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9 Ways Growing A Virtual Team Is Like Online Dating

It’s awful. It’s dreadful. It’s fun. Until it’s not. It’s necessary at times. And sometimes, when the stars align, it’s a pure cosmic connection.

I’m talking about hiring–and online dating. They’re basically one and the same these days.

And although it sucks, if we take our chances, put ourselves out there, get crystal clear on what we want and need, and don’t settle, it will be worth the cringey process when we find the perfect match (still talking about hiring over here).

But Andrea, how? How is hiring anything like online dating?

It basically IS online dating my friend.

Here are 9 ways growing a virtual team is like online dating:

(Enjoy. I had so much fun writing this post!)


1. You “meet” virtually on a zoom date 

You put your best top on. Not too sexy, but not too conservative either. You want them to know you’re down to earth, but mean business.

Just minutes before the call, your nerves are through the roof. 

You’re hopeful, but also with a guard up. You have enough experience to know it’s not always love at first sight.



2. You’re secretly analyzing each other on your call

You can smell BS a mile away, so you’re not looking for perfection. You’re looking for authenticity. Someone who doesn’t pretend they know everything, have it all together, or can do it all. 

Remember, unicorns don’t exist.

Rather, you want someone who confidently knows their gifts, while also knowing they will always be a work in progress. A student first, a teacher second.




3. You’re searching for “the one”

Could this be THE ONE?! Dear God please. You’re exhausted. DONE with the hunt. But also you have standards, so settling for mediocre is not an option.

There is always a part of us, buried deep down in there, that goes into that first meeting with a tinge of hope that this could be the perfect match. We are, afterall, hopeless romantics at heart.




4. Sometimes you see red flags, but keep talking because no one better has popped up

*Speaking of settling*. I mean, we’re still compassionate, imperfect humans. Even with obvious red flags, smoke signals, and ear-splitting sirens we still manage to settle because we think: 

Eh, this is good enough. It’s better than nothing. If I wait for perfect, I’ll wait forever.” 

I’m looking at you–and I’m not here to shame you. We’ve ALL been there, done that. It’s part of the process of coming to a place of crystal clear clarity and figuring out what it is that we really need and want (yes, still talking about hiring).




5. You’re looking for someone passionate who will make you feel special 

Again, not searching for perfection, just looking for the right match for YOU. They share the same values and mission in life, allowing that passion to drive them.

Together, you can conquer the world and create the positive, loving change you came here to create.




6. You’re afraid of committing so you go on countless “dates” (aka: discovery calls) 

Oh, the classic commitment phobe. We know them. We love them. We are them. There are those that settle and then there are those that never do. And I repeat: NOT LOOKING FOR PERFECTION. 

To avoid being the Mr. Big of hiring and breaking Carrie’s heart, it’s vital you get really clear on what you need. This way, you avoid settling, but you also avoid not making a decision because you don’t even know what you’re looking for. 

How to figure out who you need on your team.




7. You hope they like you 

You think you found a potential, but it’s not quite a match until you know they feel the same way. So, pull out the love candles, tarot cards, rose quartzes and attract that team member soulmate of yours. 




8. There’s no better feeling than when you find your match 

I mean, there is that first bite of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies–but the feeling of finding the right match is unrivaled. When you find someone that:

  • Feels the same way about you
  • Shares the same values and mission
  • Complements your areas of weakness

You’ve basically struck gold. Treat them right, will ya?




9. Sometimes you need a matchmaker 

Dating–I mean hiring–is a whole process, as you can see. It’s cringey, frustrating, exhilarating, exhausting, frustrating again. Most of us don’t even know where to begin, what to look for, or when we have the perfect match right in front of our faces.

So we run in circles until we eventually settle for good enough.

But I won’t let you settle! (yup, still talking about hiring).

When looking for the love of your life, would you slap a post on any ol’ Facebook group that reads:

Looking for anybody–really, anybody–that can figure out what my needs are and then sort of meet some of them.

I swear, that’s how some of these #jobopps sound like. 

But imagine if there was a hiring matchmaker that can help you:

  • Get clear on who exactly you need on your team
  • Review and filter applicants
  • Schedule and attend discovery calls
  • Make the best decision for your team
  • Onboard and train

Imagine no more…

Hi, I’m Andrea and they call me The Queen of Team Building. Hiring is my jam! And if it’s not yours, we need to chat. If your soulful online business is in desperate need of help, I have an options for you:

Team Building Offer: If you want expert help in hiring, I’ve got just the thing for you. During this Team Building Offer, I will dig deep into your business with you to define your business goals and exactly who your next team member hire will be & complete the hiring/interview process to find you exactly the right match. 

Your team member soulmates are yearning for you just as much as you’re yearning for them. Let’s find them, shall we?

If you want some more of these online dating, I mean, team building tips from the Queen herself, follow along with my soulpreneur journey, or see some cute dog videos, let’s be internet friends!