Soulpreneur Scaling Stories Podcast: 005. Following Your Human Design to Unlock Your Business Potential

Lauren Armstrong uses Human Design as a guide to unlocking her clients’ business potential. Lauren’s unique approach utilizes your Human Design chart, your energetic blueprint, to reveal your natural tendencies, your points of resistance, and where you thrive in the flow. This becomes your roadmap to embracing your most authentic self in business.

Join us as Lauren shares her scaling journey and the evolution of her business as well as lessons for you to do the same. 

Currently, she’s sowing the seeds and crafting systems to make her transformative work accessible to more people. Lauren is on a mission to empower individuals to understand and implement their design without the need for live interpretation.

Lauren talks about her really unique offers that allowed her business to scale: a one-on-one deep dive into your chart as well as her products and courses. These options cater to diverse needs, ensuring no one is held back from their full potential.

If you’re ready to uncover your unique path in business and embrace your true self, don’t miss this episode. Lauren Armstrong is here to guide you toward your authentic scaling business journey.

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[00:00:00] Andrea Elibero: Andrea here, your host and passionate business coach and scaling strategist for Soulful Service Providers and Coaches. Welcome to another episode of Soulpreneur Scaling Stories. Have you ever wanted to look behind the curtain of your fellow entrepreneur’s business to see what actually went into scaling it?

[00:00:21] Andrea Elibero: Well, you are in for a treat because that’s exactly what we are doing here. In each episode, we will be uncovering the truth, the lessons, and the stories behind what it truly takes for Soulpreneurs to scale their businesses intentionally. I’m hoping that their stories will help you to unlock the true potential of your business so you can create your own soulful, abundant, and aligned laptop lifestyle through intentional scaling.

[00:00:43] Andrea Elibero: So whether you’re just starting out on your scaling journey or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur seeking inspiration, this episode has something incredible in store for you. Are you ready to rise, grow, and create a business that fully supports your dream life? Well, let’s dive in. Before we begin, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss an empowering episode filled with real stories and soulful insights.

[00:01:03] Andrea Elibero: Hello, hello. So today we have projector guide Lauren Armstrong here with us to share her scaling story. Thank you so much. Please go ahead and introduce yourself and tell us what your business looks like today.

[00:01:16] Lauren Armstrong: Amazing. Thank you for having me. Hello. I’m Lauren Armstrong. I am a human design for business guide. Um, and what I really do is look, use your human design chart, which is your energetic blueprint, the way that you’re designed to interact with the world around you. And I, we look at it and we say, okay.

[00:01:32] Lauren Armstrong: What are you most naturally designed to do? Where are you going to show up in resistance? Where are you going to show up in flow? And really use that as a map to guide us to be our most. I hate this word, but it’s like the truest word, our most authentic self in business, right? It’s like, how do you show up as you?

[00:01:50] Lauren Armstrong: Um, so, so that’s my business. That’s my background. Um, and currently what that looks like at, from a scaling perspective is really putting in. The seeds and the systems to be able to do some of this work without having to be in it with every person. Right. It’s like, so how do I actually create a product, a course, a system so that people can actually get that transformation and that understanding of their design and how to implement it without me having to be the one to kind of interpret it live.

[00:02:25] Lauren Armstrong: So that’s where I am right now. Yeah. Letting go.

[00:02:28] Andrea Elibero: This is, you stumbled into my, my passions without knowing it, I think. So I’m like, Oh, tell me more about what systems you’re implementing in your business. Cause I am so all about. All about that as a certified OBM and business coach and scaling strategist, so I’m all about making people’s businesses flow easier.

[00:02:49] Andrea Elibero: So, so yes, for sure. And what are you offering? Are you offering one on one? Are you offering group? Like what are you, what does it actually look

[00:02:57] Lauren Armstrong: Yeah, I have all of them, right?

[00:03:00] Andrea Elibero: All the things,

[00:03:01] Lauren Armstrong: All of it is available. It’s like just depending on how much like support and what kind of work you’re desiring to do with it. So, um, I do offer one on one and that more looks like, um, Really, you know, in depth support where we look at the chart and we look at like, okay, what is holding you back?

[00:03:17] Lauren Armstrong: What is creating resistance? What does your money story look like? Where can we find that in the chart? Like really specific things that we can like, look to decondition. Um, like if you’re like, I’m at this plateau, I keep hitting this plateau. It feels like I’m doing all the right things, but energetically it’s not correct.

[00:03:31] Lauren Armstrong: Like that’s a really beautiful space to play in one on one. Um, but then I also do group offerings. Um, for example, I have a group I’m running right now. Projector portal live, which is a live component of an online course I have, which is called projector portal, which takes all the elements of your design and how to actually leverage that in business for projectors.

[00:03:53] Lauren Armstrong: And I have that essential course for each of the types. So it’s like my work is like super individualized. Um, which I love because that’s like what the system of human design is, right? It’s the science of differentiation. So like, how do we actually take your unique genius and leverage that in business?

[00:04:11] Lauren Armstrong: So we could do that, like, of course, through group, through coaching, through all of the things.

[00:04:18] Andrea Elibero: I love that. And so, so I want to, there’s like 15 things I want to talk about. And I’m like, which way should I go? Because I’m like, do we dive into like the business side, the human design both at once? I don’t know. So I’m going to pick human design first and then we’ll go back to the business.

[00:04:35] Lauren Armstrong: it.

[00:04:35] Andrea Elibero: It’s so fun.

[00:04:36] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, it’s so fun. So you had, uh, you did a reading for me for like a brief Instagram live. You could go, we’ll share your, your Instagram link. Um, also of course, in the show notes, if you guys want to find that. So we did, I think this month in August of 2023. The thing that was so cool because you’re like, well, you really gravitate towards this, you really are amazing at that, and I’m like, yes, yes, yes, and it was so validating to, to hear that these things that I am drawn to, and these things that I consider to be strengths of mine, to be like, oh, well, human design agrees with you, and yes, you were doing the right things, and it was just a really, really cool experience, so, so I don’t know if you want to talk about that because I know you’ve been doing these readings for people, and the things that you find out are things that Human design has maybe like any fun specific examples of things that human design has helped people with in their businesses.

[00:05:31] Lauren Armstrong: Yeah. Ooh, fun. Okay. So yeah, I’ve been doing this fun little series on Instagram. It’s called, um, like offer unveiled. And one of the reasons for this is because like, I feel like a lot of people see human designers like this, like really like woo, like out in the air, like, how is actually going to help me sort of.

[00:05:48] Lauren Armstrong: System, right? like, okay, cool. I have a chart and it like a bunch of lines. Like, what does it actually mean about me and my business? Like, how, how do I use it? Right? And so my favorite place to play in human design is like, how do you actually use this thing? Like, how do you actually implement it?

[00:06:04] Lauren Armstrong: What’s so fun and cool about that is that. My profile lines in 5 1 profile in human design and fifth lines are meant to be the people that use it like, right? It’s like how what are the the problem solving? Like how do we actually use this to solve a problem? How do we use this to implement it? How do we use 

[00:06:19] Lauren Armstrong: Like how do we use this as the energy of the fifth line? So It’s in my design to be like, how do I use things that I come across versus like, Oh, that’s just like nice know. So that’s, that’s just like a meta example within itself. Um, but yeah, so how do we actually use it? So it’s, it’s so fun. Like, for example, okay, this is a really cool one.

[00:06:39] Lauren Armstrong: I have, um, a woman that I’ve been like following for a while and she’s a graphic designer and She has like all of these really beautiful graphic signs, like for all these different businesses and they’re all very different. Like, I don’t know if you’ve noticed the difference between like a graphic designer who’s like kind of has the same style and it’s like uniform across any brand that she performs versus someone who like, you know, varies within like, there’s nothing good, bad, right, wrong.

[00:07:03] Lauren Armstrong: Sometimes you hire a designer because you like their style and you like want that style and sometimes you’re hiring a designer because you like. Take your expression and make it their own through a graphic design, right? And so it just depends on what you’re looking for. So anyways, this gal was more the latter and I reached out to her because we had been like chatting in the dance about something else, just like a friendly conversation.

[00:07:23] Lauren Armstrong: I was like, Hey, do you happen to have an undefined G center? And our undefined new center is that, is that function in the center of the body graph? It looks like a diamond and it’s white for her. Um,

[00:07:35] Andrea Elibero: is so, I’m sorry, I’m so like, I need to interrupt you because this reminds me. So I have a really good friend who’s very into human design and she’s a meditation person and all of this. And so we’re like chatting one day and she’s just like, yeah, cause I have my undefined head and I was like, I’m sorry,

[00:07:49] Lauren Armstrong: yeah,

[00:07:50] Andrea Elibero: like, please explain.

[00:07:51] Andrea Elibero: So whatever. So like the human design terms, like really make me laugh sometimes. Just like, like when you just throw them in conversation, it’s just like, what?

[00:07:58] Lauren Armstrong: exactly.

[00:07:59] Andrea Elibero: it. Continue.

[00:07:59] Lauren Armstrong: So yeah, yeah, it’s well, and we’ve been having other conversations like with so it was like, she knew what I was talking about. Like, um, yeah, but I’ll explain. So all of the all of the shapes within you in your body graph, you pull your human design chart. Um, they’re representative of functions, and if they’re colored in, that means you have consistent the energy of that function, and if they’re undefined or white, it means you inconsistent access to the energy of that function, but you’re also able to take in energy there and amplify it.

[00:08:30] Lauren Armstrong:And so, undefined G means inconsistent access to the energy of identity. She’s like, doesn’t like who she is today is not who she is yesterday is not who she is tomorrow. But what that does in business is it creates this energy of being unbelievably good at taking the person she’s working with identity, amplifying it and bringing it back to them in a brand.

[00:08:51] Lauren Armstrong:Right? Like this is what I see in you. Right?

[00:08:55] Andrea Elibero: Yeah. Mind blown. Mind blown. That’s amazing. That is so cool.

[00:08:59] Lauren Armstrong:so it’s like, how are you already wired to do these really beautiful, really specific things? Transcribed And just by tapping into your chart and having somebody like interpret it for you, you’d be like, Oh, I’m actually really naturally gravitating towards things I’m amazing at. Or you might be really naturally gravitating towards things that are your biggest lessons in life.

[00:09:20] Lauren Armstrong:And so you’re like struggling in that system or that area. And the reason you’re struggling is because it’s like, maybe not be correct for you or something that you’re here to learn in this lifetime. And so that to me is like the application. And so being able to share, like, here are words you can use of like, I take on your identity as a brand and apply it and reflect it back to you in this beautiful photographic design package.

[00:09:41] Lauren Armstrong:Right. Like those are words that she maybe didn’t have before.

[00:09:46] Andrea Elibero: Totally. Totally. And that makes total sense. And I think that’s so magnetic to a potential customer. Like, Oh, you can do that? Like, that’s great. Yeah, that’s so cool. So, so, how does, so for you, and let’s go back to when you first started your business, was human design a part of how you started? Like, what did that look like when you started your entrepreneurial journey?

[00:10:08] Andrea Elibero: What were you

[00:10:08] Lauren Armstrong:Yeah. So I was doing more like general, like business coaching, like consulting, marketing work because I come from a corporate background in that, um, in sales and marketing. And so I was like doing the generic thing and like not having much traction. And then I was introduced to human design and I just wanted to yeah, yeah, cool.

[00:10:29] Lauren Armstrong:This other thing. But like, all I want to do is talk about human design because I think it’s so fascinating. And I wasn’t even like trying to sell anything at that point with human design because I didn’t.

[00:10:38] Andrea Elibero: Hmm. Mm

[00:10:38] Lauren Armstrong:Know it. Like that. Well, you know what I’m saying? Like I didn’t, I was learning it, so I was just learning it because I was interested in it because I was excited about it.

[00:10:46] Lauren Armstrong:And so if you know anything about human design in general, I’m a projector. Projectors are here to master our systems. So that’s one of the five types. I’m a five one. So I’m here to study my system deeply. Ones love to learn and be an expert fives. Love to use it practically. Right. So I’m like learning this thing.

[00:11:02] Lauren Armstrong:You’re like, how do I use this? How do I leverage this? Right. Like that’s really the, like being the first student of something, um, vibe. So like learning about human design and then just like talking about it, like, Ooh, I did that. Like I tried this and this worked and oh my gosh, I used this in my human design and people are like, what the my

[00:11:20] Andrea Elibero: What are you talking about? You crazy lady? What’s going on? Yeah.

[00:11:26] Lauren Armstrong:business that wasn’t. From human design. Do you know what I mean? Like it wasn’t that I was getting rid of my human design business because my human design business did not exist yet. It was, I was getting results in my business coaching, consultant, marketing

[00:11:38] Andrea Elibero: Hmm.

[00:11:39] Lauren Armstrong:and people would be like, wait, what are you doing?

[00:11:40] Lauren Armstrong:That’s different. And it’s like working. You know what I mean?

[00:11:43] Andrea Elibero: So you were taking. Yeah. So you were taking things that you learned, like, oh, this is my, or use your favorite word, my authentic state and using that in your business. And were you, do you categorize it as like, oh, you were playing around, you were experimenting with, let’s see what

[00:11:59] Lauren Armstrong:Experimenting. Like totally experimenting. And that’s one of the things I love about human design. We call it the experiment. Like it’s called the science of differentiation. And I think what shifted for me, what changed for me was like, I was doing things in business before. I was like, okay, well, I have all these skill sets and this knowledge and like, I’m an online business and I have to follow the online business rules and that’s what I was doing and it wasn’t working for me.

[00:12:22] Lauren Armstrong:And then I found out,

[00:12:23] Andrea Elibero: this is a theme. I need to rename this podcast because everybody who I talked to, and I love it. I love, this is my favorite thing. Like, this is like, I think one of my favorite things to do in my business. I wish I could just do this all day long, but like my favorite thing is that I swear every day I talk to is like, I try to follow the rules and it wasn’t until they started breaking the rules that they thought they had to follow where, and became intentional and became like.

[00:12:48] Andrea Elibero: aligned with their business that then their business really started taking off and succeeded and they were happy and things were just happening and flowing. And this has been the theme across everything. And I, and I love it so much. So please

[00:13:00] Lauren Armstrong:Yeah. It’s so good. Right. Well, I think what’s so interesting is that you, when you’re in it, you don’t know you’re in it. Right. Like when I was in that place of like following the business rules with online business rules, I didn’t know that I was like. Cyphering all of my creativity off and like not doing what felt authentic to me because it was quote unquote wrong or bad But I think what’s so interesting is like finding human design and being like, oh Like this is my special sauce and I can actually like look like learn about this and be like that feels so true to me It feels like I’m reading my journal when I read this element of my human design.

[00:13:34] Lauren Armstrong:Now, how can I incorporate that? Do you know what I mean? Like, how can I incorporate that element into my design? And so watching that, experimenting with that, having success with that. So as a projector, my, my signature is success. Um, each sign has like a theme that means that they’re like in deep alignment. Um, and then watching people recognize me and invite me because my strategy as a projector is to be recognized and invited, recognized, invite me like, Hey, what are you learning? Like, what are you, how are you doing this? Like you’re, you like seemingly overnight, completely shifted, like, And I’m like, no, it absolutely was not overnight.

[00:14:09] Lauren Armstrong:It’s like this experimentation phase. Right. But to the external

[00:14:12] Andrea Elibero: Right, right, right, right. Yeah.

[00:14:14] Lauren Armstrong:um, yeah. And to be like, you know, when you learn something like this, when you love something like this, you can’t help, but share it. It’s like, you have to be like, Oh no, like I won’t tell you whatever. So then it started

[00:14:26] Andrea Elibero: it all to myself. Yeah.

[00:14:27] Lauren Armstrong:when it started being like, Oh my gosh, like, do you know your type?

[00:14:30] Lauren Armstrong:Like, do you know your chart? And then I just like play around with that. And then that turned into more invitations. And so in classic 5. 1 fashion, I went to the International Human Design School to get certified in it. This is what I actually, what I was talking about, but, um, yeah, that’s, that’s kind of the story of how we got here.

[00:14:49] Andrea Elibero: So cool. That’s so cool. And so you have a lot of offers and maybe I could have the whole, I could be mischaracterizing projectors. Obviously, I’m not the expert in this. You are, um, to me, that seems like a generator thing. And so tell me, like, so can you walk me through that a bit and like how that came to be and how that fits into your design as a projector?

[00:15:12] Andrea Elibero: Maybe there’s other pieces in there that, yeah.

[00:15:14] Lauren Armstrong:sure. I, um, as a projector, we’re here to be recognized and invited. So like all of the offers that I’ve created have been like something I’ve been invited to create. And so when there is, like, recognition and invitation to create something, to build something, to lead, like, essentially, projectors are here to lead and guide.

[00:15:33] Lauren Armstrong:So, like, I’ve been asked to lead and guide in, like, a very specific way. I’m like, oh, my gosh, there’s energy for that then, right? Like, that’s, that’s where projectors, like, Kind of get their, their spark is like someone saying, Oh, I recognize you. I invite you, please sleep and guide me so that I’m able to do that.

[00:15:50] Lauren Armstrong:So actually what’s so interesting is that each of my, like I have, a lot of offers. They’re very differentiated, right? So it’s not just like you are in business. You come into one offer, like, I don’t believe in that.

[00:16:01] Andrea Elibero: right,

[00:16:02] Lauren Armstrong:So it’s like, it used to be like all these people wanted, you know, uh, of course, for example, to go through it with me with their specific type, but they were all the types. So I have, right, like I have to create like that, that specific thing for each of the each of the people I’m doing them a total disservice and from there, since it’s been years in the making, they’ve grown like each of those individual courses have grown and grown and grown into people like their own standalone thing.

[00:16:31] Lauren Armstrong:So that’s, that’s kind of how we got here with lots of offers, but lots of offers being like super differentiated to whatever your type is, we have some for you.

[00:16:41] Andrea Elibero: That’s great. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And that’s beautiful. And a lot of people talk about, Oh, do the one. I mean, obviously your one thing is like the human design and business, but they’d focus on your one thing and your one program and this and that. And I think this is one of the rules that we’re talking about that it’s like, no, but I’m not like, like, Oh, you’re going to confuse your audience.

[00:16:58] Andrea Elibero: You have too many things, et cetera, et cetera. So in your experience, right? So this is a rule and you broke this quote unquote rule. And how do you manage that? I guess would be the question, the proper to frame the question in your business, in your marketing.

[00:17:12] Lauren Armstrong:Yeah. So this is so funny because I’m like actively playing with this and actively experimenting with this. Um, so I, I was noticing cause I’m following my strategy and my authority in human design. Our strategy is the world. Our authority is the way we make decisions. We’re just going to leave a very high level.

[00:17:29] Lauren Armstrong:Um, my, my strategy is to wait for recognition and invitation. And my authority is I talk things out. Like that’s how I’m designed to make decisions. So I like move through my business with those four premises, those four principles. So. I’m noticing, okay, I’m getting a lot of recognition from fellow projectors.

[00:17:47] Lauren Armstrong:I’m being asked a lot of questions by fellow projectors, right? I’m being invited to lead and guide other projectors. Okay, well, projectors then feels like an energy in an area where I can like, put more eggs in that basket. I can put more energy into that basket. I have the spark for that. Like I’m recognized, invited.

[00:18:04] Lauren Armstrong:My authority says yes. Right? So like, I began flowing of like, okay, well, in a season I was like, I’m only working with projectors. Then I would notice I’d get invitations from other tribes. You know, so it’s, it’s, it’s really, um, flowy and it’s, I’m breaking a million business rules. I make breaking all the scaling rules.

[00:18:26] Lauren Armstrong:Um, but it works for me. And I think, you know, it was a little bit different between zero to six figures and six to seven figures is like the, I hate this word, but it’s what wants to come through for me. It’s like the discipline element, like of, of sticking to the thing and creating the systems and the structures for the offer versus being like.

[00:18:46] Lauren Armstrong:Yeah. Okay. I know you want to say something here. Do you want to go for it?

[00:18:51] Andrea Elibero: You know, you can see, you can see me like, yes, yes, yes, please keep talking about

[00:18:54] Lauren Armstrong:to respond? Yeah.

[00:18:58] Andrea Elibero: No, but I think it’s true, well, in, in, in so many areas, I really love the idea of, and it’s a, it’s an interesting balance, right? This idea of, yeah, I’m playing and I’m doing the thing, let me experiment.

[00:19:09] Andrea Elibero: And at the same time, if you experiment and play and shift it too much, like, Then you go off and you never build anything. So it’s really what are you called to do at that time, right? Like do you want this? Okay, like this is it. This is my thing and I’m going to really support and kind of give love to that with the systems and processes and the things to really support that.

[00:19:29] Andrea Elibero: Or am I gonna keep playing and creating different offers and doing this and there’s no right or wrong answer to this, right? There’s different seasons. There’s different stages. There’s different levels of business and it just really depends on what your personal goals are. But yes in terms of what you’re saying like, okay, I’m at I do desire to be at this next level and how do I get there?

[00:19:47] Andrea Elibero: It’s a hundred percent. You need to have these, these systems, these, for these things to support that. So that way you get to focus on the things that you love to focus on and the things that only you can do. And then it’s really like giving love to your business. So yeah, a hundred

[00:20:03] Lauren Armstrong:Yeah. Pouring energy into it. That’s for sure. And I think the way that for me, which is so I feel it’s a little bit different than What a lot of people talk about is like, my mind doesn’t get to dictate that though, like my strategy and authority dictates that, like I live my life by my design. So,

[00:20:24] Andrea Elibero: Tell me something. This is, this is, I love it and I have questions at the

[00:20:32] Lauren Armstrong:Yeah.

[00:20:33] Andrea Elibero: right? Cause it’s like, like I get it. And you feel like you’re giving up power in some way.

[00:20:40] Lauren Armstrong:No, I feel like I’m the most in my power

[00:20:43] Andrea Elibero: Hmm.

[00:20:44] Lauren Armstrong:I feel like I give up power to my mind and my mind is the decision maker. Like your mind.

[00:20:50] Andrea Elibero: your mind is being, it’s like your ego.

[00:20:52] Lauren Armstrong:exactly.

[00:20:53] Andrea Elibero: Yeah.

[00:20:54] Lauren Armstrong:It can talk you in or out of anything, right? Like, it can find data points for anything. It’s like, what’s that one book that we see, like, How to Manipulate Statistics and Lie to People?

[00:21:05] Lauren Armstrong:It’s like, literally a book. Like, your brain is doing that all the time. Like, what does it want to hold on to? What does it want to decide? What is it, who does it look up to? Who is it trying to emulate? Like, right, so, and not that the brain or mind is bad or wrong, but it’s, it’s, in human design, like, a core premise is that it’s not the decision maker.

[00:21:24] Lauren Armstrong:Because it can lead you in a million different directions to tell you, you know, tell you what’s right or wrong for you based on like a whim versus the body, the body is like over 90 percent of your unconscious, you know, it’s like, Oh, okay. This is what the body wants, and the way the body wants it, the way the body communicates what it wants, is not just through, like, I used to really not associate with the word intuition, like, that would be like, I don’t have intuition, like, my intuition’s not strong, I’m not like one of those mediums, like, that like, can, psychic, and can like, talk to people that are dead, that’s literally what I thought intuition meant.

[00:21:57] Lauren Armstrong:Um, but to me now, what intuition means is just the way your body communicates with you, when it knows something. So, in human design,

[00:22:05] Andrea Elibero: just having, yeah, I was having a beautiful, yeah, I was having a very similar conversation with a, with another guest about intuition and about these things. And, and it’s so cool because it’s really very similar ideas and just packaged in a way that is. Is understandable and relatable for somebody, oh, I get this, I get human design and this makes it understandable, gives words to it, just like our, our graphic designer from earlier.

[00:22:30] Andrea Elibero: So yeah, this is great, it’s perfect. I think for me, I think I’m supposed to listen to my gut.

[00:22:36] Lauren Armstrong:yeah, so if you’re a sacral authority, right? I believe you are a sacral authority, yeah, so sacral authority is uh huh, uh uh, so like if you ask yourself yes or no, you just did it, mmm, that was a sacral sound, I love it, we could not have timed that better, that’s your gut, your gut was saying you do it, um, Yeah.

[00:22:55] Lauren Armstrong:So it’s like when you know your authority slash your decision making strategy, right? Like let’s make it like super freaking practical. Like if you know, you’re just making strategy and you’re trying to determine a lot of different things for you specifically, since yours is sacred authority or listening to your gut, you would want to ask yourself yes or no questions because that’s how you access your gut, right?

[00:23:14] Lauren Armstrong:When you ask yourself like this or this or this or this, your body doesn’t know how to communicate with you in that way. Your brain does. So your mind will tell you what to do. So your mind’s gonna run away with, oh, should I scale this one or this one? Should I, should I do this, this, this? Then you, and you’re like, my body’s not, my body’s broken.

[00:23:32] Lauren Armstrong:No, your body’s not broken. Not talking to it in a way that it can actually answer you.

[00:23:38] Andrea Elibero: Lauren, are you inside of my brain? Have you gone in there?

[00:23:44] Lauren Armstrong:Right? And so I’d love to hear your feedback, like your, your reaction, response to that of like, Does that resonate for you?

[00:23:53] Andrea Elibero: No, that totally resonates with me, it, it, it, because I can kind of like, like feel it in a way. So like, if we say it in other words, if I’m saying like, oh, this is my intuition, where do I feel it in my body? That’s where I would feel it. I would say in my, in my gut. Oh, okay. Like it’s almost like a, okay. Yes.

[00:24:14] Andrea Elibero: Like that feels good or no, that doesn’t feel good. Or when something is like really sparked, like it’s an immediate, like, Oh, like that hits and I can feel it like right then and there,

[00:24:23] Lauren Armstrong:So do you use that to make decisions in your business?

[00:24:28] Andrea Elibero: I have been doing that more and more lately, I am creating a new offer that’s launching and this completely came from this. It was in a conversation, this thought came and then I had this like, Oh, like it was an immediate like reaction of like, Oh, I need to do this thing. And it’s very interesting because in the creation of all the backend things for it, it has been so much more flowy and easy than the previous program that I was creating.

[00:24:55] Andrea Elibero: So, which gives me like, so, which makes me so excited.

[00:24:58] Lauren Armstrong:Yeah. I’m curious if it came to you like in response to something

[00:25:04] Andrea Elibero: It came to me in response to a conversation that I was listening to people having.

[00:25:11] Lauren Armstrong:amazing. Yeah. Yep.

[00:25:13] Andrea Elibero: Does that match

[00:25:14] Lauren Armstrong:That’s following the strategy and your authority. Like, isn’t that so fun? And sometimes we’re doing, it’s like, when we find things that are super flowy for us, we likely are following our strategy and authority, but we don’t know. We don’t have the language for that. We don’t know that that’s what we’re doing.

[00:25:26] Lauren Armstrong:And so I love being able to make those connections for people like. Oh, do you see that you can actually leverage this and do it all the time. You never have to make a decision from your mind and have a really resistible, like horrible, like bunch experience ever again, because you’re making decisions with your strategy and authority and strategy.

[00:25:42] Lauren Armstrong:And authority tells you what’s correct for you in the correct timing. So for you, you’re designed to respond, like wait to respond. So you heard a conversation that someone was having and you’re like. Like, yes, I’m responding to this, right? And then it was like, ooh, this offer, right? And then you get to, like, you’re following your gut.

[00:26:00] Lauren Armstrong:So, isn’t that so fun?

[00:26:02] Andrea Elibero: A hundred percent. A hundred percent. And you know what I love about people like you and, and like, as opposed to the standard, do this and make 10k in 10 days and do this exact cookie cutter blah blah blah whatever thing is that and like me too is that like what we’re doing is Giving people the tools in order to have to create their business.

[00:26:24] Andrea Elibero: So it really really is in alignment with them and But they have the tools, not the, oh, okay, just do follow these nine steps and you’re going to get there no matter what, right? So like this to me is, is where people like, I’m very, very passionate, like people need to pay attention to, I don’t care whatever, like whatever you resonate with, but learn the tools and learn the skills that are deeper than just the, the strategy than just the like surface level strategies and then you’re going to be successful no matter what you do.

[00:26:55] Lauren Armstrong:And you’re going to feel the alignment theme of whatever you’re designing. Like, so for you, for generators, for manifesting generators, you’re going to feel deeply satisfied because it’s not just about like the money. It’s also about like how satisfied you feel in your work. Like if you don’t feel satisfied, then you might as well just like go get a corporate job and make the money because you’ll be working less probably, you know,

[00:27:20] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, yes, truth.

[00:27:23] Lauren Armstrong:So there’s, you know, satisfaction for generators, manifesting generators, there’s, there’s peace for manifestors, there’s surprise and delight for reflectors and there’s success for projectors.

[00:27:34] Lauren Armstrong:And this is not an external feeling of satisfaction or success. It’s internal. Where do you feel it? What’s correct for you? Like you go to bed delightfully exhausted. Like I’m doing my work in the world, my sole job. My soul’s job description is being, you know, carried out on this planet. You don’t have to get too blue, but like, and it feels great.

[00:27:55] Lauren Armstrong:You know, like that’s, that’s what I want for people.

[00:27:58] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, it feels amazing when you feel like you’re doing the thing that you’re meant to be doing. Way more than, than like you were saying, like, however much money you make, like, okay, who cares if you don’t feel… So any, in any of the, the design types, is that accurate? Okay. Fabulous. Any of them, right? Like whatever the, the piece versus the success and the satisfaction, all of that, it really is the same type of idea.

[00:28:23] Andrea Elibero: Like it doesn’t matter how much money you’re making or whatever you’re doing, or as long as you’re kind of impacting lives or impacting yourself or is getting that really deep core, like feeling it in your core and in your, in your body. So yeah, a hundred percent. Um, so, so back to our, our scaling and business building journey. This all relates, it all relates. If in your own personal journey, what has been your biggest hurdle?

[00:28:50] Lauren Armstrong:I think for me currently it’s, um, like the, this, the six to seven scaling of the systems and the structures, um, that feel good to me. Okay. Let me human design slash reality words. So I’m following my strategy and authority, which is telling me to like, okay, put more energy into this. Cause your authority doesn’t always say yes to the things that are easy or feel good, which is a very common misconception.

[00:29:22] Lauren Armstrong:People are like, Oh, if I do this, my life will be like the easiest thing ever. I’ll say yes to everything. It’s like, Yeah. Okay. That’s, that’s a lovely thought, but there’s already also some things that are, yes, that are correct for you that are like hard, they’re stretchy, they’re, they’re, you know, a challenge.

[00:29:38] Lauren Armstrong:So I think that that’s like one of the things right now of like, how do I set this up in a way that actually feels good to me that still breaks some business rules because like scarcity is not my thing. Like I, I’m not going to create false scarcity for people to join my offers or I’m not going to like, there’s things that I will not do because it doesn’t align with my values. Um, so

[00:29:58] Andrea Elibero: The, the, the things that the standard people. Right? Like that, that the people tell you to do, they say, Oh, you have to do this. You have to do that. You have to do that. Right? Yeah. We’re not going

[00:30:06] Lauren Armstrong:yeah, it doesn’t, it doesn’t

[00:30:07] Andrea Elibero: Go on.

[00:30:08] Lauren Armstrong:align. It doesn’t feel like a yes in my body. Um, my authority says no. So how do we do this in a way that feels really good to me? It’s correct for my authority, um, but still is based on basic business principles, right? Which get and get people that join my programs results.

[00:30:26] Lauren Armstrong:Um, so the getting the people, the results was the part that was like, oh, that feels good. That feels easy. Or to me, like that’s my sole work. And so now it’s like, they’re actually like bringing the humans in in a way that feels really good and aligned without, without the elements that feel.

[00:30:43] Andrea Elibero: It’s such a good point too, is that there are different pieces of your business and there’s different parts and you’re going to feel different or work on different, different parts of it at different times. And I really appreciate you sharing and sharing vulnerably that hey, like I have a successful business and I’m working on this piece and I don’t have this like totally Done A through Z and it’s totally perfect and it’s going to change and shift.

[00:31:05] Andrea Elibero: And yeah, yeah. Are we ever there? No, there is no, there is no there. So it’s always a growth. So yeah, for sure. Um, and I know what you’re going to say, I can guess what you’re going to say, but a top, the top scaling tip, if you’re growing your business,

[00:31:23] Lauren Armstrong:design.

[00:31:23] Andrea Elibero: the number one thing, right? The number one thing you’ll tell people.

[00:31:29] Lauren Armstrong:Yeah. I mean, I mean, obviously it’s like following your human design, learning your human design and like allow yourself to follow like what the body and your strategy and authority is. I think it’s so powerful. If you’re willing to experiment with that. Amazing. I also think too, like when we just talked about like the thing that I’m struggling with and like where, where I’m putting a lot of effort in right now, it’s like something that’s been hard for me is, is relinquishing control.

[00:31:53] Lauren Armstrong:A little bit and allowing people in to support me because I’m like, well, I want this to be an expression of me. And I don’t want somebody to come all in and like manhandle it and like make it gross. And like this thing that I don’t want to do anymore. Right. So it’s like finding really aligned partnerships where other people can be in their zone of genius and they’re just working their design.

[00:32:13] Lauren Armstrong:So you can work in your design, which is like a fun human design way of saying like zone of genius, but like, I just brought on, um, an ads person because again, like. Feeling that felt good to me, but I don’t want to learn those things. I know I’m not great at that kind of stuff. Right. So like bringing a lot along aligned partnerships, um, and people to

[00:32:33] Andrea Elibero: Do you, when you hire somebody, do you pull their chart?

[00:32:38] Lauren Armstrong:well, you’re not supposed to do that.

[00:32:41] Andrea Elibero: Really? I thought that was like, oh, that’d be

[00:32:44] Lauren Armstrong:Yeah. Oh, yeah, it is. I asked for their chart, but it’s not like the decision maker. Um, or something like that. This is actually like, I have this in my program, like align team, like what we’re, what we’re looking for in your human design charts to be able to be like compatible with each other, especially within business, but look at our penetrates anyways.

[00:33:01] Lauren Armstrong:Um, but from hiring practices, it’s kind of like you can’t hire based off of like, You know race or things like that. It’s like similarly. It’s like things you’re born with that You have no control of your design is one of those things that you’re born with that. You have no

[00:33:17] Andrea Elibero: true. ’cause it’s. If people are wondering and they don’t know, it’s based off of your birthday and time and location, right? So, that’s interesting. That is

[00:33:26] Lauren Armstrong:Yeah, and if you

[00:33:27] Andrea Elibero: Because it’s funny, because…

[00:33:29] Lauren Armstrong:it just if you don’t have your chart You laurenarmstrong. com slash human design chart and you can pull your chart. It’s free Then you can see all these shapes that I’m talking about. But yeah, what were you saying?

[00:33:39] Andrea Elibero: No, it’s just so interesting because I know that, you know, like, we’ll use like the Colby or these different personality tests, but that is different, right? Because that’s… that changes and that’s… you’re kind of putting in that information versus, right, you can’t control… What time you were born, what day you were born, and such things.

[00:33:55] Andrea Elibero: So, so very interesting.

[00:33:57] Lauren Armstrong:Yeah, I love using it like for team. Um, and I’ve, I’ve done quite a few, like teammate conversations like, right. Like, how do we bring on all the members of the team and say, okay, this is how you work and this is how you work and this is how you work. This is how you can work best together. Like those kinds of collaboration conversations.

[00:34:15] Lauren Armstrong:Those are super fun. Um, but yeah, not used in hiring decisions, but definitely used in like leveraging and utilizing the team for their strengths.

[00:34:24] Andrea Elibero: Yeah, for sure. So cool. So, based on you were just sharing, but let us know, actually before we get to that, is there anything else that you’re dying to share? Anything that we missed or, or I don’t know, anything at all before we get to how we stay in touch with you?

[00:34:37] Lauren Armstrong:I mean, I could talk for days about this, so if we

[00:34:40] Andrea Elibero: I know I keep wanting to ask you more questions, and I’m like, I’m gonna keep to my

[00:34:44] Lauren Armstrong:should, yeah, no, it’s all good. Um, yeah, just

[00:34:47] Andrea Elibero: Now keep you here for eight hours. Yeah

[00:34:49] Lauren Armstrong:I think the only thing is, like, if you’ve been hesitant to, like, dive into this, like, woo woo world of human design and, like, energy and all the things, and you’re like, how is that possibly gonna help me? It’s like, can you play with, what would it look like?

[00:35:00] Lauren Armstrong:If you followed your body is, is there a tug? Is there a nudge? Is there a, Ooh, this is interesting to me that you won’t let yourself like go there. What if you let yourself went there because there was some medicine there for you. Like there was something for you and you don’t have to go full into it.

[00:35:13] Lauren Armstrong:You don’t have to come into design reader. You don’t even have to, you know, like, can you experiment with it and see what it has in store for you? Um, and it’s really fun to play with.

[00:35:24] Andrea Elibero: Thank you so much and please share with us how we stay in touch with you and it gives you anything you want to share The floor is yours to do

[00:35:31] Lauren Armstrong:Amazing. Yeah. So I just said, if you wanted to find your human design chart, you can do that on my site. If you haven’t pulled it yet, laurenarmstrong. com slash human design chart. Um, there’s also lots of other goodies on that website. Um, but if you wanted to grab your workbook for your type, where I walk you through a series of questions that you can answer based on your human design type, um, I do have a gift.

[00:35:52] Lauren Armstrong:If it’s laurenarmstrongtraining. com slash gift, um, and you can download your free human design workbook there.

[00:36:00] Andrea Elibero: Beautiful everybody go out and do this because if you have not been convinced in this podcast episode Nothing is going to convince you. So you are like it’s so fun. So thank you so much for being here

[00:36:11] Lauren Armstrong:Thank you so much for having me. It’s fun.

[00:36:16] Andrea Elibero: Thank you so much for joining us today. I really hope you found inspiration and insights from today’s episode. You know, scaling your business intentionally and from the inside out is a transformational process, but I’m here to support you every step of the way. Head on over to dancingleafsolutions. com slash resources for free tools to help you do just that.

[00:36:35] Andrea Elibero: And thank you again for being a part of the Solpreneur Scaling Stories community. Your presence and dedication to growth inspire me every day.