2020 In Review: The 5 Greatest Life & Business Lessons I Learned

Woah. Glad 2020 is mere days from being over. But I’ll spare you another “good riddance 2020” rant. I’m sure you’ve heard it all at this point.

There’s no doubt this year has brought us many trials and tribulations, ones I hope you are not choosing to waste, but rather learn from.

That’s the route I’m choosing–making the most out of this mess. Alchemizing the challenges into transformative lessons that will alter the direction of my life and business in 2021.

If you’re anything like me, you started 2020 with a detailed list of plans, goals, and color-coded calendars. And if you’re anything like me, you’re ending the year in complete and total surrender of what’s next. This has been the year that has forever changed us all.

I’m hoping for the better. It feels like it’s for the better…

I want to share with you the 5 greatest lessons 2020 taught me. These are the difficult  life lessons that have transformed me in ways I didn’t even know I could transform. Lessons that have FORCED me to let go and trust. Lessons I can’t thank enough.

The 5 greatest lessons 2020 taught me about life and business:

1. The Universe DOES know what’s best for me

And she always brings me the exact experience I need to fulfill my life’s purpose. 

There’s been this personal project I’ve been wanting to tackle for quite a while now, but of course, time. With my busy schedule supporting clients, I could never dedicate the time to this project.

When things hit the fan this year and clients had to press pause on my services, all of sudden I was gifted with all this extra free time to work on projects for my business.

Sure, I could have panicked (not saying I didn’t), but I after a deep lion’s breath, I realized I could view this free time in one of two ways:

  • I could flip out and think my little world is coming to an end and I need to fill up this free time with new clients A.S.A.PEEEEEEEE.
  • I could view this free time as an investment in MY business and use it to finally finish this project

Would I have eventually gotten to this project? Maybe. Honestly, I don’t know. Does the universe support me and give me exactly what I need for the evolution of my soul AND business? Absolutely. 

She created the space I don’t think I would have ever created myself. Because of this extra time and space, I was able to complete my project and experience the bliss of feeling proud of myself for finally getting around to it. 

Thank you Universe.

2. There is no greater investment than the investment in yourself

Who seeks out a coach? WINNERS!

2019 Andrea would have rolled her eyes at this quote. 2020 Andrea still doesn’t like cheesy quotes, but she gets it. 

I hesitated for so long in investing in a coach. Staying true to the skeptic that I am, I wondered if this whole “if you want to grow you need a coach” doctrine we’ve been bombarded with was actually true or just another marketing tactic.  

With all this extra time in my hands this year, I decided to try it. I’ll skepticize, but I’ll try *most* things once.

This was the year I finally invested a nerve wracking amount of money on a coach and HELLO CLARITY. Hello feeling unconditionally supported and extremely excited about the future of my business. I have zero regrets about investing the time and money into myself and essentially my business–because my business is ultimately a reflection of my personal growth and transformation. 

Coaching–best money I spent this year.

3. From action comes clarity

When I first embarked on my online business journey, I had no idea where it was going to take me. 


But I went all in, with no guarantee of success.

The mistake I often see people make is wanting to know with 100% certainty every detail of their business and the future of it. They don’t want to dive in headfirst until they are absolutely sure of the turnout.

Well, if there’s anything I’ve learned this year is that it’s the diving in–not knowing everything–that is the greatest teacher. 

You must FIRST take action THEN gain clarity. Action, then clarity.

Action -> Clarity. More action -> more clarity. Repeat until, well, forever.

It wasn’t until I decided one day that I wanted to coach soulful service pros that I realized how much I love it. 

Action -> Clarity.

At the beginning of my business, it wasn’t until I managed social media that I realized it isn’t what I want to do. 

Action -> Clarity.

Take action, without having it all figured out. Gain clarity as you go. Your business will forever pivot, with each pivot bringing you new passions to explore. Explore it all.

4. Do not ignore your gut

Oof. This one. Why do we have to learn it the hard way?!

You know that feeling that you try so hard to ignore because your mind always seems to reason otherwise? That little feeling deep within logic can’t justify?

You need money, so you’re anxious to grow your business fast, but there’s that little nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right. 

Do not ignore this! That is your intuition. Your gut. Whatever you want to call it.

It’s asking you to pause and trust her pull. Don’t rush into securing that client that doesn’t feel quite right. Don’t rush into agreeing to host that mastermind you really really don’t want to do. Don’t rush into saying yes when you really want to say no.

Trust those nudges. Even if they don’t make sense to the mind. It’s just gotta make sense in the body, you know?

There have been a number of times this year that I thought I knew better than my intuition. HA! Spoiler alert; I did not. I am now finally learning to really listen and trust my gut. She knows what’s best for me. When I ignore her, she just keeps presenting the same lesson over and over and over again until I finally really listen.

Trust your own intuition. It’s your North Star. In life and in business.

5. Take care of your body

Speaking of honoring the body, this one sounds so simple. Take care of your body? Duh. I am a certified yoga teacher after all.

But really, when we’re busy building online businesses, our bodies are the ones that pay the price for sitting in front of a screen for hours, for slouching even though we’re obsessed with posture, for forgetting to drink water.

I paid the price heavily this year when I got carpal tunnel. Being someone who’s always been relatively healthy and independent, I was beyond frustrated when this happened.

But you know me, it’s not just carpal tunnel–it’s a life lesson.

The body speaks to you. She will guide you. When it’s time to rest, soften and trust, she will tell you.

I know you can’t stop running your business so you can lay in bed binge watching Nailed It for a week (dreamz). But, you can find ways to get creative with completing tasks and learn to take multiple mini breaks throughout the day.

And don’t forget, you can ask for help. I know. Shocking, But you can…

Consider that bonus lesson #6: It’s ok to ask for help.

All things considering, I am so thankful for 2020 and all it has taught me. I am closing the year a much wiser, more trusting, partly mangled student. 

Hey, I never said I was gonna make it out of here in one piece–but we made it!

May 2021 bring you lessons you didn’t know you needed so you may grow into the highest-vibe version of yourself and run the highest-vibe business out there!

If you want to follow along with my business journey, want to learn some more life and biz lessons with me, or see some cute dog videos, let’s be internet friends!