Sexy Systems: How To Create More Freedom In Your Online Service Provider Business

It’s time to bring more sex…y back to your online business with systems.

As a soulful scaling coach, I chat with so many brilliant soulpreneurs that feel stuck in their businesses, leaving them thinking:

I don’t know how to get my own business organized, how can I help others with theirs?”

“I don’t have the backend in place in my own business, how can I bring on clients?”

“I’m so overwhelmed that I can’t handle more clients and I feel stuck.”

I was there. The one thing that got me out of that stuck rut was, yup, you guessed it:

Sexy Systems!

Sexy because what is more appealing than an organized business owner that knows how to whip together a structured system? (*hint: nothing*)

Organization is sexy bb. And nothing better organizes an online business like systems.

What are systems? 


Systems are many parts that work together as a whole to perform a certain task. 

They are what make time management, prioritization, effective communication, and strategic delegation possible. Systems are the foundations on which every successful business is built. They are the key to working remotely successfully.

Without systems in place, you and your clients will struggle to run your online businesses smoothly and efficiently. 

The goal of systems is to hold the business together, and to get to the place where systems are automatically managing the day to day stuff so you don’t have to.


Why are systems important?


Systems are vital to the maintenance and growth of online business because they automate, streamline and simplify the business. 

With the right systems in place:

  • Everyone knows their responsibilities and how to complete their tasks

  • Balls will stop dropping

  • If there is an emergency, things can still run in the background

  • You can experience freedom and confidence that things will get done, and get done right

Stop wasting your precious brain power micro-managing the day to day mundane tasks. Save that energy for the more creative, bigger picture things that you came here to do. This is only possible with, yes, again, you guessed it:

Systems (if you had a dollar for…)


How to implement systems?


A business should rely on processes, not people. 

That’s not to say people are completely useless. We need YOU (especially) to implement and maintain these systems. 

The first step is to consider what needs a system. Things like:

  • Day to day activities

  • Tedious, repetitive tasks

  • Projects & initiatives

  • New strategies that are proven to work

  • System for creating results

  • Tasks that are done more than once

Once you have an idea of what processes need a system, determine what tool(s) you will use to implement.

Will you need:

  • A Project Management Tool — Best for placing all tasks in one place. My favorite PM tools are:

    • Asana: Asana is an excellent user-friendly choice for organizing every detail of work.

    • ClickUp: Another excellent choice for neatly organizing all tasks in one place.

    • Trello: A visual friendly option for collaborating, managing and delegating.

  • A Cloud Storage — Best for keeping all files in one place.

    • Think Google drive

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Best for How-To Guides and step-by-step processes

    • They must be easily accessible, (see above: google drive)

  • A Communication Tool: Best for day-to-day communication (because back and forth runaround emails are so 2010) 

    • Slack is one of my faves! “Make it downright pleasant to work together” — the tagline doesn’t lie.

Phew. Did you have enough systems for one day? No? GOOD!

Because my goal as a business coach is to help you attract soulmate clients with consistency, become a valued and sought-after expert, and scale intentionally while living an aligned laptop lifestyle through aligned systems, strategy, and operations.

“A place for everything and everything in its place” doesn’t just apply to how you maintain your home — the online world needs this Marie Kondo level of organization and it needs you to help achieve it.

If you want some more of these biz tips, follow along with my soulpreneur journey, or see some cute dog videos, let’s be internet friends!