The 6 Discovery Call Tips Every High-Vibe Virtual Assistant Needs

The dreaded discovery call. It’s every new VA’s instant anxiety attack–am I right or am I right?

You know the feeling…

It’s just a few minutes before you have to sign into your very first discovery call. You’re nervous, but they can’t know that. So now you’re nervous about being nervous.

*Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.*

It’s not that big of a deal. But it kind of is. I mean, this is your new career. You’ve done so much work to prepare for this moment. What if it turns out you suck at this? What if this was all a waste of time? What if you never make enough money and have to go back to that soul-sucking 9-5?!

What if..What if..What if…

We’ve all been there. I sure have. As a former VA turned OBM (that specializes in team building) I’ve had my share of discovery calls–on both ends.

Let’s flip the script on those what ifs:

What if you don’t have to pretend you’re cool, calm and collected–what if you actually are? What if you can go into each discovery call genuinely confident without a care in the world? What if it turns out you are really good at this and potential clients on the other end love talking to you? 

What if..What if..What if…

With my trusty tips you can turn every discovery call from dreaded to dreamy and have your dream clients begging to work with you. 

The 6 Discovery Call Tips Every High-Vibe Virtual Assistant Needs:

1.  It’s just lunch

Here’s my most practice advice:

People hire people they’d go to lunch with. 

So, the salad or the burger? Approach each discovery call as just a casual lunch date at your favorite cozy cafe. Envision quaint porcelain mugs, natural lighting, shared truffle fries and of course dessert–with plenty of laughter.

That’s exactly how a discovery call should feel. And don’t forget, you have to enjoy that lunch date too. Running your own business isn’t a one-way street–it’s a two-way street with both parties mutually respecting and vibing with each other.

If you don’t want to go to lunch with them, you don’t want to work with them–note that.

2. Don’t be desperate 

Remember that really desperate ex of yours that couldn’t let it go? Don’t be that person–in your love life or work life. 

Put zero pressure on yourself to close the deal. If you’re desperate, that energy will seep through and they will smell it. 

Keep working on that abundance mindset. Here’s a little mantra to meditate on: 

There is an abundance of clients excited to work with me. I am selective, not desperate.

Remember, it’s just lunch.

3. Release expectations

Before you even get on the call, know that you already had the best call you could possibly have and release any expectations surrounding the outcome. 

“Say that again Andrea!”

Release any expectations. You’ll come across more confident and guess what, people are attracted to confident people that do what they love with no expectations. Go figure.

4. Share your passions

You started your VA journey because you wanted to do something you love and get paid for it. Don’t shy away from your passions during the initial discovery call because you want to impress them or want to relate to them.

This is YOUR business. You get to be as selective as potential clients. Speak with people who have businesses you’re passionate about and let them know WHY you do what you do. They want to know, trust me.

5. Lead the conversation

I love all these tips, but this one might be my favorite. 

Take control of the conversation by:

  • Researching their business

  • Asking them questions

  • Suggesting ways you can help them

  • Being proactive

It does take some preparation, but having those golden nuggets of info and questions gives you control of the conversation so you don’t stumble on your words after “Hello.” 

These clients are busy. Give them a little taste of how helpful you can be and how much easier you can make their lives by taking the lead on your first chat together. You’ll have them begging you to join them.

6. Have fun!

Don’t forget, this is a two-way interview. It’s not about them drilling you nor is it about you drilling them. It’s about both of you just vibing each other out over “lunch”.

If you follow these trusty tips, with a little time, practice and self-compassion you will be enjoying your discovery calls in no time AND booking all your dream clients.


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