How To Use Facebook Groups To Get Your Dream VA Client

Everyone’s talking about this “secret sauce” to their business success. First of all, I want to know: what is this sauce everyone is talking about? What does it taste like? Is it spicy, savory, sweet, smoky? Can I find it at a Memphis Barbecue Cook-Off? Or is it sold nationwide at Whole Foods? Is it like a sauce to saute meat with or to smother on bread? Is it made in small batches? Is it vegan friendly? Is it Non-GMO? I need to know!

I don’t have a secret sauce per se. I do, however, have practical and effective resources and tips to help you build the profitable VA business of your dreams

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How To Use Facebook Groups To Get Your Dream VA Client 

When used correctly, Facebook Groups are a goldmine for finding your dream clients. You just have to learn how and where to find them.

Search for and join the right groups 

Your dream clients are abundant. They’re out there–and they’re hanging out in Facebook Groups looking for YOU just as much as you’re looking for them. Like with everything else in your business, you have to be strategic when looking for them. Any ol’ Facebook Group will not do.  

Join VA specific groups, entrepreneurial groups, and groups for your niche

If you’re a VA providing copywriting services for soulful fempreneurs, join a Female Digital Nomad Group or a Female Freelance Writers Group. You don’t have to join a million groups. You just have to join a few of the right ones for you.

Consult with your intuition 

Always consult with your intuition when making ANY business decision–yes, even what Facebook Group to join. How are the vibes of the group? Is it a dumping group to complain about how unfair life is? Does it feel supportive and uplifting? Does this group align with your values? Always ask these questions. And sit with how it makes you feel before hitting that “Join” button.

Consistently contribute to the groups 

Just like in real life, you gotta show up. Once you’ve selected a couple of feel-good groups, start contributing so you’re seen as an expert and a cheerleader.

  • Answer questions
  • Provide value
  • Get “known” in the group

People will eventually start reaching out to you because you’re the one that always shows up with a helping hand.

Jump on those #jobopps 

Clients are looking for VA’s on Facebook Groups and they’re using #jobopps. If the client and work aligns with you, jump on it quickly. 

Provide samples 

Now that you found a #jobopp you’re excited about, make the potential clients life easier. When you apply, provide something of value–something to show your expertise. Slide into their DM’s and confidently show them a few samples of your work. 

If you’re a Social Media Manager, share a couple of graphics you created. If you have a portfolio, send them a link. Add a note that is specific to their brand and project so they know your values align.

Bonus tip: Record a quick intro video on Loom and link that. People want to get to know YOU. Taking the time to say “hi” sticks in people’s minds and will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Ask a friend to recommend you 

If you have other friends in the groups, having them recommend you goes a long way for social proof. And do the same for them. Remember, life gives to the giver.

Join platform groups

Some great groups to join are those for the CRM and PM platforms you use in your business. Like:

The course creation platform groups are also valuable resources. Like:

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