23:28] Mia Kersher: yeah, there were, there was building up my confidence in the copywriting.

[00:23:36] Andrea Elibero: Mm-Hmm.

[00:23:38] Mia Kersher: there, yeah, there was also confidence in the coaching as well. Um, ’cause I had done some coaching, like I would sell strategy sessions that people would sign up for, or occasionally people would buy, like several sessions. So, um, I was doing it already, but I think actually even.

Even going up to somebody and being like, I’m a coach. That was something that I, what, that took me a while to build up the confidence to even say, cause I’d be like, well, I’m a copywriter and, and I’ve been teaching it also. It’s like, no, I’m a coach. Um,

[00:24:16] Andrea Elibero: Mm-Hmm.

[00:24:18] Mia Kersher: and if you’re asking like what the difference is and feeling that. Yeah. It’s an interesting question. I think. It’s, it’s just like, part of it is doing it over and over again and getting used to it. Also reminding yourself of the results that you’ve gotten people and the results that people have gotten working with you. Um, and, and again, that’s where the subconscious work often comes in. It’s like, there’s probably like some inner child part of you or something like that, that’s like, You know still dealing with things from your childhood where people told you like you’re not good enough for that or You can’t do that or you’re not good at whatever Um, and then that part needs to be worked on in the subconscious as well where then you can come through and be like I’m a coach or you know, whatever it is.

You’re trying to come come out and say Um and and actually feel like you believe what you’re saying rather than just saying it because you feel like you need to

[00:25:35] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. Yeah. So important. So important. So. You were able to really step into this coaching role and really just transition fully into this role this year. So which is amazing. So starting out writing blogs per word and then really stepping into this like energetic marketing and copy coach role. And I think it’s so cool to just be able to show people that these things are possible.

You know, that like, that it’s totally possible, totally doable, that you can claim the thing that. You want to be, and like, actually want to do, you can do that. Like, this is open to you. So, along this journey, what has been just a hurdle? Like, what is your biggest hurdle that you have felt like, oh, I’m trying to grow and become and figure out, you know, do like this authentic thing and scale and grow my business, and this is the thing that I keep coming up against.

[00:26:27] Mia Kersher: Mm hmm So I think what because now I guess i’ve technically pivoted like three times. Um, so

[00:26:38] Andrea Elibero: club. We’re in the pivot club. We’re like, we’re just going to do the thing.

[00:26:42] Mia Kersher: Change your podcast name. This is the pivot club. Um, yeah, so every time it takes time to get the audience to like catch up with the new thing that you’re talking about or maybe even build, you know, to grow the audience with different types of people now, like maybe your ideal client needs to shift. Um, so yeah, it does, it does take some time and you can’t, you just can’t know ahead of time how long it will take.

It’s like, you know, my pivot from general business owners to coaches was relatively fast, but this pivot from done for you to coaching took

[00:27:30] Andrea Elibero: Mm hmm. Yeah.

[00:27:32] Mia Kersher: for probably the first three months, it was like showing up and selling, showing up and selling, showing up and selling, um, before, before I could really feel the momentum and then things did snowball pretty quickly.

[00:27:48] Andrea Elibero: And that happens, right? A lot of people give up before they’re like, oh, this isn’t working. And they did it for like a few weeks and like, no, no, this is not catching up. But it like. And do you feel like, like, what made you keep going? Like, why did you keep going when you’re like, okay, nothing’s happening.

Nothing’s happening. Nothing’s happening.

[00:28:05] Mia Kersher: I just kept reminding myself that, you know, this, this is worth it because this is a result of the inner work. This is a result of figuring out who I am as a person, and this is what I know I want. So, it’s worth it. And of course there, there were times where it was like, ah, should I just like go find that, that one client who used to like pay me a lot and,

[00:28:29] Andrea Elibero: Right. The easy road. Yeah. Sometimes it is. You’re like, Oh, I know I could just get this one done for you coin and they would pay me and it would be fine. And I didn’t have to do all of this work, but in now, when you’re standing here today, was it worth it?

[00:28:44] Mia Kersher: Oh, 100%. Yeah, absolutely. Even just, even in the doing it, like, like how I had said, I would procrastinate that copywriting, and even now when I’m doing copywriting, it’s very smooth and, and it flows. Um, so even like, even though the results weren’t there in that time, the act of actually doing it was enjoyable.

Um, and that’s where people always say, enjoy the journey, enjoy the journey. And it’s like, that is how you enjoy the journey. Like, do you actually enjoy doing the work? Yeah. It can be frustrating when you need money, et cetera, but like, do you actually enjoy doing the work? And that’s really the, um, that’s like how, you know, if you’re on the right path, I think.

[00:29:34] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, for sure. And so along those lines, sort of. So this hurdle is really okay. Like we need to be patient and keep going because you know, at some point. It’s you know that this is like what you want to do and the tides are going to turn it’s going to catch up and snowball and take off like period like this is going to happen if you believe in it.

And of course, you’re like doing things, you know, being educated in what you’re

[00:29:57] Mia Kersher: Yeah,

[00:29:58] Andrea Elibero: Um, so from that hurdle and what you’ve learned, what’s a top tip that you would love to share other service providers who are thinking of growing and scaling and that you’ve learned from your own journey?

[00:30:13] Mia Kersher: Um, a top tip for someone thinking of growing and scaling. Um, I would say make sure that it’s something that you actually want to do, not something that you just think, well, I can do this or I could do this. Um, so yeah, like on the one hand, take the time. But also be doing action because again, you can’t just disappear from society and figure everything out.

It comes through doing action. Um, yeah. And then in that, I would say, make sure you know how to do it too. Um, because that is a difference is like. I did have skills in selling and growing a business and getting clients, um, that I was able to go, well, I know that these things work and I know that they just take some time.

Whereas if you’re just going along and doing random things, like. Taking random tips that you heard from random people that that can just make it take so much longer. I’m sure you can figure it out eventually, um, but you know, it’s not like I’m saying go hire a one on one coach, like pay all your money, which you, you know, you can hire a one on one coach if you want to, but ultimately find a strategy that works and stick to it and make sure you actually know that you’re taking steps that are going to work in the end.

[00:31:54] Andrea Elibero: yeah, so it could be like hire a one on one coach or have a strategy session or have something like there are pieces, maybe there’s pieces that would make the journey better, easier, more aligned that feel, you know, that feel good for you. Um, so yeah, so don’t be afraid because, because this. It’s so helpful.

It’s so helpful. I’ve done this, you know, numerous times myself. I’m sure you have too, like invested in the things that like, okay, I know I’m really good at like these areas X, Y, Z. And then there’s a couple of areas over here that, you know, maybe I need to boost this a little bit. And full disclosure, Ms.

Mia helped me because one of the areas that I’m growing in is in my messaging and in, and in writing copy that. Mmm, makes sense. The link is,

[00:32:43] Mia Kersher: Right. Right.

[00:32:44] Andrea Elibero: how to, how to, see, look, see, I can’t even say it right. The link. So, you helped me and taught me so many just like little things that make a big difference.

because that is your area of expertise and then my area of expertise is more on like The actual like structure and the scaling and like the plan and the strategy behind it like the bigger picture thing So so like learning some of these things is is from people along the way like this is just gonna make the path Like you said like so much more smoothly.

It’s much more

[00:33:14] Mia Kersher: Mm hmm.

[00:33:14] Andrea Elibero: English so much smoother and And yeah, and, and more enjoyable, I think too. It’s fun to, I don’t know, for me, like, I love learning, so it’s so fun to like, oh, this is, okay, okay, I see you, like, I know where we’re going, right? Like, it’s cool.

[00:33:29] Mia Kersher: Yeah. And I think also, like, it’s just very important to have support. Um, so I know that for me, I live in a small town where people are not really into personal development, entrepreneurship. So, um, getting that support online, I did join a mastermind at the beginning of the year because I was just like, I do want that support.

Like there are big challenges and when you can’t see the big picture, like, Oh, I know that, um, in this month, the momentum is going to pick up and I’m going to make this it like when you don’t know.

[00:34:07] Andrea Elibero: Right. Yeah. Yeah. The support is so helpful to have that. We’re also, also both part of the club of people who have moved abroad to other countries. So, and I think that also makes the finding online support that much more, it’s so nice that it’s there, like comforting, you know, because you may not have it.

Like you said, And it’s not even just because we moved abroad, but even people just locally, you know, like, especially when you’re like the crazy person in your family who started a business instead of doing like the normal thing, right? The quote, unquote, normal thing. So yes, find your support, find your people, find the help where you need it and really help yourself and believe to me is also believing and knowing that this help is, is part of the journey.

It’s an investment. In your own growth, both like personally and business wise. So you’re always learning and you’re always going to get something from it. And it’s just really important to do. And it’s helped me out. There’s no way I could be where I am without like totally on my own, like floating around on a little Island.

Like there’s no way. Right.

[00:35:09] Mia Kersher: absolutely. And it is, I think in today’s. Online business marketing world where it’s so like they got instant results and they got instant results. And then if you join a program or something, and you don’t, maybe you go through the whole program and still didn’t see a lot of results. You can feel like, oh, that was a waste of money, but ultimately it is like growing your skills, growing your personal strength, growing whatever it was that you were in that program for.

Um, and that’s right. It really is like when people say you invest in yourself, it’s, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re investing in yourself as a person, um, not just in like a three month, a six month or whatever kind of program.

[00:35:59] Andrea Elibero: Right. Because even if you don’t see results right then and there, there, there’s going to be something that happens. You’re going to grow in some way. Maybe that’s internally and you don’t even realize. Maybe you stepped into the next level of confidence and it’s something that you didn’t even appreciate at the time.

But without that, you know, maybe that confidence push would have taken another year or

[00:36:20] Mia Kersher: Yeah,

[00:36:21] Andrea Elibero: something that you’ve absorbed from being in this community or being in that group and And you’ve subconsciously incorporated that, you know, and then you see these, like, things start, things start happening six months, a year later.

Like, it really is, like, what can I, like, going into it with the expectation, I agree with you, of, like, I’m going to get these instant results, and that’s why I, like, despise the marketing of, like, You’re going to get to 10k in three minutes because I’m going to give you all the secrets, right? Like, I can’t.

Like, I cannot.

[00:36:48] Mia Kersher: yeah, I

[00:36:49] Andrea Elibero: this marketing.

Okay, so Mia, please let us know how we can stay in touch with you. If there’s anything you’d like to share, the floor is yours.

[00:36:58] Mia Kersher: Yeah, so definitely stay in touch on Instagram. That’s my most active place. Um, so that’s just at mia. kircher. Um, you can follow me there. I have been recording a lot on TikTok lately as well, if you like TikTok. Um, and then I was thinking about a Class that I offer, I have a free master class, which is called attract higher quality clients, which I think will be great for anybody who is wanting to pivot, um, whether you’re wanting to pivot services or. uplevel your ideal client to somebody who’s like more willing to invest. So, um, I think we can include the, the link to access that if you want to get that. And then you’ll be on my email list. So there’s lots of different ways you can stay in touch, whatever you do join, just make sure you pop in and say hi.

So I can actually meet you and talk to you. Cause I love doing.

[00:38:00] Andrea Elibero: Connecting like a human. Yeah. So we’ll definitely have those, those links there. Cause that sounds like a perfect, a perfect gift for everybody listening here. So thank you so, so much for being here and this was amazing and I look forward to connecting further.

[00:38:16] Mia Kersher: Yes, absolutely. Thank you so much. Thanks everybody for listening. Who’s listening. And I’ll talk to you soon.

[00:38:23] Andrea Elibero: Bye.

[00:38:25] Mia Kersher: Bye! 

[00:38:28] Andrea Elibero: Thank you so much for joining us today. I really hope you found inspiration and insights from today’s episode. You know, scaling your business intentionally and from the inside out is a transformational process, but I’m here to support you every step of the way. Head on over to dancingleafsolutions. com slash resources for free tools to help you do just that.

And thank you again for being a part of the Soulpreneur Scaling Stories community. Your presence and dedication to growth inspire me every day.