Change the Way You Look at Business and Life

You love the meaningful work you do with 1:1 clients, BUT you're at your income ceiling. Your 1:1 client retainers no longer light you up. You feel drained providing services that no longer fulfill you.

Your business feels stagnant and you want to share your magic in a different way.

You want more freedom, impact, and income, but aren't sure how to expand beyond individual clients.

In short, it’s time for a pivot

I’m SO excited to invite you to join me for Pivot with Purpose - a free 60-minute holistic training for service providers who are ready for their evolution.

It's time for bigger dreams

✨It's time to listen to that voice that's been telling you you're ready to grow your business beyond 1:1 clients & do so in an aligned way that celebrates your unique magic, supports your dream life, and is focused on your wizardry

It's YOUR time

In this interactive masterclass, you'll go from


Feeling stuck in the 1:1 model that initially worked (but now you’re over)


Lacking clarity around your bigger vision and next steps


Having limited time, energy, and resources to get to your next level


Doubting your gifts and ability to expand your reach

And you’ll arrive here


Having specific strategic pivot steps to guide you


Gaining clarity on how to strengthen your intuition, mindset, and confidence through deep exercises


An exact plan to execute your pivot


Committing fully while navigating uncertainty

You'll walk away with a holistic blueprint for your purposeful pivot. Space is limited in this free training, so register now to reserve your spot! I look forward to supporting your growth journey.

Client Love

highest revenue month

Hi! I'm Andrea

Your Soulful Scaling Alchemist

Andrea Elibero

Have I ever told you about the time that I accidentally created a VA Agency, realized I hated it, burned it to the ground, and started from scratch? ​

Along my journey from general VA to certified OBM, strategist, & coach I have tried all the cookie-cutter, have-to, & 6 steps from every Business-Coach-Betty to scale my business. ​

The greatest lesson I learned was that there are infinite ways to grow & mold my business into something that I love and it all centers around owning my magic. ​

I broke all the rules to create a successful dream business and I am fiercely passionate about helping service pros do the same to intentionally grow & scale mission-driven businesses that both celebrate their unique magic and support their dream life.

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