How You’re Destroying Your Relationship With Clients (And Don’t Even Know It)

Imposter syndrome is a real thing guys. 70% of people experience these imposter feelings, so you’re not alone in thinking you got this far with your online business due only to pure luck–not because of your talent or qualifications.

This is something that always comes up with my VA mentees during our 1:1 sessions. It’s a hot topic, one I want to debunk.

Because there are so many talented VAs out there that are qualified for the work they do. You’re not an imposter.


Yes, we’re talented and worthy of our dream clients. But talent and qualifications is not enough when it comes to maintaining healthy, long-term relationships with our clients. 

As you’re number one VA cheerleader, I’m not only on the sidelines cheering you on, but I’m also making sure you OWN your success.

We’re tackling imposter syndrome AND being practical about our tactics. 

You gotta believe in yourself AND continue learning.

You have to know you’re worthy AND put in the deliberate work. 

I so often see coaches only tackling imposter syndrome, and although that is hella important work, we also have to make sure we’re setting you up for success you’ve earned with your skill set and knowledge.

While you’re journeying within and building confidence, make sure you are also doing the following because the mindset has to match the skillset.

If you’re only working on mindset and overcoming imposter syndrome, you might be inadvertently destroying your relationship with your clients by:

Being reactive and not proactive:

You know what high-vibe clients love? High-vibe team members that are proactive. Anticipating your client’s needs starts with deeply understanding your client. This is why I urge every VA I work with to not onboard any ol’ client. 

You have to be on the same wavelength as your client, because if your values match the values of your client, you are one step closer to anticipating and meeting their needs, not only their wants.

For example, let’s say you are uploading a blog post for your client. You notice they don’t have any SEO (quiver). A reactive VA would just upload the post as instructed, but a proactive VA will suggest SEO strategies, explain why it’s important and even tell their client how long it will take.

Being a *high-vibe* VA means going out of your way to surprise and delight your clients by anticipating their needs with personal, and intuitive service. 

This is only possible when we consciously chose the clients we work with. This whole online business thing is like dating–it’s not about you begging clients to choose you, it’s about you choosing them as well.


Being a follower and not a leader

This coincides with the above. Being a leader IS being proactive. Your client hired you because they can’t handle all the work themselves. At the most basic level, they need (remember, we’re anticipating needs here) help getting work down. 

But we’re not basic. We’re high-vibe

As a leader we’re not only helping them get work done, we are:

  • Sharing ideas 

  • Paying attention to industry competition and trends 

  • Running analytics (without being asked)

  • Being open to giving and receiving feedback

  • Looking at their business as a whole rather than just your part

High-vibe clients want team members that provide ideas and recommendations on how they can improve. THAT’s what a leader does.


Not taking ownership of your work

Taking ownership of your work means not waiting for direction and taking deliberate action to bring about positive results for your clients. (Notice the theme here?)

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that is going to set you apart from other VA’s out there:


That’s all clients want. They want you to genuinely care about their business and goals. When you care, you take ownership. Caring isn’t only the business owner’s responsibility, it is yours too. And if you have an idea that is outside your realm of work, discuss it with the right point-person. 

Not using a project management tool (even if your client doesn’t)

For the people in the back:


There is a reason I won’t shut-up about PM tools. They are the holy grail of online businesses and the difference between you being on top of tasks or tasks being on top of you. PM tools:

  • Plan and track projects

  • Schedule tasks

  • Assign team members and due dates

  • Communicate and delegate

  • Organize files and uploads

  • Collaborate with the team

  • Enhance productivity

If your client is already using a PM tool, get on board, use it and check in as often as is necessary for your role. 

If your client isn’t using one, I highly recommend you still use a PM tool of choice to keep yourself organized and sane. These are some of my favorite *free* ones!

And If you want to go the extra mile (*ahem you do*) kindly share the PM tool you use with your client and why you love it so much. Remember what we talked about–caring and sharing resources to make your clients life easier.


Speaking of making lives easier, I’m here to make your VA journey not only easy, but fun and inspiring!

As a VA mentor, I want to help high-vibe VAs like you level up, gain confidence, attract your dream clients and surprise and delight them.

My VA mentoring programs will bring clarity to your business, smash imposter syndrome, become a valued and south-after expert, and book clients with ease.

I can’t wait to support you.

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