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How You’re Robbing Others by Not Charging Enough

If you are here you’re one of my people and because of that, chances are, your business involves helping others. Since you are one of my people, you might have also had the experience of feeling guilty for charging for your service (a lot of us, including me, have felt this!). Or, maybe you have felt like you should charge very little or you’d be taking advantage of people. Asking someone to pay a “lot” of money might make you feel icky. Perhaps you frequently barter your service instead of getting paid. I am here to tell you that you are not only robbing yourself, but you are robbing others by doing this.

You’re probably thinking, “Robbing others by charging less? That doesn’t sense! I just want to help them.”

Hear me out on this one. 

If your business helps others, the growing and expanding of your business is an act of service. It’s pretty obvious that if you grow, you can help more people. When you help more people, their light shines brighter and they, in turn, can brighten the path of even more people.

In addition to reaching more clients, when your business grows, you will have to hire help and you’ll be directly helping these people monetarily because you’ll be paying them for their time and effort.

This can only happen when you reach a larger audience, right? This means business growth.

So, let’s talk about how businesses grow.

Generally, when you have a business, you frequently start out offering 1:1 services. It is here where business owners often (especially at the beginning) don’t charge, barter, offer discounts, undervalue their work, and don’t ever raise their prices.

Guess what happens?

You (the business owner who wants to help the world) work relentlessly, doing everything yourself, but you run out of steam and time and are stuck in this never-ending loop of under-charging and over-working. And you definitely are not helping the world. The light shining from you is barely reaching around your block, never mind across the world.

So, what happens when you expand?

When you charge appropriately, you have money to build your team (thus providing jobs to others), you suddenly have space to work on that other offer that you’ve been wanting to develop but hadn’t had the time, and you reach more people (because now you have someone helping with your social media, advertising, newsletters, etc.).

Here two important things happen:

1. Your light is now reaching WAY past your block, brightening even more paths, and those people are now shining brighter and positively influencing others.

2. You now have a range of services beyond the 1:1s and at a variety of price points so you can help those who couldn’t afford your original service and you can do things like give scholarships, volunteer, provide your services to those who you wouldn’t have been able to help before.

What does this expansion actually look like?

As I alluded to above, when you start to make money (by actually charging appropriately for your work), the growth often looks like this: first, you start to hire a small team (a virtual assistant, a web designer, then (as you grow) a Facebook ads specialist, a copywriter, an online business manager, etc). Next, you expand your offerings beyond the 1:1s you were originally offering. Maybe you create a lower-end product like an ebook and then you offer your service to groups instead of 1:1. This is often accompanied by an online course (or multiple courses) and, perhaps, a membership community. Can you see how many people at all different price points you can reach once you get over this initial hurdle of charging appropriately?

How can you get here?


Here’s your take-home message: don’t dim your light. Your abundance will inspire abundance in others and your bright light will also motivate others. All of this starts with releasing the guilt of charging for your service.

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