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Becoming the CEO of your business is not for the faint of heart

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can relate. When my business replaced the income from my 9-5 job in just five months, I was thrilled. But it was clear that I couldn’t keep up with the demands of my business on my own. After training my own team and earning my OBM certification, I realized I wanted to help more soulpreneurs own the title of CEO in their own empires.

Hey!, I'm Andrea

I’m Andrea, a business embodiment coach & scaling strategist for soulpreneurs.

I’m passionate about helping mission-driven soulpreneur coaches and service pros who long to transform from frazzled entrepreneur to aligned CEO of their thriving business through mindset & strategic scaling. 

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This is my 'Why'

The desire to create a business that was authentic to my life felt like a drum that beat louder and louder the further I walked down this path. Leaving my full-time job as a researcher and nurse was the biggest step I took in saying yes to myself and the life I wanted to create. My master’s degree in clinical psychology combined with my experience as a registered nurse, yoga instructor, and clinical researcher opened my eyes to the ways disease, stress, and toxic emotions are holding so many people back from living the fullest, truest expression of themselves. I want to help transformation leaders like yourself reach more people and make a bigger impact. I also like to celebrate life and have a little fun along the way. Dancing Leaf represents my passion for salsa dancing and yoga, which what you’ll find me doing when I am not serving my clients. I started my business so that I could blend my skill set and expertise to live my life on my own terms and help others do the same. When I started my business I felt truly in alignment and bypassed many of the hurdles I see so many entrepreneurs face when they step out on their own.

In the first year of starting my business:

Nothing gives me more joy than helping my clients reach their goals. Some wins I’ve helped them achieve include:

Andrea Elibero Dancing Leaf Solutions

I put the systems and support in place to create a business that fits my lifestyle and gives me the flexibility to travel around the world while I serve my clients, knowing that everything is handled.

And I Want That For You

All too often my clients come to me trying to juggle every aspect of their business while on the verge of burnout. This cycle puts them out of alignment with their mission of growing a heart-centered company

Stepping into the role of CEO means having the courage to partner with an expert for aspects of your business that are outside your zone of genius. It requires trusting in your vision and believing that you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.


Andrea is responsive, warm, timely, and competent. She’s created a lot more time and space for me to do the things I’m best at in my business.
Adam H. Kol
Couples Financial Counselor
Andrea is quite knowledgeable, goes above and beyond in her work, and is a pleasure to collaborate with. With her help, my client base has significantly increased.
Carmen Juneidi
Social Worker

How Can We Work Together

Embodied Coaching

Business Coaching

The 1:1 experience for soulful service pros and coaches who desire to step into the next level of their business with ease.

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OBM & Scaling Consulting

Scaling & Systems Strategy Consulting

This is for the successful but stuck soulpreneur who wants to master their exponential growth while staying in their zone of genius so that they can scale with ease.

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Online Business Management Services

My OBM services are for the 6 figure soulpreneur looking for a strategic partner to create and manage systems, strategize for your growth, and lead your team.

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