How To Connect With Your Business On A Soul Level

Let me ask you something…

  • Have you ever thought of the soul of your business? 

  • Have you ever thought of your business as its own living entity?

  • What kind of relationship do you have with your business? 

  • Do you communicate with your business?

  • Do you honor your business, pay attention to what messages it is sending you, and actually receive the messages your business is sending you? 

I never saw my business in this light — until recently, when I participated in a visualization exercise hosted by Nisha Moodley.

Nisha asked us to envision our business as its own entity with a soul. She guided us through this exercise so that we may see our business with its own life, personality and feelings. It was incredibly moving and profound.

This was my experience: 

I saw my business as a warm entity that doesn’t have a defined shape. It has arm-like appendages. It embraced me, lifted me up physically and gave me strength. She trusts me to take care of her. We are partners. She trusts me and I trust her.

This simple yet powerful visualization exercise changed the way I do business. Where my business was once this lifeless thing I did to make money, it was now a living, breathing lifeforce with an essence.



It gave my business a soul.

How to Connect With Your Business on a Soul Level


I want you to run your business and embody it in a way that is in harmony with the work you are doing. You need to honor the essence of your business. 

What is the essence of your business?


What your business wants is integrity. Instead of thinking of your business as this tool that gives you what you want, think of it as a relationship that needs to be nourished — a relationship you love and care deeply about.

Don’t think of your business as this soulless, automated thing that just gives you what you want.

Think of your business as a relationship that deserves your deepest love, care and affection. As something that takes care of you because you take care of it. 

This change in perspective will wildy change the way you operate your business.

And as with any relationship, your relationship with your business can and will change. It will go through emotional waves with all of its ups and downs. Go with the ebbs and flows and roll with it with love. 


Tend the garden of your business because you love it. 


Have you thought of your business as a relationship before? My homework for you is to try it out and tell me how your business feels different.


Transactional vs. Relational


Now, I want you to think of how you’re viewing your business as transactional. When do you think: “I will give it this much because I am getting that much from it”. How are you treating your business as this thing that is just here to give you something in return?


How are you viewing your business from a relational perspective — by loving it unconditionally like you would your partner, family, doggies. How are you treating it as a relationship that needs attention, mutual respect and love?

Shifting your perspective from transactional to relational will help you to not want to quit every time things don’t go your way, because your business now has a soul, a personality. It is yet another thing you love and nurture and don’t give up on so easily.

You need to relate with your business in a healthy relational way in order to have longevity in your business. 

Of course, you’re allowed to get frustrated with your business the same way you would a family member, partner, or bestie. It’s okay to feel frustrated, but lean back in with curiosity instead of pushing the frustration back into your business — or even worse, pushing it away.

The key here is to nourish your business through the successes and frustrations. To treat it the way YOU deserve to be treated — because it is an extension of you. 

This is how a high-vibe entrepreneur operates. This is what sets your soulful business apart from the thousands out there. THIS is what is going to fulfill you.

This is the kind of work I do with my coaching clients. We chat about the soul of your business, its essence and its future.

Let’s hop on a call and give your business a soul that represents everything you are.

Together we will figure out how to nurture this deeply powerful relationship and turn your business from transactional to relational.

Are you ready to have a healthier, more loving relationship with your business?

I see a future where you unconditionally love your business and she reflects that love back at you.



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