From Unfulfilled to Soulfully Aligned

Is your business infused with soulful alignment?

As an online service provider, you're at your income ceiling. Your 1:1 client retainers no longer light you up. You feel drained providing services that don't fulfill you.

Deep down you're capable of so much more, but it feels out of reach.

The Business-Coach-Betty guru tactics feel icky. The copy-paste cookie-cutter approaches don't resonate.

You need to step into your power and share your unique gifts.

But that nagging inner voice holds you back:

"Who am I to make this leap? I'm *just* a service pro."

What if you could leap into a soul-aligned business?

Just like I did.

I went from burnt-out virtual assistant stuck in analysis paralysis to a confident coach & soulful scaling strategist.

Simply by tuning into my soul's wisdom and focusing on my unique magic.

Together we'll bring your dream business to life.

Introducing Ascension: The Soulful Scaling Accelerator

Imagine a business that supports your dream lifestyle, where your offers light you up, where you’re not just a bland scaling service provider. A world where you own your magic and drive change.

The Magic of Ascension

Ascension bridges stagnation to alignment, frustration to freedom, and "shoulds" to sustainable success.

Through this 6-month experience, I will guide you to:


Clarify your dream business and life vision while uncovering your unique magic


Co-create a scalable offer suite beyond 1:1 retainer clients that align with your soulful mission


Craft and execute an aligned strategic scaling plan tailored to your goals


Develop unshakable self-trust to boldly bring this inspired vision to life

This is NOT one-size-fits-all. Our journey will be shaped by YOUR vision, goals, unique magic, and wizardry.​

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The Ascension Difference

I tried the standard approaches to scaling a service business. I know how to push through fear and limiting beliefs to grow a business you genuinely love (and do it in an aligned way).

My holistic method combines:

* Mindset & inner work coaching - leveraging my background as a therapist

* Business strategy - I'm a certified online business manager who helps 6 & 7 figure businesses scale intentionally

My integrated approach ignites transformation that empowers you to own your personal wizardry and embody your unique magic

Let's Get Down To (Your) Business

Ready to sign up? Here's what comes next:

✨ Dates: The next round starts in May 2024

✨ Two 1:1 coaching calls where we will dive deep to unveil your dream life vision, identify your wizardry, and illuminate your unique magic.

✨ We co-create scalable offers and an aligned strategic scaling plan.

✨ We are together every step of the way from clarifying your vision & offer suite, to amplifying your visibility, up-leveling your messaging, to implementing sustainable systems.

✨ 90-minute live group coaching calls twice/month on the first and third Wednesdays at 11am est.

✨ Slack support with access to me and the other high-vibe participants so you never feel alone or lost on your journey because we're all in this together.

✨ Therapy-based mindset exercises and tools to help you embody the lasting confidence to finally step into the next level of your life and business.

✨ Guest expert teachers who share their wisdom.

✨ Lifetime access to all materials and practices (all calls will be recorded for you to reference in the future).

Your waitlist investment is just $312/month spread out over 8 months.
Waitlist bonuses:
$500 savings
Extended payment plan
2 Additional 1:1 coaching calls

Success That Speaks For Itself

I've come such a far way

Hi! I'm Andrea

Your Soulful Scaling Alchemist

Have I ever told you about when I accidentally created a Virtual Assistant Agency, realized I hated it, burned it to the ground, and started from scratch? ​

Along my journey from general VA to certified OBM, strategist, and coach I have tried all the cookie-cutter, have-to, and 6 steps from every Business-Coach-Betty to scale my business. ​

The greatest lesson I learned was that there are infinite ways to grow and mold my business into something that I love and it all centers around owning my magic. ​

I broke all the rules to create a successful dream business, and I am fiercely passionate about helping you do the same. Together, we'll intentionally grow & scale your mission-driven business that celebrates your unique magic and supports your dream life.

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