Soulpreneur Scaling Stories Podcast: 004. From Enterprise Executive to Quiz Marketing Expert & Business Growth Strategist

I sat down with Helen Munshi, a true expert in Quiz Marketing and Business Growth Strategy. With nearly a decade of experience, Helen’s journey began in the world of entrepreneurship where she mentored young business entrepreneurs, a passion that’s always been close to her heart.

Today, she dedicates her expertise to helping fellow entrepreneurs flourish by scaling their lead-generation efforts. It’s not just about numbers for Helen; it’s about nurturing quality leads. Her secret weapon? Quizzes.

In our chat, Helen unveils the pivotal role lead generation plays in business growth. She highlights the significance of genuine engagement with prospects, achieved through her innovative quiz strategies.

Helen believes in personalized marketing, echoing the need for businesses to speak directly to individuals. She draws parallels with how giants like Netflix make personalized recommendations. It’s about embracing this individuality.

Helen’s scaling journey led her to create two offers: the ‘done for you’ service, where she immerses herself in your business, crafting tailored lead generation strategies, and the ‘done with you’ Quiz Academy program, offering step-by-step guidance, coaching, and support from quiz creation to driving sales.

Join us for this heartfelt conversation with Helen Munshi as she demystifies quiz-based marketing. Her journey to helping entrepreneurs enhance their lead-generation strategies and grow their businesses with heart and purpose is a fascinating one!

Don’t miss out on this transformative knowledge; it’s time to supercharge your business – one quiz at a time!

Ready to take action? Dive deeper into Helen’s expertise by visiting her Free Quiz Masterclass at and unlock the keys to lead generation success!

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Andrea Elibero: 1:06
Hello, hello. Welcome Helen Munchie, online business growth strategist and trained quiz funnel expert to Soulpreneur Scaling Stories. How are you today?

Helen Munchi: 1:19
Hi, I’m really good. Thank you. It’s lovely to see you.

Andrea Elibero: 1:23
Yes, you too. Okay, so why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself. Tell us what your business looks like today. How is it structured? What do you do? All of that fun stuff.

Helen Munchi: 1:32
Yeah, definitely. So as you can probably tell from the accent, I’m from the UK. so I live about half an hour outside London by train. So it’s amazing. I get to pop up there all the fun things. I have been running my business. Gosh, I should have done the math before, about 10 years, maybe a little less, but before I even

Andrea Elibero: 1:53
So you’re brand new. So what you’re saying is that you’re brand new and you don’t really know what’s

Helen Munchi: 1:57
absolutely, I’m just

Andrea Elibero: 1:59

Helen Munchi: 1:59
yeah. Do you know what though, like, even though I’ve been doing it a while, still feel like, I don’t know if you’ve got this, like, I find a new thing every day.

Andrea Elibero: 2:08

Helen Munchi: 2:08
I feel like

Andrea Elibero: 2:08
I mean,

Helen Munchi: 2:09
yeah, it’s, it’s why I love it, because it’s not

Andrea Elibero: 2:12
exactly right. It’s always something to learn. It’s never boring. It’s for me. It’s perfect because if I’m doing the same thing all the time, I get bored. So but it’s so interesting this because everything changes so quickly. So it’s really fascinating that yeah, there’s always are always new

Helen Munchi: 2:27
I know, exactly. And that, like you say, that’s part of the fun of it, really. It keeps me interested. But yeah, before I even started my business, I was in entrepreneurship anyway. I was working with young entrepreneurs and a charity over helping them start businesses. So it’s, kind of been in my blood. I just love it. I’m a total kind of business geek. And I was, lucky enough to of leave all that and start my own business. And today that business is helping entrepreneurs to really. like scale the number of leads that they get into their business, which can sound slightly clinical, but it’s really, it’s partly about math, isn’t it? You’ve got to get enough people knowing about you and what you do in order to then work with, with your clients. So that’s, that’s what I focus on. I do that through quizzes. So I create funnels in people’s businesses to boost their email list with, you know, high quality people who are like really, you know, bought in and excited to hear from you and, you know, open your emails and, and buy from you.

Andrea Elibero: 3:27
I love that. Quizzes are so, I have to say, that you were talking about new things and things changing. I feel like they’ve been such a good lead magnet for a while, for so many years now, which is really interesting.

Helen Munchi: 3:41
And I think it’s because they were slightly before that time almost when they started. Cause it’s all about personalized marketing. That’s, that’s the big And I think they, the era of goodness, the era of sort of. One big message that you shout to everybody at the same time is gone. Like that, that kind of style of is over. We, we need, we are individuals you know, as business owners, as purchasers, we need to hear a personalized message. You know, big businesses, they will do it. You know, Netflix, you finish it, you know, binging something and they tell you your next series to watch based on what you like. That’s personalized marketing, a very

Andrea Elibero: 4:18
that’s such a good example,

Helen Munchi: 4:20
and it’s you know, it just helps people to kind of cut through to exactly what it is that they need and to make a decision without all the extra noise that I think we can get really lost in.

Andrea Elibero: 4:33
And how do you, so, so are you doing done for you, done with you, what are, what do you actually offer, what are your offers in your business today as we

Helen Munchi: 4:42
Yeah, so I offer a couple of different things. So I do the done for you. So I will work with you and sort of immerse myself in your business and help you. There’s a lot of strategy behind it as well. So kind of pulls on my strategy I will work with you to map out the funnel within your business and then I’ll build it for you basically. So that’s kind of your done you services. But then I’ve also got a done sort of with you. I’ve got the quiz Academy, which is my program that will take you from just not knowing anything about quizzes right the way through to having one fully implemented in your business and tweaked and optimized and making sales for you. And that’s, I don’t sort of say it’s DIY, it’s kind of done with you because you know there’s coaching and there’s support as well as part of that

Andrea Elibero: 5:25
okay, yeah, that was going to be my question. So they’re going through this course, but while they’re doing it, you’re there to offer, like you were saying, to offer support to answer questions, their, their support while they’re

Helen Munchi: 5:36
Yeah, absolutely. So you’ve got sort of the community aspects with the Facebook

Andrea Elibero: 5:41

Helen Munchi: 5:42
group, and your content and your ideas. And, you know, if you’re stuck and you just don’t know where to start, you know, then I’m there for that as well.

Andrea Elibero: 5:50
Awesome. So beautiful. So I love the done for you being kind of the, I was, you know, I’m guessing the, the higher end. Okay, I’ll do it all. the premium thing. And then, okay, then we can serve these other people with this done with you where I’m going to support you in doing it. You get to learn and grow. So this is a business not a strategy, a business, my brain today. The word that I’m looking for is a. I don’t even know structure, a business structure that,

Helen Munchi: 6:18

Andrea Elibero: 6:18
that I really love. So I really love this business structure of having this. I will do it. And then it’s, it’s a really scalable way to grow your business, right? To, to have this, it doesn’t take up as much as your time in terms of serving your clients, and you get to help so many people and still get to do these things that you love to do.

Helen Munchi: 6:37
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And I’ve got a couple of little mini courses right at the bottom as well. So kind of entry level. I think for me, I’ve got to the point with my done for you services that I like to be very involved in my client’s businesses. So I only take on potentially three a month maximum. Because I want to. ensure that, you know, I’m not kind trying to work on the different ones and I’m, you know, my energy is kind of split between all the different places. So I very much focus on my clients when I’m working with them. So yeah, in order to scale, I then either needed kind of go agency, which means I’m taking a step back from actually working directly with my clients, which I didn’t want to do, or supporting people to, who wanted to create a quiz, but didn’t necessarily want to invest in the done for you.

Andrea Elibero: 7:27
Yeah, and that’s such a beautiful distinction, because you’re like, okay, I’m here, I want to really be in this thing, how can I do that? Right, how can I do that, because this is what I really want to do, I love being in it, I love helping people, what’s the best way for me to actually do that thing? So, that’s a very important distinction to, to point out on this journey as well.

Helen Munchi: 7:47
Yeah, and I think you know, we it’s easy to kind of go, well, I’ll just do, you know, high ticket done for you and and more in, and that’s how I’ll do it. But actually, I do

Andrea Elibero: 7:58
Mm hmm.

Helen Munchi: 8:00
whatever. So actually giving them an opportunity to do it on a lower level in terms of expenditure, you know, why not? I can do that, then that seems like a fun thing to do.

Andrea Elibero: 8:11
But that’s beautiful. I love that as well because that’s also a really important point is who do you want to serve? Who, you know, who is your ideal client and do you feel good? Great. If you want to serve, charge all sorts of money and serve the highest level. Perfect. But if you’re like, oh, but I actually want to serve these people, then again, another really important distinction when you’re designing your business, when you’re looking at your offers and these are really important things to think about. So thank you so much for sharing that. Cause it’s really, really important. I would love to ask you about your journey. So where did you, so I know you had entrepreneurial, some experience while you were working as like a regular person, but when you started like out on your own completely, what were you doing and what is your journey been from there to where you are now?

Helen Munchi: 8:57
Yeah, it’s, it’s always been focused around, business strategy. That’s kind of like a unifying thread. know, I trained, Accenture doing kind of consulting a strategy. So it’s kind of what I know. so I, when I left my sort of, I guess, normal job, I went straight into freelancing in business strategy. So I was writing sort of quite long and sort of quite formal business plans. Financial forecasting cash flows for businesses who were looking to expand through like funding or bank loans or wanting to move to the UK from an international market. So it was working with the bigger businesses like your multinationals you know, your big manufacturing companies, you know, biomass boiler manufacturers, really random things.

Andrea Elibero: 9:44
is very different. so different from where you are now, and it sounds like you, you do right? Like you directly translated your corporate experience into your freelance Is that accurate?

Helen Munchi: 9:55
And I think, you know, that’s a really, I’ve seen it with loads of others, a really natural progression. It’s like, what was I doing before? And now let me just do that in a freelance capacity to kind of, I get not kind of test water cause I always knew I wanted to run my own business, but just to have income really, and to do something that, know, I can do and I can prove and that kind

Andrea Elibero: 10:15
Right? Mm-hmm.

Helen Munchi: 10:16
So it’s yeah, you know, and it was good, but it felt, a little hands off because it was very much like talk to the business owner, get the information, then create a plan. And to me, the thing that I really love to do was to work more hands on in a Like that’s just kind what I love. And I especially love doing that with smaller businesses because they just have such a flexibility. Like you can talk to them one day about an idea and for, you know, how to grow leads in their business or you know, how to introduce a new offer, and then two weeks later, it’s done. Whereas if you’re working in a big, big business, we’ve got structures, and we’ve got layers, and we’ve got commissions, and so yeah, I think that’s probably why I kind of shifted, and it was still doing strategy, but it was very much more hands on, walking the path with them with smaller businesses. So

Andrea Elibero: 11:10
you were seeking out, were they still similar in terms of the, what industries they were in?

Helen Munchi: 11:15
yeah, the industry is kind of funny in that. it’s, it doesn’t really matter almost like the principles of like business and how to grow a business, you know, whether you’re like a solo dog walker right up to like Apple, it really comes down to some key ingredients. It’s about how do you get your clients and your customers to find you? How do you get them to in love with you? how do you get them to buy you? Like it’s really

Andrea Elibero: 11:42

Helen Munchi: 11:42
It’s simple. I mean, it’s difficult because something simple and difficult. I don’t know, but it’s, it is a very simple thing in terms of let’s not overcomplicate it, but actually doing things within those areas can be, can be challenging. But when, yeah, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re running, whether your products, whether your services, whatever it is, it all comes down to that. Cause if you can do those three things. You can then, yeah, you can add on the other thing. The other things, you know,

Andrea Elibero: 12:09

Helen Munchi: 12:09
they, it’s like the cherry on top. You know, helps the scale, but it’s not, know, you haven’t got those core pillars in. It doesn’t matter what else you do. It’s just not going to work.

Andrea Elibero: 12:21
So you were doing, so you were doing your, you started out transitioning from your corporate things directly into freelancing and then you were like, okay, I want to work more with the smaller businesses. And then how do we kind of. Good, I know this is a long span of time so we don’t have to do all of the things but in terms of

Helen Munchi: 12:38
been telling

Andrea Elibero: 12:38
the leap How did we get into the quizzes and and the what you’re doing now? What really led you to that? Hmm, right.

Helen Munchi: 12:45
Yeah. And it’s directly because of my experience with the businesses I’ve been working with. So, I mean, at this point, I can’t even tell you how many businesses I’ve worked with, you know, since I started in my work and then into business you know, thousands. And it’s pretty much every single one of them has One core issue, which was like I said earlier, it’s a math thing. It’s getting enough people to know about you. And, you know, they could have, and they often do, you know, you have the best offering, you know, you’re incredible at what you do, you can help your clients, you’ve got this incredible product, but you’re not getting the sales, and you feel like giving up, and just such a, such a wrench to see people who are just incredible.

Andrea Elibero: 13:33
Mm hmm.

Helen Munchi: 13:33
back and not do it anymore because they’re not getting the sales. And it’s not because of what they’re offering is because just nobody knows about them. You know, it’s, it’s noisy. It’s noisy out

Andrea Elibero: 13:42
Well, I mean Exactly, and it’s a different skill set. Doing what you do, and growing and running a business are two totally separate things, and there’s a lot to learn on the side of being able to, how do you scale? How do you grow? How do you get your leads? All of these things. Oh, there’s 10, 000 different ways you can do that, you know, so. So, exactly what you’re saying, you can be the most brilliant you have, you know, at what you do, but you have to learn and dive in and dig into the other side of actually how to run a business. And it’s a really interesting, like fascinating, to me, it’s a fascinating journey. For to learn that side as somebody who you have all the business background, I was in psychology and nursing. So I came into this with the knowledge of nothing and learned it all along the way. So, and it’s just so interesting. And also I, you know, I help people who are similar, you know, so they’re great at what they do, but they don’t, They don’t know how to actually do these things that we’re talking about. So it’s, it’s two separate things. And yeah, you do have to learn and figure out along the way what you’re doing. So to have people like you doing that is great because this is a great service, right? For people who, who are doing amazing things. Who want to, like, help people. At least for me, because these are my people, right? The ones who want to help and do good things in the world. So, like, that’s what I’m passionate about is really helping those people really grow and, and make the world a better place. So… So, I don’t know, helping them in any way possible to do that is really, really rewarding.

Helen Munchi: 15:09
which is amazing. And do you know what they’re having? I would prefer to work with someone who’s incredible at what they do, but doesn’t know the business than the other way around, because I can’t teach I can’t teach you how to be a nurse or how to train dog or, you know, how to manufacture and sell, you know, food or, you know, whatever it is. I can’t tell you how to create tasty vegan food. I’m not a chef. So you’re better to have the skill to deliver. And then learn other stuff as you go along, like that’s the thing and for me, you know, the answer to how to get leads was, was quizzes like that was you know,

Andrea Elibero: 15:48
In your own business.

Helen Munchi: 15:49
in my own business, but also for other people, like I’ve seen it replicated across so many different industries, you know, I’ve worked with, you know, top kind of finance guys who are wanting to kind of really attract those. you know, very wealthy, high end people looking to, you know, invest lots of money. And I work with, you know, fertility dietitians and you know, people, all sorts of different industries, basically, this can work in. Because it, it plays on a few fundamental principles around you know, personalized marketing that we’ve talked about already, but it’s also, you know, we, as humans, like, we have this, innate need and desire to understand more about ourselves. And a quiz is a really great way to help someone explore that. So we’re just naturally drawn to them. They’re fun. You know, lots of different reasons, you know, why they work in, in a business.

Andrea Elibero: 16:41
I love that. And I can feel your passion about them, which is really great. I love to like, no, I’m really excited about this. It’s so cool. So, okay. So you’ve been doing all your strategy, you know, that’s what you were doing. And then you were saying, Oh, like this quiz thing is really cool. And you kind of, is it accurate to say you gravitated more and more towards, towards that and that you really get to focus on like, this is who I am. I’m like the quiz

Helen Munchi: 17:04
yeah, I just kind of made a decision. Like I saw the impact it had in my business, and I wanted to bring that to more businesses. And, and it’s not, I haven’t sort of walked away from the strategy side, because actually, before I even you know, in the quiz academy and also when I’m working one on one with clients, we almost put quizzes to the side to start with. And we look at it doesn’t matter how good you are at finding leads and driving traffic. If that traffic is not going anywhere in your business and there’s no clear customer journey through your business, which is kind of strategy and your offers are all murky and we don’t know what we’re trying to sell. It doesn’t matter you’re getting, you’re doing at the top end. So actually we work on that. So it’s really, I probably talk just about as much about strategy as I used to. It’s just now that there is a structured kind of deliverable, I guess, at the end of it, which, you know, works and, you know, it’s fun and creative and stuff, which I like.

Andrea Elibero: 18:04
That’s, yeah, and that’s a really important point as well, is that you’re doing, you’re doing a similar thing, but you’ve packaged it up in a way that is really understandable and easily digestible and people know you for.

Helen Munchi: 18:18
Yeah, yeah,

Andrea Elibero: 18:20
And that’s beautiful, right? It makes it so much easier to market yourself to get known for this thing, like that sort of

Helen Munchi: 18:25
Yeah, it’s a much harder sell to say, let me come into your business and help you with your strategy versus. let’s create this quiz funnel, but actually we’re going to talk about strategy throughout as well. So you’ll get the same outcome plus a quiz as you would have done you just worked with me on strategy.

Andrea Elibero: 18:43
Mm hmm. Yeah, and super important for people listening who are like, no, but I help with all the things, right? Or like, I do this and I’m just going to help your business in general. To be able to say. Yes, I do those things. It’s kind of like, sell the people what they want and give them what they need, right? Like, like you talk about the quizzes, they’re fun, people want to do it, and then you give them all the things they need so that they’re successful do that.

Helen Munchi: 19:04
Yeah, absolutely.

Andrea Elibero: 19:07
So in your own business, in this journey, in this growth journey that you have been on over these past 10 years, what has been a big, a really big hurdle for you as you’ve scaled and grown your business?

Helen Munchi: 19:21
Yeah. I mean, I guess the first one has always been leads until I, you know, did quizzes, you know, what I do. So yeah, having just enough people to know about me was always a challenge to start with.

Andrea Elibero: 19:33

Helen Munchi: 19:33
think the second thing I’ve always struggled with is actually is messaging. Finding the right way to communicate what I do and not assuming that they know to like, they already know things. I don’t need to explain it or just being consistent with my messaging, I think has been challenging. Especially as you kind of change what you’re offering. It’s sort of making everything that you have kind of catches up in terms of how you talk about it. Yeah.

Andrea Elibero: 20:00
Yes. Girl, this is my struggle, too, is the, the, and I know it, yeah, is that it’s, it’s a, But it’s really cool because then I get to learn about, I mean, you know, I like to reframe the things and be like, this, I’m not saying, oh, I’m bad at messaging. No, I’m improving. And, you know, in one of my first group programs, the first time I ran it, the messaging was terrible because I was focused on the program itself figuring that piece out. And then I ran it again and again, I ran it, you know, and then the messaging I improved improved over

Helen Munchi: 20:27

Andrea Elibero: 20:28
And it’s really important, I think, also to Pinpoint that like that is the piece that I need to work on what I’m going to focus on right now Okay, I got that under wraps What’s the next thing i’m going to focus on and not be so like squirrel squirrel and all over the place in terms of All right, like what can I do to grow my business because there’s a thousand things you can do And if you you can’t do all of the things you really have to pick The things that are the most important at that moment on them And then move on to the next one at least in my opinion when you’re growing and scaling your business

Helen Munchi: 20:57
And I think by, like, nature, we as entrepreneurs, I don’t want to generalize, but we, you know, we’re quite creative, we’ve got a lot of drive and It can be hard sometimes to just, we have the vision and the goals and the ideas, but then actually following through on them and doing the things day in day out to get the results that you want, that big consistency piece, that can be, I think, quite I know I find it I shouldn’t for entrepreneurs, but I find that challenging because I’ve already had my next idea that I want to go on to without

Andrea Elibero: 21:29

Helen Munchi: 21:30
the current idea enough time to bed down and, you know,

Andrea Elibero: 21:37
And what do you do? What do you recommend or what have you found helpful on your, for yourself for these challenges? This challenge of messaging? What did you do? This challenge of, oh, I wanna do this next idea, move on to this next idea. How do you deal with those things?

Helen Munchi: 21:50
Yeah, so messaging I worked on a program with a copywriter, actually. So this was to do with kind of creating a sales funnel in my own business. But she’s a trained copywriter with like a decade of experience. And actually that was the real turning point in my messaging because it really, with her help, just got me to pinpoint exactly what it is that I need to do. And now I’ve started using the new messaging. I’m getting people actually responding, going, you know, This is exactly what I needed to hear, or like, how did you know this about me, which is just, you know, it’s lovely to see. So that probably was a big turning point for me, was working with her.

Andrea Elibero: 22:27
Working with the experts, out the experts. It’ll make the journey so much easier and so much more fluid to, you know, yeah. Beautiful.

Helen Munchi: 22:38
exactly. And then in terms of kind of consistency, I’d say that’s probably still a work in progress, if I’m totally honest, but terms of kind of focusing on one idea, I have I’m looking over here, because I’ve got my board here, you know, I have very Not like rigid goals, but I have just a couple of things every month and I plan it out sort of six months in advance. And I, I make sure I try, if I’m figuring out what to do, I ask myself, does this get me to my goal? Like, is my goal still the goal I want to reach and does it get me to my goal? And if it doesn’t, then I put it in like a car park. You know, I’ll have a, I use Trello a lot and I’ve just got like a list of ideas basically. So I don’t feel… I stress then that the idea is lost because it’s parked and I might come to it and then when I’m figuring out my goals for the next six months, I go to the car park and I’ll go, okay, so which of these ideas do I actually want to bring in, in the next six months? And to be honest, quite a lot of them, I just delete, delete, delete, because I’m like, I don’t even know what I was thinking there. That’s a weird one. So it kind of

Andrea Elibero: 23:40
I love

Helen Munchi: 23:41
edits itself sometimes. Yeah.

Andrea Elibero: 23:43
Yeah. Yeah. I love that analogy of putting them as. terminology as you say in the UK, in the car park, what would I say in the parking lot? I think in the US to just kind of like, okay, like to, to have a place to gather your ideas. And is the exact thing that. What I was trained to do as an online business manager was to do these 90 day plans, like to have a plan and to have a goal of what you want to accomplish. Otherwise, you’re just kind of running in circles and like, okay, I’m going to do this thing and this thing. And you’re not leading anywhere, so you’re not making the progress. And it’s really important to work backwards. Okay, what’s my ultimate goal three months from now, six months from now, I want to accomplish and then have really manageable steps to get there.

Helen Munchi: 24:29

Andrea Elibero: 24:30
that you can do in measurable, okay, this month I’m going to do this, then I’m going to do that, you know, so very yeah, very manageable BS. I love the idea of having the plan and to, and to move that forward and, but keep having a place for your ideas. So you still give them love and you still get to be excited about them and then figure out which ones are the best ones to move forward with.

Helen Munchi: 24:51
So is that how you kind of manage your slight squirrel tendencies is by having a 90 day kind of focus?

Andrea Elibero: 25:00
Yes. And I am a multi passionate human. So, I like to give myself a lot of things to do. I just get bored. So, I like to torture myself. And, and work on, you know, I don’t just have one arm of my business. I have two. I do the online business manager side and I do the coaching So, you know, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And so, I have to keep myself very organized and I’d have very specific things that I’m doing on each side and focus on one side and then the other, know, because only one side can get really my love at a time or else then it’s too divided. So, but this is a choice that I made. I don’t necessarily recommend it for everybody. It depends on what you want, what your goals are in life. But yeah, so I’ve learned to figure out, okay, how do I move both sides of my business together, like forward together? And I’ve been able to figure that out, which is really nice. But yeah, having the goals, first thing, first thing for sure.

Helen Munchi: 25:54
I think that’s a really important point you made as well. But there are people out there always saying, like, you have to do this to be successful, but actually You have to put everything through a filter of your own interests and your own way of working and how your brain works because actually, there are a lot of different ways to do business, you know, quiz might be right for you. It might not be right for someone else. And you have to kind of filter it through and trust your own business instincts, your own business intuition to say, that’s great for them. But this isn’t right for me. And I know do something else. So,

Andrea Elibero: 26:28
And please, yeah, shout this from the rooftops because this is my exact main belief in business and what I’m trying to tell everybody because what I really want everybody to know is that there is no one right way to do business. These cookie cutter, this is a thing that like I, drives me insane and I’m on this like anti cookie cutter campaign. This is because right, because they really preach this, this is exactly the five steps to this and nothing else and do exactly this and, and no, you know, there’s so many different ways to do it. Every way is the right way.

Helen Munchi: 27:00

Andrea Elibero: 27:01
So, for the most part, you know, it just, it just depends on really what lights you up. What are you great at? Where do you shine? What do you love to do? What do you want your life to look like? All of these things can take into consideration. So yes, thank you for, for validating

Helen Munchi: 27:15
yeah, absolutely. And it’s, it’s what makes business exciting. Like I can work with three different, you know, fertility expert coaches or whatever, but their businesses will look completely different because of who they are as an individual.

Andrea Elibero: 27:29
Yeah, exactly, exactly. So along your journey, you’ve done lots of things. Do you have a top scaling tip that you would like to share?

Helen Munchi: 27:41
Oh gosh.

Andrea Elibero: 27:42
And it can’t be a make a quiz. Ha

Helen Munchi: 27:44

Andrea Elibero: 27:45

Helen Munchi: 27:45
I am, yeah, I think we’ve kind of already sort of what we’ve touched on in the focus on you and your audience and almost of blinker out all the rest of the noise because it’s very easy get consumed by it, you know, by everything you see on social media, by kind of what someone else in the industry is doing, by, you know, the latest technique, all these kind of things. But it’s, it’s trying to have that real focused determination that this is my path and I’m going to give it long enough to succeed before I decided to try something else. You know,

Andrea Elibero: 28:19
You can. Oh my god, yes. I’ve seen so many people say, Okay, I’m going to try this thing. It’s been two weeks. It hasn’t worked. Let me move on to the next thing.

Helen Munchi: 28:26
exactly. And, and, you know, it may not work in six months, but actually, you know, unless it’s some kind of really crazy strategy, most things work in six months if you put in the energy and time and the effort and the consistency and the focus. That’s That’s it. So yeah, pick what you’re going to do, give it time, cut out the noise, and then, you know, re evaluate as you go as well.

Andrea Elibero: 28:52
I love that. Yeah. So important. Thank you so much for sharing that. So please let us know how we can stay in touch with you. Share all the things, all the gifts and all of that good

Helen Munchi: 29:02
Yeah, absolutely. Probably the easiest way, if you want to know more about, kind of, quizzes and why they work and, you know, how to use it in your business, I’ve got a free training. So if you just go to freequizmasterclass. com, then that’ll show you all the things and you can just… watch the video and, and learn more about it. So that’s probably the easiest way just to kind of, yeah, find out about what I do and, and how it might work for you.

Andrea Elibero: 29:26
Beautiful. I’m coming back to you Helen for my quiz when I’m ready for

Helen Munchi: 29:30
Yeah, you’re always welcome.

Andrea Elibero: 29:31
me, you sold me,

Helen Munchi: 29:32

Andrea Elibero: 29:33
me on the quizzes. Thank you so much for being here. This was great. And yeah, I look forward to keeping in

Helen Munchi: 29:41
Thank you. Yeah, I really appreciate it.