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The Tools You Need for Communicating With Your Team to Get Things Done

I have seen the secret inner workings of many businesses. The behind the scenes sneak peeks can feel like looking in a stranger’s closet. Sometimes, their closet is color-coded and the clothes are hanging in ascending length order and sometimes it’s more of a giant wrinkled pile of dirty and clean clothes mixed together all over the floor situation.


If you are hiding in the back of the room ducking your head because you’re more the second scenario, and especially if you want to bring on a team member, fear not! I have your back.

What your business closet will look like when you implement the tools below.

Check out the top 4 tools you need for effective communication:

  • Cloud Management. Gone are the days that you spend hours working on something only for your computer to die and you lose all of your hard work. Working in a cloud system is the easiest and safest way to share files, you can also simultaneously work on the doc, and share it (and revoke sharing) at any time.  I really hope you’re using a cloud system in your regular life as well as in your business life!
  • A place for conversations. If there is one thing you take away from this post, it should be this: don’t communicate about work tasks via text and email and Whatsapp and carrier pigeon and Morse Code, etc etc. This is how things get lost and miscommunication happens. I know you’ve had the experience of scrolling and searching for an email you KNOW you had and couldn’t find. The best practice is to communicate via a designated work communication tool like Slack. When you keep all communication in one place, nothing gets lost and everyone is on the same page.
  • Password Sharing. When you bring someone on your team they will 100% need access to your password-protected programs. The best way to keep things secure and convenient is to use a program like LastPass to share your passwords securely. With this program, you can share and revoke access at any time. No one knows your actual passwords and so they stay safe.
  • A Project Management Tool. See #2 for all of the reasons that a project management tool is needed! Whether you use free programs like Asana or Trello, or paid ones like ClickUp, having one place where all of the projects/tasks/etc can live and everyone sees it, there are due dates, links, recurring tasks, and reminders that go to your email so everyone is on the same page is the definition of efficiency. For your peace of mind, please get out of your email and use a project management tool!

What do you think? Can you get your clothes off the floor and onto some hangers? With a few quick tweaks, you can have the metaphorical closet of your dreams for your business and not only will you feel less stressed, but your efficiency and therefore profit will skyrocket!

Hi, I’m Andrea, and my zone of genius is team building. Yes, there is someone out there that can help you hire your perfect team, train them, delegate tasks, and manage projects. I would love to be the person that brings your high-vibe team to life, so that you can thrive in your zone of genius and let your business scream “WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!”

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