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Unicorns Aren’t Real: Why One Person Can’t Do Everything In Your Online Business

Confessions of an OBM. 

This is my biggest pet peeve.

Every other job posting I see in various Facebook Groups sound a little something like this:

Looking for a digital marketing expert with experience in e-commerce that can write 2-3 SEO rich blog posts a week, edit 2 YouTube videos a week, proof my e-book, increase Instagram followers by 25% each month, create a mastermind course, wash my dishes, tell me I’m pretty. Must be determined, self-sufficient and perfect. Pay is $15 an hour. Non-negotiable.

Say WHAT!?

These people are in search of a unicorn–a burnt-out, cheap unicorn. They want some magical being that can do all of the behind the scenes stuff for nearly minimum wage.

They essentially want someone to run their entire business. 

What they don’t know is that they’re not only undervaluing their potential team member, they’re undervaluing their very own business with this approach.

Take it from someone who has been there, done that–someone who has tirelessly tried to be that shiny, mystical unicorn.

Unicorns aren’t real. They’re cute, but they’re not real. (Let’s keep this between you and I–I’m not trying to ruin childhoods, just trying to help your business.)

Here is why 1 person can’t do everything and why your online business needs a team in order to thrive:

No one person can do ALL the things

Let me ask you something:

Are YOU good at everything?

Think about the things you are good at and enjoy doing in your business. I’m willing to bet you aren’t good at everything, nevermind actually enjoying it all. This doesn’t make you an inadequate soulpreneur. This makes you human.

So, if you’re not good at all the things, why would you expect another person to be? For $15 an hour…

I know it’s tempting to want to hire just one person to do everything. Logically, it makes sense. Realistically, it’s a recipe for stress and unhappiness.

If you want a high-vibe team full of happy people who are working in their zones of geniuses and–most importantly–will stay with you for a while, hire high-vibe people who will be happy in their zone of genius.

The unicorn WILL burn out – guaranteed 

Ok, let’s say you do end up hiring that eager unicorn that truly believes they can do all of the things. It goes a little something like this:

  • Said unicorn starts off happy, possibly even thrilled to have a job. They show up with their bright, glowing mane and horn day in and day out, figuring everything out as they go.
  • 2-3 months in, that mane and horn will start to lose its luster from growing tired of doing tedious tasks outside of where they shine.
  • If they still have an ounce of motivation left, they will start to trip over their own hooves, making mistake after mistake, and this is no fault of their own. They are now at a point when they don’t even know if they are or aren’t working in their zone of genius, and your business suffers.
  • Said unicorn finally admits unhappiness and leaves with its horn laying low.

It’s a sad but true fate. A valuable lesson most soulprenuers evenutally learn.

We all have a zone of genius

If you’re running a high-vibe business, it’s vital to the upkeep of that energy you have team members operating at your high-vibe frequency. This is only possible when people are working and creating in their zone of genius.

More team members does not necessarily mean more expenses.

It’s a matter of getting super clear on what is NOT YOUR zone of genius, what specific tasks you need help with, figuring out how long the task will take, budgeting for those hours, and finding or attracting the person that can complete the task within that time frame.

You essentially have to learn how to properly build a remote team.

This may mean more delegating and managing, but the result is a dependable team, doing what they love, and sticking around to do more of what they love. Your business will scream “WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!” and who doesn’t want to work with a high-vibe business like that?

Are you ferociously nodding your head right now? Is your online business ready for this high-vibe team? Does the thought of hiring and delegating and managing make you want to give up on life?

It’s ok. You’re not the only one. 

Hi, I’m Andrea, and my zone of genius is team building. Yes, there is someone out there that can help you hire your perfect team, train them, delegate tasks, and manage projects.

I would love to be the person that brings your high-vibe team to life, so that you can thrive in your zone of genius and let your business scream “WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

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