How I Became A Virtual Assistant With No Experience And How You Can Too!

In a past life, I worked in clinical research with an amazing group of people in a field that was challenging and intellectually stimulating. I worked hard. I was content, I guess. I eventually felt very, very lost. 

After years of “same thing different day”, I was being pulled in another direction. I no longer wanted to walk the conventional path. What I once wanted — the 9am-5pm, the bi-weekly paycheck, the annual two week vacation, the errand packed weekend — no longer satisfied me.

I felt empty. Empty because I wasn’t living a life that was true to me.

A life that looked more like — sleeping in on a Monday, working remotely in Bali, taking a three hour lunch. For me, this represented complete and total freedom.

And that was my new North Star — FREEDOM. I wanted more freedom in my life, starting with freedom in the work I do. 

I knew the next step was working for myself.

My little clinical research self put those skills to use to find a business I could start that was lucrative and sustainable. I read every blog post and listened to all the podcasts before finding a business I could do from my laptop that would allow me to be location independent and give me that freedom I was so desperately craving.

Enter Virtual Assistant.

Mind you, I had zero experience. Zilch. So this is how I become a Virtual Assistant, and how you can too:

1. I purchased courses 

But only those that lit me up. With millions of VA courses out there, invest in the ones you naturally gravitate to and ignore the rest of the noise. 

This step is the foundation for your VA business, so make sure you really take your time and research, ultimately letting your heart guide you. High-Vibe VA’s operate from their hearts, not their heads.

Congratulations, you have taken the first step to starting your OWN VA business.

Are you gravitated towards my programs?


2. I worked for free

I know this one is a bit controversial, but it worked for me so therefore I am sharing it with you. At the very beginnings of my VA business I worked on two short-term projects in exchange for testimonials. 

This worked in my favor because I used those testimonials to secure paying clients in the future. 

If you do want to offer some free work, I suggest setting a limit for a specific exchange that will benefit your business. Consider this an investment.


3. I started small

I allowed my VA business to organically grow and pivot along the way. So often we are yelled at (ok aggressive online business coach, we hear you, relax) to pick an uber specific niche and sign our life away to it. I disagree. 

You do NOT need to have a niche when you first start your VA business. 


My first VA job was to schedule Instagram posts. Now, less than 2 years later, I strategize with 7 figure business owners. Start with what you can offer right now, and let your business evolve organically. You will have a better sense of what you love offering once you start working with clients.

4. I pivoted

And I am still pivoting. Because everyday I am learning and growing. And every so often I want to offer something new, all in the realm of helping people build and grow an online business they love.

I started as a VA. I then became an Online Business Manager. Now I am a VA Coach.

The ability to pivot is part of the FREEDOM that is a pillar of my business — having the freedom to pivot and change my offerings based on what lights me up at the moment.

Give yourself that freedom, too.

5. I learned as I went

Have I mentioned I had zero experience when I first started? For years I worked as a clinical researcher. Email marketing, project management tools, social media scheduling were not part of my vocabulary.

But, I’ll let you in on a little secret. This one is top, top secret. Listen carefully:

This. Is. Not. Rocket. Science.

I KNOW! Shocking.

You will never be 100% ready to do it all. Do what you can when you can and if you run into an assignment you have no experience in — and you will — Google. YouTube. Google everything. YouTube everything. 

You are here because you are smart and resourceful.

I hope that in sharing my story it inspires you AND helps you to jump in, knowing that you can (and most likely will) pivot and grow and learn and change and develop and that it’s all part of the process!

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