How Dubsado saved my business

Okay, so maybe that was dramatic, but I can’t even properly express my love for Dubsado. I hesitated investing in a CRM (customer relationship management) system for almost a year because I wasn’t keen on spending money when I felt like it wasn’t totally necessary. 

When I first started using Dubsado, I was up-leveling my business from a virtual assistant (VA) business to an online business manager (OBM) business and I wanted certain things to flow with as seamlessly and with as little effort from me as possible. Dubsado helped me to make that happen. 

I am going to paint you a picture of my pre-Dubsado life.

A potential client is interested in my services (yay!). I have to stop what I am working on to email them a link to my Calendly scheduler so they could book a discovery call. Next, I get an email from Calendly with the date and I create a zoom video meeting, then write an email with the zoom link and send a calendar invite. I check my calendar and send a reminder email for the call (if I catch it in time!). We have our call and this potential client wants to purchase a retainer package (yippee!). Now, I go into my word doc contract template and manually edit it so it’s specific to my client, then I upload it in DocuSign and set that up so the new client has the place to sign and date. We aren’t finished yet; it’s invoice time. I log into Waveapp, which I use for invoicing and manually create their invoice and send that off. Once I get those items back (I have to remember to check on them if it is taking a little time), I can manually send another email outlining the things I need access to and the information I need and set up a time for the onboarding call. Then it’s zoom and calendar invite time and finally, we have our onboarding call, where often the client doesn’t have all of the information we need to get started so I manually type an email to follow up and make sure we have all that we need to actually get started working. Now I can get to the work that I am paid to do.  

Are you tired yet?

People say to work smarter, not harder. That’s where Dubsado comes into play. With Dubsado, I am able to set all of this up ONE TIME in ONE SYSTEM in a client onboarding workflow so that the entire process is automated. The contact form on my website is connected to Dubsado so that when someone is interested in my services, every email, form, the contract, the scheduler, invoice, and everything that I need to get started with this client is set up to run automatically from one place! Every form and email has smart fields so they are customizable. The potential client can review the proposal, select the package they want, sign a contract (that is populated via smart fields with the package they select in the proposal), and pay the invoice ALL IN ONE EMAIL that I had very little to do with. Not only this, but the client also has access to their own portal, which houses their forms, contract, etc. They have a unique login and it’s so nice to have a space just for them to store their information. 

This frees up my time to focus on revenue-generating activities. Plus, I am confident that everything flows faster, smarter, and with a more polished look than when I was doing it all manually. 

Be aware that it does take time to set everything up, but the amount of time saved in the long run coupled with the reduced potential for mistakes, makes it all worth it. Plus, there are people like me in the world who love to geek out in this technology and are happy to set you up in this CRM. 

If you are operating how I was before having Dubsado in my life, do yourself a favor and reach out to me with any questions. If you’re ready to have Dubsado save your business like it has mine AND get 20% off your first month or year, check it out here.

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